2010 mock draft, take one

[Editor’s note:  Every year, we slap together a variety of mock drafts.  It’s accomplished with the assistance of multiple scouts and other league insiders.  Feel free to complain about all or any part of it in the comments.  We have thick skin.]

1. Rams: Ndamukong Suh, defensive tackle, Nebraska.

2. Lions: Russell Okung, tackle, Oklahoma State.

3. Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy, defensive tackle, Oklahoma.

4. Redskins: Eric Berry, defensive back, Tennessee.

5. Chiefs: Joe Haden, cornerback, Florida.

6. Seahawks: Sam Bradford, quarterback, Oklahoma.

 7. Browns: Rolando McClain, linebacker, Alabama.

8. Raiders: Trent Williams, tackle, Oklahoma.

9. Bills: Derrick Morgan, defensive end, Georgia Tech.

10. Broncos: Jared Odrick, defensive tackle, Penn State.

11. Jaguars: Jason Pierre-Paul, defensive end, South Florida.

12. Dolphins: Dez Bryant, receiver, Oklahoma State.

13. 49ers: Anthony Davis, tackle, Rutgers.
14. Seahawks: Bryan Bulaga, tackle, Iowa.

15. Giants: Earl Thomas, defensive back, Texas.

16. 49ers: Sergio Kindle, defensive end/linebacker, Texas.

17. Titans: Jimmy Clausen, quarterback, Notre Dame.

18. Steelers: Dan Williams, defensive tackle, Tennessee.

19. Falcons: Patrick Robinson, cornerback, Florida State.

20. Texans: C.J. Spiller, running back, Clemson.

21. Bengals: Mike Iupati, guard, Idaho.

22. Patriots: Kyle Wilson, cornerback, Boise State.

23. Packers: Brandon Graham, linebacker, Michigan.

24. Eagles: Bruce Campbell, tackle, Maryland.

25. Ravens: Carlos Dunlap, defensive end, Florida.

26. Cardinals: Golden Tate, receiver, Notre Dame.

27. Cowboys: Jermaine Gresham, tight end, Oklahoma.

28. Chargers: Ryan Mathews, running back, Fresno State.

29. Jets: Demaryius Thomas, receiver, Georgia Tech.

30. Vikings: Damian Williams, receiver, USC.

31. Colts: Nate Allen, defensive back, South Florida.

32. Saints: Maurkice Pouncey, center, Florida.

208 responses to “2010 mock draft, take one

  1. It would surprise me for Oakland to draft Trent Williams at #8 overall, especially if Carlos Dunlap is on the board at that point.

  2. Goodwin is a Pro Bowl center for New Orleans. The chances of the drafting interior O-Line at #32 is less than zero.

  3. I feel like the Redskins fans would riot if they skipped over both QB prospects for a defensive back, and though I don’t know much about Derrick Morgan, I’m pretty sure the Bills need a defensive TACKLE or a quarterback or an offensive tackle well before they need a defensive end.

  4. McCoy would be much better for the Lions than Okung. He’s a better player plus they desperately need to fix that abysmal defense. Plus the coach said he likes Jeff Backus at LT.

  5. i dont think theres any way the titans take jimmy clausen. not with the way bud adams is in love with vince young. i think the seahawks are more likely to take clausen because he comes from a pro style offense similar to the one pete carroll ran at USC

  6. This is the first one I have seen showing Clausen going to the Titans. Wasn’t Vince Young coming on strong?
    The Packers need an OT more than a linebacker, but I guess all the good tackles will be taken by then.
    Tate to the Cardinals? Really!

  7. Why would the Eagles take an OT when they just signed Peters and Justice to long term deals and could potentially have Shawn Andrews back also

  8. 32. Saints: Maurkice Pouncey, center, Florida.????
    I really hope you are wrong on this one. I think our more pressing need will be DT, OLB, or S depending on who we lose during free agency.

  9. Since you have so many fans and opinions, why don’t you do a “fan draft?” Each fan drafts for their favorite team……might get the target off your back? Then again, you’re just a glutton for punishment, sorry I forgot!

  10. Why would Philadelphia draft a tackle when they have Jason Peters and Winston Justice (who had a decent year)? They need a DE, S or CB.

  11. Florio…Please tell us that #4 pick of Berry to the Skins is a “trade down”. Have you seen the Skins o-line? There are porn stars that have gotten penetrated less.

  12. Okay, I just have to say Jermaine Gresham to the Cowboys makes NO SENSE. Not only would the Patriots gobble him up if he’s still on the board, but the Cowboys already have two legitimate tight ends. That is the one position I’m absolutely positive they won’t draft this year. No offense, but it doesn’t even take “expert knowledge” to be aware of that.

  13. Can’t see the Skins taking a DB at No.5. They will either trade down or go QB, but I just can’t see them going defense.

  14. To be honest, I just skipped to the Cowboys because I’m a Dallas guy and kind of skimmed everything else at first. That pick was bad enough, but now that I look at everything else it’s even worse. I would be surprised if more than six of these picks are actually right.

  15. Jared Odrick a top ten?!?
    Saints drafting a center in the first round over defence??? Also when their current C is Jonathon Goodwin a probowl alternate and a great center.

  16. If Oakland drafts a tackle, it would be disappointing to see them take a pure RT when there are potential LTs on the board.

  17. Not sure I understand why the Vikings would waste a pick on a wide receiver….especially in the first round. I’m thinking they’re pretty happy with Rice, Harvin, and Berrian. But maybe I’m missing something….

  18. Drop Demaryius Thomas out of the first round because of his injury. He can’t work out at the combine or his pro day. Also I doubt the Vikings take a receiver 2 years in a row, come on we aren’t the Lions here.

  19. I definitely agree with the Postman, no way Saints draft a center with Goodwin there and 2 years remaining on contract. Sean Witherspoon much more likely or speed rushing de

  20. Jason Pierre-Paul will start to move up, like Gholston and Orakpo. There’s no way CJ Spiller lasts past #10. This is a top 5 prospect. Ryan Matthews to the Chargers is a nice call. I wonder if some teams will toy with the Chargers to get them to move up if a second RB is off the board by #24. There is absolutely no way Arizona, who is four deep at wide receiver and has three of them under contract for this year and the other one is restricted, is going to take a wide receiver in the first round. Anquan Boldin is the NFL’s all-time leader in receiving yards per game, plus even when he is injured, their receiving corps is top 5. Maybe if they take a 1st and a 3rd for Breaston, though I think Whisenhunt would rather take Jermaine Gresham if he’s going to pay an unknown and get a 3rd rather than just paying Breaston.

  21. LOL… Jimmy Clausen to the Titans? Vince Young finally comes in, has a good year, and the team rallies around him to finish 8-2, and now you think we draft a QB? Great idea, let’s try not to improve our 28th ranked, aging defense.
    Also, the Lions think Jeff Backus plays at a Pro Bowl level, they won’t take Okung. The Redskins offense is putrid, they won’t take another safety top 4 over a top QB. The Chiefs are set at CB, they won’t take Haden.
    The Eagles have huge money tied up in Jason Peters and Winston Justice, they won’t take Bruce Campbell. The Cardinals won’t be taking a wide receiver even if they trade Boldin, they’re stacked there. The Cowboys have Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett, they won’t consider Gresham.
    The Jets won’t take a WR with huge questions around him since he played in the triple option after he broke his foot and can’t prove himself now. The Vikings are stacked at WR, it should be the least of their worries.
    Stick to your day job..

  22. This list is so bad it has to be on purpose, to generate comments. Are the suits at NBC on your case? Not enough Favre stories to milk?

  23. Why in the world would the Cowboys take a tight end, especially in the first round?
    Their first round pick is going to be either an OT, LB or any DB.
    The Bucs will probably go WR because they need some who will stay healthy.
    CJ Spiller most likely will not last until #20.
    The raiders are going to pick the best available offensive player on the board like they always do.
    Titans will not draft a QB. Probably more on the defensive side. They need a DT to replace Haynesworth.
    Pats will not draft defensive. They drafted a lot of DB’s last year. They need time to develop. If they do go defensive, they’ll probably go with the front 7. But OL or a young WR will be more like it, unless Spiller really does fall to #20 which case I can see them trading to pick him up and release Maroney and Taylor.
    Washington will probably pick up Bradford, Campbell is garbage.

  24. Haha another Florio Classic,
    1. why would the viking draft a wide receiver when they had 7 people with 40+ catches
    2. Cowboys taking a tight end , the just drafted a tight end in Bennet and the have Witten
    3. Al Davis would never take a OL, he has to find the next biggest bust
    4. Cardinals taking a wide reveiver maybe but even if Boldin was traded they have Fitz, Breaston who is still a 1000 yard receiver and Doucett stepped up in the playoffs
    5. Clausen Going to the titans they just gave VY his 2nd chance and he led them from what 0-6 to 8-8 saving Jeff Fishers job again
    but i guess anything can happen

  25. Everything else is written on this site with a dash of cynicism and sarcasm, why not the mock draft?
    Regardless – mocks are fun, but silly because the trade aspect cannot be identified.
    If the Eagles take anything other than defense in the first round, I’ll be mad
    And I really hope the skins take Clausen so I can cheer against him for the rest of his career…..which hopefully doesn’t last past 2014…..

  26. The Redskins bypass QB and OL for a DB? After Vince Young leads a resurgence of the Titans they draft a QB? Wow, do you guys even try?

  27. In reference to the first part of my last comment, why in the hell do people keep saying the Cowboys are going to pick a TE in the first round?
    They have Jason Witten in his prime, Martellus Bennett who is young and very talented (even if he isn’t all that bright), and John Phillips who can ball.

  28. “Pouncey” is a funny name. Sounds more like an adjective.
    As the gazelle walked by, the tiger, feeling especially pouncey that day, knew what he had to do.

  29. titans with a qb at one, and vikes pick up yet another receiver? i guess you figure berrian’s the odd man out. i hope he just restructures…

  30. Why would the cowboys, who have the most complete TE in the NFL and a pretty capable back-up in Marty B., draft Gresham?
    Also, I don’t see the Bengals going with an O-lineman again. last year’s squad was a real pleasant surprise until they tried shuffling Andre Smith into the line-up. Especially with the holes at WR, TE, and a chance to possibly make their pass rush really formidable.

  31. The Lions definitely should take Okung, I agree 100%. It’s already leaked in Detroit that Mayhew is obsessed with him. The guy only let up 2 qb rushes all year, he is going to be a stud.
    But even if they go Suh or McCoy…that works too. As long as they go o-line or d-line, I think all Lions fans will be happy.

  32. Just noting some of them that caught my eye.
    I’d be a tad surprised if the Lions passed on DT help when they desperately need it. Okung’s intriguing, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if the more physically gifted Anthony Davis and Bryan Bulaga end up being close in value, if not surpassing him, by the time the draft rolls around.
    I’d be next to stunned if the Redskins went with Berry. The logic of it isn’t bad – the Skins desperately need a FS. That said, if they don’t go for a franchise QB, they almost have to go with either defensive front 7 (for the transition to more 30 looks) or, more likely, OL.
    I’d also be a tad surprised if the Chiefs went Haden. Value’s fine, but they have bigger needs in the defensive front 7 and on the OL.
    Would the Browns take McClain when they could use help at OLB, secondary (granted, in this scenario, Berry and Haden are off), and RB? Not impossible, but got a tough time seeing it.
    If you have Jared Odrick graded high (and I do think Odrick will be a top 20 or so pick, if not higher, by the time the draft comes around), then Buffalo needs to nab him. They need help transitioning to 30 fronts. Morgan’s nice, but they can look to Maybin and Schobel to stopgap on the edge.
    I’m not real sold that the Giants would definitely nab DB there. I’m not a huge fan of Earl Thomas, but in general, not sure they’d nab DB there.
    With the development of Ahmad Brooks, I have doubts the 49ers would go with someone like Kindle this high.

  33. I know your mock draft is screwed up because you have the Raiders actually drafting someone I’ve heard of.

  34. I would love to see the Bucs land either Suh or McCoy but the only way that’s happening is if they trade up. You cant pass up that kind of talent if you are the Lions or Rams. Don’t sacrifice need for want when it comes to those two monsters.

  35. Yea i don’t know what you guys are smoking. No way Detroit takes Okung over one of those two DT’s. You’re “insiders” must be 5th graders.

  36. You had me at least suspending disbelief, . . . until the Cardinals taking a wr.
    Isnt the whole reason they dont need Anquan Boldin, and scored 50 in a playoff game without him, that the last position on the whole field they need is wr?

  37. I feel like every year everyone complains, but no one ever gets the joke. The PFT mock-drafts are done tongue in cheek to make fun of how many people do mock drafts and stake so much in them. They always do the most absurd selections that aren’t close at all on purpose.

  38. Lumas101 says:
    February 18, 2010 10:25 PM
    I feel like the Redskins fans would riot if they skipped over both QB prospects for a defensive back, and though I don’t know much about Derrick Morgan, I’m pretty sure the Bills need a defensive TACKLE or a quarterback or an offensive tackle well before they need a defensive end.
    Then I would say you’re on crack. Being a Redskin fan I can tell you very few of us believe there is any QB in this draft worth a top 5 pick. Give us OLine. Berry is a good player but would be a wasted pick here.

  39. thoroughbred_30 says:
    February 18, 2010 10:27 PM
    jimmy clausen to the titans?? lol
    Demaryus Thomas should be but won’t be a first rounder
    Except now he has a broken foot. Too bad. He’ll be a beast.

  40. WTF??????
    Do you do this on purpose to get a rise out of people?
    Please tell me why the Cowboys would take a TE in the 1st round or at all?

  41. the cards take a reciever?????mr. lawyer errrr ambulance chaser….iz u crazy? although q will be gone…fitz, breaston, doucett,….flo, listen and learn…cards needs…linebacker, off. line, secondary. qb…reciever would be 10th a list of 10

  42. vikings pick a reciever?
    cowboys pick a tight end?
    cardinals pick a reciever?
    titans spend another 1st on a qb?

  43. Interesting mock. Think you may be on to something with the Lions pick.
    That said, I’m confused by selections 10, 17, and 27. I can see the Broncos having interest in Odrick because he can play DE in their 34 scheme, but there’s too much talent still on the board at that point ignore. Then 17 and 27 just are completely not going to happen. Tenn will stick with Vince, and Dallas has Witten and Bennett.
    Also have a hard time seeing the Eagles drafting at LT after trading for Peters last year.

  44. By far the worst Mock I have ever seen…not even 50% of that would really happen.
    Were you guys looking for arguments? Please!

  45. When was the last time the Bengals drafted a guard in the first round?
    Hmm, let me see, I got it, I got it, I got it!
    They won’t set a precedent in 2010.

  46. Are you guys using a dart board for these picks? Anita Marks could come up with way better picks than this.
    1.No quarterback for the Broncos?
    2.Didn’t the Jaguars just draft two defensive ends?
    3.Titans pick a quarterback? Not likely.
    4.Green Bay drafted a linebacker last year and he started. Now they have two 1st rounders.
    5. The Bengals pick another offensive lineman? What about wide receiver?
    6. The Ravens need offensive weapons for their quarterback.
    7. The Bills need help on the offensive line.
    8. Arizona draft a wide receiver? With Fitzgerald and Boldin?
    9. The Vikings need another wide receiver?
    10. And in all this, where is the Taylor Mays pick?
    To quote Bill Parcells talking to Phil Sims on the sideline, “Are you watching the same game that I am?!”

  47. Washington needs offense,the Titans sure don’t need jimmy Clausen and there’s almost no chance of the Eagles drafting a tackle especially of Taylor mays is still around. Why in the world would the Cardinals draft a Wr it’s there deepiest possession already.

  48. no cowboys fans have had a say on this yet, so i guess i will be the first.
    another tight end? not with taylor mays still on the board, which you have him still available.

  49. Long time reader… first time poster. Just had to post about how bad this mock is.
    Vikings taking a WR… honestly?!?
    Would love for my vikes to take either of the next two (Allen or Pouncey) tho.

  50. Washington needs offense,the Titans sure don’t need jimmy Clausen and there’s almost no chance of the Eagles drafting a tackle especially of Taylor mays is still around. Why in the world would the Cardinals draft a Wr it’s there deepiest possession already.

  51. Good Job Florio
    —21. Bengals: Mike Iupati, guard, Idaho. —
    Would be a Superb Pick for Bengals and Thank you for actually acknowledging Guard is a huge need for bengals….The Right Side of the Oline was pretty bad last year with Andre Starting Full time and a guy like Iupati Taking over for Aging Bobbie Williams we could have top 8 Oline and good chance best run blocking Oline

  52. Joe Haden to Kansas City? Umm, no. If Okung is off the board, the Chiefs should think about taking Berry (if he’s available), Rolando McClain or the next best left tackle available.
    Secondly, I cannot see the Redskins drafting Berry if he falls out of the top three, considering their needs at left tackle and quarterback.
    With Brandon Marshall leaving Denver, I don’t think there’s any way Dez Bryant gets by the Broncos.
    Lastly, if there was ever a team in need of a left tackle, it’s Buffalo. The Bills are more likely to scoop up Anthony Davis, Bryan Bulaga or Bruce Campbell with the #10 pick.

  53. Dude the Vikings just drafted Percy and we have a fat contract with Berrian and Sid the Kid is beyond legit. We dont need a WR we need a S or CB

  54. Why would the Titans spend a 1st rounder on a QB with VY at the helm and not retreating anytime soon?
    Why would the Cowboys spend a 1st rounder on a tight end when they already have 2 quality young TE on their roster?
    Why would the eagles draft a LT when Jason Peters is locked up as well as Winston Justice is on the right side?
    I know these mocks don’t take into account trades and free agency but these 3 of your many picks that are dead wrong.

  55. This is a lousy mock. Although Okung is a smarter pick and would be great if hte Lions draft based on need, but best player available strategy says they’re getting McCoy… or Suh. I’m not sold on him going #1. The Rams can’t take a safe pick again. They need a franchise QB, so they might even consider trading down a few spots. The Raiders will only draft the guy with the fastest 40, not a lineman. Taylor Mays and Carlos Dunlap are serious candidates for the Raiders (workout warriors) but we all know they’d never justify being drafted that high. Also, you’re kidding yourself if you think the Titans will draft Clausen after VY finished so strong. Paul-Pierre is going to a 3-4 team as a rush LB, he can’t play in the Jaguars’ scheme. Same with your Dunlap to Ravens pick, except the RAvens are a 3-4 team and he
    d a 4-3 end. And the Eagles will not take an OT. Peters is incredibly overpaid so he’s not getting replaced, and Justice did an excellent job being the most consistent Eagles lineman. Plus there’s no way in hell Bruce Campbell falls all the way to #24. And I’m almost certain the Redskins aren’t dumb enough to draft a safety for their already stacked D and pass on a LT or QB. Jason Campbell basically had pressure in his face before the ball was even snapped. You project Brandon Graham to GB right after NE picks. There’s no way the Pats pass on him fora CB. The Adalius Thomas experiment was a failure and Peppers will end up the same but for more money. The Pats will draft smart again and pick Graham to upgrade their awful pass rush. Other than that I guess it’s an ok mock.

  56. Mike Iupati to the Bengals is accurate and as a fan I hope it comes true, unless C.J. Spiller is still available at 21.
    Good Draft.. Still think McCoy will go #2

  57. Eagles will most certainly not take offense in the first 2 rounds. DE, LB, S are all needs… The O-Line is deep. The only position they MIGHT take is center with Anderson going down so late with the ACL, but they might just put Nick Cole there all through training camp and get him ready since he played center in college.

  58. Highly doubt a TE for the Cowboys and no way the Titans take a QB or the Cards with a WR. As far as the Taylor Mays comments I can see him falling out of the first he is starting to get the tweener name. I don’t think he will make it with his current skill set as a safety and he is too lean to be a line backer and until he blows an incredible 40 time and improves his coverage skills no way he converts to corner.
    Two words to Jerry & Stephen when it comes to Mays

  59. Highly doubt a TE for the Cowboys and no way the Titans take a QB or the Cards with a WR. As far as the comments I can see him falling out of the first he is starting to get the tweener name. I don’t think he will make it with his current skill set as a safety and he is too lean to be a line backer and until he blows an incredible 40 time and improves his coverage skills no way he converts to corner.
    Two words to Jerry & Stephen when it comes to Mays

  60. Miami taking another overrated WR in the first-round lets ask Ted Ginn about that?
    Joe Haden isn’t going that high. The Chiefs need a Tackle more than a cornerback.
    The Bills taking a DE? Did you forget they took one last year? And they are switching to the 3-4?
    Browns taking a ILB is suspect after the promising linebacking core they have.
    49ers taking another pass-rusher? I doubt it with the success they had this year.
    Clausen? To the Titans? Do you really hate black quarterbacks that much?
    When will the Giants NOT take a defensive back in the first round? OUT OF TEXAS?!?!
    Pack take another Linebacker. Seriously did you even watch the 2009 NFL draft?!?

  61. Alright I’ve never called Florio out before but come on! I swear you do this crap just to get a rise out of people! If you are serious about this mock draft then I think you need to tell us why 1. Titans take a qb 2. Packers take yet another linebacker 3. Cardinals take a WR 4. Taylor Mays does not even get taken in the first round and 5. Why exactly does Dallas take a TE? (this might be the worst pick).

  62. good night, this is the worst mock draft i ever read, first off, Don’t the Titans have Vince Young??? do you REALLY think they take Clausen and let Young go??? NO!!! he won what 7 games for them, he won’t be let go and Clausen won’t be a Titan. 2nd, i can’t see the Redskins going defense, Eric Berry maybe a stud at safety, but the Redskins have went defense in the past 5 drafts, I see them going offense here with either offensive tackle or quarterback.

  63. If the Eagles go OL, they take Pouncey. I got a feeling they don’t like Taylor Mays enough for the 1st round… disagree with other commenters and Kiper. I think they may try to trade up for C.J. Spiller.

  64. So The Cowboys have 6x Pro Bowler/3x All Pro Jason Witten, up and coming stud Martellus Benett, and John Phillips who was drafted in 2009 at tight end and their going to use thier 1st pick on another one in 2010???
    Yeah…um…I just don’t think so.
    This site loses more credibility everytime I log on.

  65. No Sean Weatherspoon in the 1st? Whaaa?
    I have a feeling Atlanta will be taking him at 19 or 20. Maybe this is good news and they can trade back for a late first and a second and still get him.

  66. (This mock draft is soo bad… I think I got dumber)
    agreed, jeez, this was bad, does Florio even see the team’s talent??? Why will the Vikings go reciver??? i guess Rice, Harvin and Barrion need to work to get noticed. Arizona really needs receivers i guess and The Titans are giving up on Vince Young, i wonder who snags him up?

  67. This mock draft is pathetic. So many ridiculous picks that WILL NOT happen. How in the hell would the Cowboys draft a TE in the first round?

  68. Why would the Saints take a center when their center was voted as a probowl alternate? I don’t care if there was a young healthy LeCharles Bentley in this draft, there is no way the Saints would take a center. They would probably take a pass rushing DE, or a DT, or OLB.

  69. “newman says: February 18, 2010 11:29 PM
    If the Eagles go OL, they take Pouncey. I got a feeling they don’t like Taylor Mays enough for the 1st round… disagree with other commenters and Kiper. I think they may try to trade up for C.J. Spiller.”
    Did they not just use a 2nd round pick on LeSean McCoy? There’s no freaking way they trade up, or even draft Spiller if he somehow drops to them. That’s crazy. I think they gotta look at DB or LB or DE, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go after Kyle Wilson or Nate Allen at #24. I think Kyle Wilson might be gone, but Nate Allen should be there. I’d go after a LB or DE in the 2nd round, maybe Sean Weatherspoon, Greg Hardy, or Sean Lee?

  70. Maurkice Pouncey at #32??? Jonathan Goodwin is only 30 years old and a Pro Bowler. They need to draft a center in the later rounds, only to backup Goodwin.
    At 32, they’ll probably go at Sean Witherspoon or a run stopper, whether it’d be a DT or DE.

  71. ok this is the worst draft ever i think you should retire and become a janitor you suck….the Bills draft a DE when they dont need one they have holes at LT RT NT and QB and you give them a DE your an idiot….Titans drafting a Qb even when the owner is high on vince young ok put the crack pipe down and start writing articles for the UFL and not the NFL you ruin this site….Did I mention you suck at your job!

  72. Golden Tate in the first round? Sam Bradford 6th overall? I also don’t think mclain will go that high. But other than that it seems good (what do i know?). Of course there is nothing more pointless than a mock draft before the combine.

  73. (I can do a better job by picking the names out of a hat………With my feet)
    i agree, Florio needs to look up things before he does them, there is NO WAY the Vikings go reciever or the Redskins pass on a tackle or quarterback.
    (Miami taking another overrated WR in the first-round lets ask Ted Ginn about that?)
    That pick was one (of few) i could agree with, but with that said, this whole mock draft, was pathetic, Berry to the Redskins (no), a reciever to the Cardinals and Vikings???

  74. “It would surprise me for Oakland to draft Trent Williams at #8 overall, especially if Carlos Dunlap is on the board at that point.”
    Surely there will be a really, really fast receiver who can’t catch that Mr. Davis will have his eye on. Or perhaps a quarterback who can’t throw, but is really big.

  75. I hope Philly goes OLB or S in the 1st round. I’ve been hearing a lot about Taylor Mays’ flaws lately, but they could switch him over to SS and use him as an in the box SS like Dawkins was at the end of his career. I like that idea. I think a play making OLB is very much needed for my Birds. I think Sean McDermott would love to have another a very atletic LB to add to his scheme to go alongside future Pro-Bowler Stewart Bradley!

  76. Tyler Durden says: February 18, 2010 10:41 PM
    The raiders are going to pick the best available offensive player on the board like they always do.
    Seriously? when have they ever let alone always? Russel and Heyward-Bey immediately come to mind as impulsive picks on over rated players that were far from the best offensive players available at the time. They weren’t even the best at their positions, nor were they projected that way. Al Davis likes cannon armed worthless qb’s and fast receivers that can’t catch or run a routes, and it always bites him in the ass.

  77. Even if Boldin goes the Cardinals are still stacked with WR and won’t waste a first round pick for another one.

  78. The Eagles generally don’t like players over 30. I really don’t think they’ll take the guy from Evil Dead. Also, the phrase “no way” has been used at a 14% clip in replies. Let’s start giving the readership a thesaurus for contests.

  79. WORST MOCK DRAFT I HAVE EVER SEEN. cowboys taking another tight end??? after drafting martellus bennett whos a number 2 to witten?? Bucs moved jermaine phillips from safety to linebacker, they NEED secondary help(berry).. Parcells never drafted a wr first round, and now go to a dez bryant who hasnt played in ages??? TITANS QUARTERBACK??? THIS IS SO STUPID.. packers linebacker?? they need secondary/offensive line, linebacker is their STRONGEST position.. jets and vikings bothh taking recievers? jets taking one with a broken foot and vikings are stockpiled at WR… i dont know how you guys get paid to write this stupidity. a monkey could do better picking names out of a hat… i will do it for free for that matter

  80. Yes McCoy to the Lions is the pick that SHOULD be made, BUT the Lions made a HUGE investment to the QB position while they are sitting high they should do what they can to protect it. If nothing elese Detroit should trade out of it which i am sure they will try.

  81. Why?
    Cuz RotoWorld gives you a Fat Dime that’s why.
    Oh, and no way the Chargers, Norv Turner, drafts a running back that can’t catch.

  82. Almost everyone who has commented does not get Florio’s dry humor and wit, or at least he thinks he’s witty.

  83. i wont sit here and talk about how i know more than you about who will pick who (because i nor really anyone else here do), but at least know that if the jets go WR and damian williams is there, he’d be the guy, no matter how much you like thomas.

  84. This is without a doubt the worst Mock Draft I have EVER seen, but also the funniest bunch of comments I have ever seen, so I guess thank you Florio?

  85. if Giants sign Dansbury, makes sense to go for the best S left on the board.
    If they don’t, trade up for McClain.

  86. I think the Saints would pick a QB in the first round before a center. Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis have only drafted one offensive lineman high (Brown and Sean was not there then) No way it happens. Best defensive tackle or End on the board then linebacker and safety

  87. Did florio Jr write this? reading this mock draft was more pinful than watching the u.s. curling team

  88. Oh man!! That mock is REALLY entertaining. I mean, look at the amount of comments so far!
    Who’s up next… Gregg??

  89. 1st mock ive seen with ustaking Iupati but thats not a bad thing. So many mocks have us taking a TE its not even funny, we wont take a TE in round 1 nor will we take a Peter Warrick clone and a poor mans one at that in GHolden Tate. Ill take Iupati over all of them.

  90. Why in the world would the Eagles take a tackle with their first round pick when their dier needs are DE, & FS? I could even see them taking a center possibly, but a tackle? I know the Eagles usually try to take the best player available and not rely on need but their is a fine line. Now they could sign Peppers in FA and that would solve the DE issue, but what about FS? Yes they could sign Sharper maybe. But in mock drafts you cant asume they will do just that. You gotta go off their CURRENT situation. Man please learn football befor you guys create a football knowledge site…lmao

  91. Florio this is probabley the first and last time I will ever say that I agree with you. I’m not syre about any other team but being a life long skins fan I would love for them to take Berry at four. Sure everyone is going to say we need a tackle or maybe even a whole new o-line but at four unless there is a clear cut dominant tackle, I dont waste a pick on some big fatty. Berry is one of the best athletes period in the draft. In the top five you can’t get suckered into drafting need if the need can’t be filled by a perenial pro-bowler. Unless I am wrong there are no clear cut pro-bowl caliber tackles coming out at all. Berry is a game changer and a ball hawk alla Ed Reed. I would be remise to say we don’t need O-line help because we do, but this draft is deep with serviceable line help. Go the best player available at four no matter the position. Berry will be there and take him, move Landry to strong safety which suits his style best and in doing so you sure up a mediocre at best secondary with a sure fire playmaker that can come in and change the game. Don’t try to hit the homerun at four with a o-lineman because it just won’t happen!!

  92. “I feel like the Redskins fans would riot if they skipped over both QB prospects for a defensive back”
    As a Redskins fan I can tell you there would be no riot…WE don’t want a QB at #4. If Berry were available it would be a no-brainer to take him. Even if Berry was gone, I wouldn’t want Bradford or Clausen. I would be cised if this was what went down in April.

  93. # krizame18 says: February 18, 2010 10:26 PM
    This mock draft is soo bad… I think I got dumber
    I dont like mocking the staff on this site and I never have, but.. I agree. I r dink i b dambr

  94. You really are an IDIOT!!!
    The Cowboys already have Jason Witten and a 2nd round pick invested in Martellus Bennett….Yet you have them picking ANOTHER TE????
    Wow you clearly dont follow football…..

  95. Instead of just insulting you, here’s what I’d take issue with:
    #4 Washington – Washington does need a safety, but the leaks (Snyder’s regime has plenty) have been indicated Shanny wants his own QB, and is a Bradford fan. That said, even if that’s misinformation QB and OT are still much bigger needs, and I don’t see them dumping Landry yet.
    #8 Oakland – Even the Raiders won’t reach for Trent Williams (a natural RT, btw) over Bruce Campbell, Bryan Bulaga, Anthony Davis, and Charles Brown, to name a few.
    #10 Denver – I find it much more likely Denver safeguards against losing Marshall with Dez Bryant than I do McDaniels reaching for Odrick. Dan Williams is a possibility as a five-technique also.
    #17 Tennessee – IMHO, Vince Young showed a bit too much for Jeff Fisher to “blow it up” at the postiion this offseason. Not after a near-playoff miracle.
    #27 Dallas – This is totally left-field. If Jason Witten retired tomorrow, Bennett could fill his shoes. I expect the Cowboys to address either line or add a corner.
    #29 Jets – Thomas just broke his foot. We’ll have to wait and see.
    Also, I don’t see Spiller falling to #20, not with what he’ll run (besides which, he doesn’t exactly fix the Texans “power back” issue). I also don’t see the Patriots passing on Brandon Graham, though who knows with them.
    Just my .02

  96. “I feel like the Redskins fans would riot if they skipped over both QB prospects for a defensive back”
    I suspect most Redskins fans will want the best OT on the board.
    Both Bradford and Clausen have questionable talent and injury histories. Neither is one is a consensus pick as solid pro, let alone a true franchise quarterback. Either one would almost certainly be on injured reserve before the halfway point, if not halfway through preseason, considering the state of the o-line.
    Nearly every Skins fan that lived through the Hogs era is going to want the o-line addressed first. If we pick up a QB this year he’ll be ruined by his first couple of years behind a line that makes the Keystone Kops look like a cohesive and talented unit.
    I bet that we do pick either Bradford or Clausen but we would be better off with a tackle. Yet Florios pick, Berry, isn’t stupid. The Skins desperately need a playmaking FS. If Berry turns out to be anywhere near the player that Ed Reed has been, getting him at 4 would be good value.
    Look at the impact Polamalu has for the Steelers and Ronnie Lott had for the 49ers. Safety isn’t viewed as a premium position, but it may just be the best place for great DBs to make the biggest impact.
    If Berry is as good as the current scouting reports claim, fans wouldn’t stay upset for very long.

  97. Not trying to be a D!ck but your mocks are the worst. Many times you will have teams drafting the same position two years in a row, like QB or C…don’t you have a friend at TSN that can help you with this?

  98. Wow, this mock is bad. Do you really think Clausen would make it by the Niners? If by some chance the Notre Dame golden boy (sound familiar ladies) drops that far (which will never happen), Singletary would be dropping his pants to the American Idol “Pants on the Ground” song all night long.
    Good try Florio, but leave the mocking to the pros … maybe have a section of all the credible mocks … and mine!

  99. Another thing about the cowboys pick, don’t forget John Phillips filled in very nicely, some people think he could replace Bennet. I say use him as an h back, somewhat like Cooley. But no, no way the Cowboys draft a TE….wouldn’t it be funny if Florio was spot on with all these picks though

  100. Florio’s been hitting the schnapps again…
    Just a reminder, typically nobody’s mock drafts are any good right now. I can almost guarantee that Florio gets as many wrong as everybody except Mayock’s mocks right now.

  101. Pouncey. Say it five times real fast. Now say it over and over while skipping around the room. All day long use it randomly in sentences to describe all sorts of different behaivor. “My, you look so Pouncey today!” “Boy, that was once Pouncey meeting this morning, don’t you think?” “Vox looks positively Pouncey in his new skirt!” There are no limits to the fun you can have with this wonderful name. Is his twin brother in this draft too? More Pouncey delight.
    BTW- I am astounded by how many people have commented on this mock draft as if it were serious. How many people could miss such an obvious joke? Keep this in mind when judging the merits of other posts by these people. I mean really, if you made it past Clausen to the Titans without realizing this was meant as a joke, see a therapist.

  102. Packers take a linebacker?
    Vikings take receiver?
    Titans take Jimmy Clausen?
    Lions don’t take McCoy?
    Cowboys take a tight end?
    Carinals take a receiver?
    Saints take a center?
    are you trying to piss off the volcano?

  103. Usually I choose not to comment on articles, but I couldn’t refuse on this one…
    This has got to be the WORST mock draft I’ve ever seen!! No way Bradford is selected Over Clausen, and there’s NO WAY the Titans even Consider QB. The Skins will not take a Safety, too many other needs….
    And if you think the Lions will pass on McCoy you’re crazy… Also, the Ravens taking a DE? In a class with talented WR’s and decent DB’s there’s NO WAY they take a DE- especially round 1.
    Have you even read the scouting reports? Seems to me like you drew names out of a hat.

  104. Come on guys, clearly Florio put up a shitty mock to generate posts on this thread. It worked Mike, congratulations.

  105. This mock draft is so terrible, it must have come from somebody who picked the Redskins to win the Superbowl this year.

  106. Well, the Bucs can not afford to sign a top first round pick so I would be surprised if they do not trade it away for 2 or 3 lower round picks. Rebuliding costs money and so far the Glazers have not shown that they are ready or able to spend any.

  107. As a PSU I’m glad you see the value of Jared Odrick. He can play any position on the D-line in and scheme.
    He dominated the Senior Bowl and posted back to back ridiculous seasons for the Nittany Lions. Well done, most ‘experts’ have him going to the Colts or in the 2nd round.

  108. Oh my god, this really bothers me that you have an opinion other than my own. I think I’m going to throw insults at you and the work you do because we disagree.

  109. ridiculous. Anyone bet me that the cowboys do not take a tight end in the first round? anyone? They have Jason Witten AND Martellus Bennett (who they really like). absolutely foolish. The Redskins going CB at 4? doubt it. They need offensive help, not defensive. Clausen to the Titans? For what? To make VY jump off a bridge?

  110. DC Vikings Fan says:
    February 18, 2010 10:41 PM
    This list is so bad it has to be on purpose, to generate comments. Are the suits at NBC on your case? Not enough Favre stories to milk?
    This has to be the case. If Florio and crew really think this could even possibly be somewhat accurate then I feel sorry for them. Gresham to Dallas is totally outrageous.

  111. (Yet Florios pick, Berry, isn’t stupid. The Skins desperately need a playmaking FS.)
    actually it is, Eric Berry is good, no question, but safety in my book should be looked at after, quarterback, offensive tackle and running back.

  112. Wow!! Did you guys even try with this mock?? Another safety to Washington in the first round……I highly doubt that!!! OL should be the priority but we will probably go QB!

  113. Thats a pretty realistic mock actually. Perhaps having the Eagles trade out of the first round again would further add to it’s validity. I mean every year they think they’re talented enough not to pick in the first round and by doing so it leads to, well, nothing.

  114. “Bob S. says:
    February 18, 2010 10:35 PM
    MOCK DRAFTS BEFORE teams have signed free agents are meaningless.”
    I’m pretty sure ALL mock drafts are meaningless, but it doesn’t mean they are not entertaining.

  115. Actually I think this is one of the best mocks out there so far. It is going more by best player available than percieved need. Good guessing.

  116. Do you even look at team needs? Titans take a QB. What!?! Cardinals take a WR. What!?!?!?! Vikings add another WR. What the hell are you thinking?!?!?!??!!??!?

  117. You are correct on the Titans. They WILL draft a QB this year…. but in the mid-late rounds as a developmental project, not in the 1st unless there’s just NO ONE else there AND they can’t trade out of the pick which is highly unlikely.

  118. I don’t think the Lions will take Okung. He’ll go #4 to the Skins who have to upgrade their aging and injured line. The Lions will take whoever remains of Suh or McCoy, or HOPEFULLY trade down some.

  119. scampbell1975 says:
    February 18, 2010 10:55 PM
    thoroughbred_30 says:
    February 18, 2010 10:27 PM
    jimmy clausen to the titans?? lol
    Demaryus Thomas should be but won’t be a first rounder
    Except now he has a broken foot. Too bad. He’ll be a beast.
    Thats why i say he won’t be. He still should be. It’s not like a major back injury or reconstructive knee surgery.

  120. “27. Cowboys: Jermaine Gresham, tight end, Oklahoma. ”
    *wipes eyes”. OMFG You have to be kidding right? why on earth would Dallas draft a TE in the first round when they already have THREE TEs who would start for a lot of teams in the league.
    This is as good as your preseason pick of the Redskins to win the SB last year.
    Thanks for bringing me a good laugh on a Friday.

  121. C’mon Florio, did you do ANY research? Or was this just a random distribution of the highest rated players?

  122. Technically, this is actually the first mock draft of the last year of the decade. But hey, most people got the millennium wrong too.
    It’s real easy … the first year AD was the year 1 so the end of the first decade was the year 10. Oh, never mind! Bring on the combine! Bring on the draft!
    I need more important things to obsess about.

  123. Costanza’s payroll project probably turned out better than your attempt at a mock.
    Geeze – maybe you pulled a Costanza and missed the goal of the assignment- put players with teams that might actually draft them.

  124. Hey Florio,
    You’re confused. Next time use “Scouts”, not “Girl Scouts”, to research team needs.

  125. @RUMORMONGORING- The Eagles DONT trade out of the 1st round every year. As a matter of fact, they drafted Maclin in the 1st round last year and he had a pretty productive season and came on strong at the end of the year. As a matter of fact, since Andy has been the head coach, the Eagles have drafted in the 1st round in 9 out of 11 years. Im not sure about right now, but as of last season, Andy had drafted more pro-bowl players than any other coach since ’99.

  126. And by the way, those 2 years that the Eagles didnt draft in the 1st round, they managed to pick up Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley and Desean Jackson. Not too shabby!

  127. 14 hours and the posts are still flying in. I’ll say one thing for Florio, he sure knows how to push our buttons.
    That’s mighty Pouncey of you there, fella.

  128. Did you write this, or did is this the opposite of what you were thinking….
    stick with the opposite…..

    I get a kick out of how worked up people get over this. I swear Florio does it just to get a rise out of people. I would if I was him…183 comments and counting already.

  130. along with others, this has to be one of the most inconceivable mock drafts ever. Titans drafting another QB with Young there? Vikings taking a receiver? Saints taking a Center?
    Was this draft made using a dart boards with player’s names on it? I love this website but I don’t put much stock into any mock draft let alone one made before free agency.

  131. sergio kindle
    ryan matthews
    all too high
    the saints may take pouncey if he grades far and away the best center and the bpa at 32…..they are known for developing players…..see meachem circa 2007….look at him now….
    goodwin teh saints center was a pro bowl alternate in an era where that means nothing…..he’s also 32 and the weak link on the interior…..imagine nicks, evans, pouncey for a decade……and if jammal brown comes back….that brees guy is one lucky protected passer…..

  132. Okung over McCoy for Detroit???
    You are aware that Millen is no longer with the team…right?

  133. “27. Cowboys: Jermaine Gresham, tight end, Oklahoma.”
    The Cowboys already have Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett – they ain’t takin’ a TE with their First Round pick. I always agree that taking the best talent available is the right thing to do but you have to take rosters into account at all times.
    This is one of the worst mocks I’ve read so far but at least y’all have Spiller going to Houston. Probably gonna be wrong there as well but I hope not…

  134. I agree the Lions should bypass defense and take a lt but I like Anthony Davis better because he played in a pro style offense and he’s bigger. Matt Stafford must be protected. He was injured twice last year!

  135. Favre may well require a upgraded o-line. It is needed. He took a lot of abuse last year.
    The 30th pick overall should give pretty good quality at a guard position.

  136. reading through some of these comments is puzzling… im a firm believer that a first round pick, especially in the top half of the first round, should be selected based on the highest rated player available on the draft board, regardless of position. the later rounds, in my opinion, are where teams should look to fill voids. except where last year, i believe the packers had raji and crabtree similarly rated, though nose tackle was more of a need than wide receiver, so they went with raji.

  137. Can’t you see this mock is to ‘F’^C%$ with all the people who talk sh!! to Florio – he’s just messin with you – there is not a mock out there that is credible before the free agency rush ends – let alone before the period starts!!!!!! hahaha he know’s all these pics are bully sh!!#
    This post was HILL – LARRY – US
    # filthymcnasty says: February 18, 2010 10:33 PM
    Florio…Please tell us that #4 pick of Berry to the Skins is a “trade down”. Have you seen the Skins o-line? There are porn stars that have gotten penetrated less.

  138. the seacawks are the only team that might actually go the route you’ve got listed, bud adams is a huge fan of VY and will not draft another QB in the first round till vince pretty much forces his way out of the league (something that may not happen)
    The vikes are going to be pretty heavy Defensively in the first 3 picks, sure as hell not a Wideout with their first Rice, Berrian, and Harvin are solid, and Vis is comming along just fine at TE. best guess is DT followed by DB impact players are usually the sought after in the first round, but there is nothing wrong with building either. DT in round 1 DB in round 2 OG/RB/WR in rd 3

  139. Mike… I actually love this mock draft. Seriously, I don’t know that it’ll be right, but the principles it’s based on are spot on. I have Berry pegged top-5, Bradford top 10, and Clausen mid-first. As we all know, it only takes one team to get desperate and that goes haywire, but if teams had the courage of their convictions, and realised the level of talent in the grand scheme of things, this would be a good mock draft.

  140. Patriots: Kyle Wilson, cornerback, Boise State.
    Ya know… considering the Patriots drafted Meriweather, Chung, Butler and Wheatley in the past 3 drafts, all with 1st and 2nd round picks.
    I agree!!! Nothing says Belichick like reaching for another Secondary player way too early in the draft than their true value suggests.
    And his height 5’9 – 5’10 is perfect!

  141. damn man, at least give some explanations with these picks, otherwise it looks like you just took scouts incs top 32 prospects and randomly placed them in a mock draft.
    I don’t see Clausen falling out of the top-5, let alone the top-10, but I know many people disagree with that. Don’t have a problem with Barry to the Redskins either, since they have major issues at FS.
    But Gresham to the ‘Boys? WTF? They have arguably the best tight end in the league and plenty of depth at the position. That makes no sense whatsoever.

  142. Who did this mock draft? Jimmy Claussen to the Titans? I’m sure PFT did it’s fair share of Jeff Fisher getting put in his place with the Collins vs. Young ordeal by Tennessee’s owner. Now they’re drafting a QB in the 1st round?? Sure.

  143. This is absolutely, positively THE WORST mock draft I have seen yet. I doubt there is five picks that will be correct. Somebody should be fired over this!! Either a three year old put this together or somebody was very, very drunk when they sat down and did this. It’s not even worth my while to go into detail on which picks I want to comment on because just about all of them are disgraceful!!!

  144. i only needed to look at the chiefs pick to know this whole thing was utterly retarded

  145. no shot the cowboys take a te in the firt round… witten is still nice, & they have big plans for marty b. at the backup position, & 3rd string te john phillips is a solid blocker who plays fb at times…. does the person who makes this draft even watch the nfl

  146. What are you thinking having the Cowboys draft a TE in the first round? Witten, Bennett (we have not given up on him, and turned down a 2nd round pick last year for him), and Phillips…why do we need another? Tis the season for mock drafts, but you need to tighten up on this one. Stooge.

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