PFTV looks at Peppers' prospects in other cities

With the Carolina Panthers by all appearances ready to let defensive end Julius Peppers walk away, the next question becomes where he’ll land.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. 

So let’s do some guessing at PFTV.


16 responses to “PFTV looks at Peppers' prospects in other cities

  1. Ravens would be the perfect fit. They need a premier pass rusher and he wants to win, get paid and put up all pro stats on a top ranked defense, so come on down.
    They have all the young players pretty much locked up long term and older stars like Reed, Ray, Pryce and Gregg with one or two more runs in them before those salaries come off the books and guys like Nagta Flacco and Rice need extensions.

  2. So what was your guess? Saying the Eagles and Patriots have had links has nothing to do with “doing some guessing” on where Peppers will land. Thanks for wasting my time.

  3. I hate it when Florio does his studio thing. most of the time I just want to read and sometimes browsing from the cell phone
    so, florio should at least include the transcript so us lazy ones (and those that are flash-based challenged) can still read whats going on
    so do it

  4. If the Eagles or Patriots were linked to him last year
    it would have been tampering. He is just traying to get a big deal fom Carolina.

  5. He’ll end up somewhere. Maybe New England. I know the Pats blogosphere is pretty high on him after he blew up Brady a couple times in their game.

    I’m not sure if we need to use our 1st & 3rd rounder on any needs in the draft unless we’re going to trade up so I think we have those to spare on getting Peppers if the Panthers tag him, considering if we trade Reggie Bush for Antonio Cromartie or a draft pick and if we was use that 2nd rounder on getting a DT or Chad Jones or Dexter McCluster. If they decide to let Peppers walk, then we’d have to cut Charles Grant fat ass and let some of those UFA’s walk (Fujita’s getting old, Clancy, Leckey, etc.) in order for the price tag to be equivalent to sign Peppers to an affordable contract.

  7. Harm City, the Ravens don’t need a pass rush! They have Suggs, who is a great 3-4 OLB. And he wold not be able to play end in a 3-4. They don’t need a $15 million per year for a rotational guy. The Pats would be more likely, as would hte Eagles. But I agree with the other people, Florio, you just stated the obvious here. Good job

  8. Amazing that was a complete waste of time. Not one team mentioned- just political talking.
    Bring him to Cincy!

  9. In all honesty, why not include Chicago in the mix? Sure, Angelo doesn’t usually pursue big name FA’s, but even he has to realize that if 2010 was as bad as 2009 he’s out of there…Lovie too, not to mention Marinelli a D line coach at heart will be pulling for him, and Lovie also has to realize he’s a year away from being unemployed, and I think there might be some pursing of Peppers, just because alot of the coaches are either Defensive coaches rather, or your GM’s and etc realize its kind of “make it or break it” time in Chicago, regarding their jobs with the Bears. Compile all of that with the passing of Gaines Adams, your other two starting DE’s are both FA’s, and the fact Chicago’s already made it clear they won’t overpay for Ogunleye’s fragile behind. All this together couldn’t help but to honestly say I really see Chicago taking more than a glance at Peppers in a few weeks.

  10. a no-brainer
    no-cap year
    fury against increased seat prices and seat licenses as they move into the new stadium
    no pass rush
    plus osi wants out and can be traded
    its a no brainer
    peppers will be a new york giant to stifle the criticism of these seat licenses

  11. I don’t feel sorry for Pep, the Panthers offered him the money a couple years back and he turned it down. And for all of you that think he’s the best thing in the league at DE, let me fill you in on something. All his stats are made over the course of less than half a season, why..because he phones it in the rest of the time. I wouldn’t want anyone making the kind of money he’ll demand who wasn’t willing to or capable of bringing it every game, and showing some hustle on every snap, something Pep has never done in his career. Pep plays when Pep wants to play and that’s the truth of it.
    Do I think he’ll get paid somewhere else? Yes, do I think he’s worth it no….I’ll take a consistent DE over one I have to sit and worry “Is he gonna show up today?”. Sure Pep when he’s playing is awesome, but too often he just looks like he doesn’t care.

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