Bradford won't work out in Indy

large_sam_bradford_ap.jpgQuarterback Sam Bradford, a Heisman winner who ranked higher than first overall pick Matt Stafford on some draft boards a year ago, hopes to make the climb again despite a bad shoulder. 

But scouts won’t get a chance to eyeball Bradford’s progress next week in Indianapolis where they will convene for the annual Underwear Olympics.

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah reports that agents Tom Condon and Ben Dogra of CAA have informed all 32 teams by e-mail that Bradford won’t work out for scouts until March 25.  On that day, Bradford will conduct his own Pro Day session, 16 days after the official Oklahoma version of the Underwear Olympics.

The e-mail reportedly came with a letter from Dr. James Andrews, who explained that Bradford is ahead of schedule in his recovery from shoulder surgery, that the distance on Bradford’s throws has been increasing, and that Bradford is on schedule for the March 25 workout.

Bradford nevertheless will be in Indy for medical exams, interviews, and Wonderlic testing.

Dr. Andrews’ explanation is curious to say the least, given that Bradford himself told Dan Patrick two weeks ago that Bradford’s had recently thrown 30 balls 50 yards

Even if Bradford were 100 percent (and it sounds like he might be close to it), it’s unlikely that he would have thrown any footballs at the Underwear Olympics.  Few top-tier quarterbacks ever choose to throw there, preferring instead to show what they can do in familiar territory, with college teammates running the routes and catching the passes.

This year, neither of the top two quarterbacks will be doing anything at Indy other than talking, submitting to poking and prodding, and scribbling dots with a No. 2 pencil onto the answer page of a 50-question exam.  Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen is recovering from toe surgery and won’t work out.

It opens the door for Colt McCoy of Texas, who has said he’ll try to throw.  If he has a strong workout (like Pat White a year ago) McCoy could push himself into the top ten, especially since five of the top nine teams (Rams, Redskins, Browns, Seahawks, and Bills) need a long-term answer at the position.

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  1. Players opt not to work out at the Combine for various reasons; some figure they may have nothing to gain, something to hide – or prefer the comfort zone of their on-campus Pro Day. Suffice it to say that Bradford something to lose – millions! Given his physical condition / injury status, I suspect most GM’s are going to have a ‘show me’ attitude toards him. If he can’t put up, his stock will slip in an already weak QB class.

  2. Unless McCoy throws like Jesus, there is no way he’s pushing himself into the top 10, let alone the 1st round. At best he’ll move up to the 2nd. He’s a 3rd-4th rounder at present.
    McCoy a weak arm and unimpressive build for an NFL QB, and comes from a spread offense that doesn’t require him to make pro-style reads and throws. That does not equal a top 10 pick.

  3. The Redskins will outbid ya……………don’t even try it………………….bye bye Mr. Campbell…………

  4. And while I’m thinking of it, I don’t get all the hype about Bradford. Kiper is right that he has an underrated arm and pinpoint accuracy, but I’m not sure I see much else there. He’s injury prone and comes from a shotgun oriented offense. Alex Smith, anyone?

  5. Mike, it’s a workout and they wear workout attire, get over it. You are showing yourself to have a weird infatuation with men in underwear.
    This leads me to believe that you are either really immature or have an affinity for men. Or both.

  6. Please–enough with the “Underwear Olympics”
    It is not funny or clever and will never catch on.

  7. McCoy a top 10 pick? Do you even pay attention to the draft? Unless McCoy has Peyton Manning go and proxy for him at the Combine, he isn’t going to work himself into the 1st round, let alone the top 10. McCoy will be lucky if he goes in the 2nd round; seriously, top 10? I’d stick to reporting what I read on ESPN and Twitter and leave the draft predictions to other people. Top 10….

  8. raybin is right on mccoy. NO WAY he is a first rounder, much less in the top 10. No arm strength. Florio you are an imbecile if you think a good workout gets him in the top 10
    I disagree on Bradford though. He’s a player. OU isn’t strictly a shotgun offense either. He is plenty of experience under center.

  9. @dapperntx
    I will admit the Alex Smith comparison was way over the top. It seems to me, though, that Bradford somehow amounts to less than the sum of his parts. Don’t know if that makes any sense.

  10. Doubt the Bills would be interested in a Colt McCoy, we need to be looking for a QB that has some arm strength and can throw the ball downfield in November.

  11. I wouldn’t draft him. We all know that once you have surgery, your never the same. It will take a good year for him to be 100%. He is one hit away from career over or the next Chad Pennington. I wish I could say Drew Brees but he wont be that good.

  12. I cannot wait for the day when all the scouts etc do not show up for somebodies pro day, no matter how good he is, thinks he is or his agents tells everybody he is. The NFL will not die if they did not show up, it would be a hoot..

  13. Bradford isn’t injury prone- in three years the shoulder was it – missed one other game due to concussion.
    Love how all the “parrots” just repeat what some “expert” chirps even though the expert hasn’t watched 3 years of performance.

  14. The interesting tid bit is that The Browns are listed as one of the five teams in the top nine that need a long term answer at QB with both Anderson and Quinn on the roster. With The Raiders drafting at number eight, this would imply that Ja(offMarc)us Russell is not a bust.

  15. Mike Florio wrote: especially since five of the top nine teams (Rams, Redskins, Browns, Seahawks, and Bills) need a long-term answer at the position.
    What??? No cheap shot at the Raiders? You must not have had your morning coffee yet, Mike. Or are you now OK with the Raider QBs?

  16. @raybin…I guess around 8,000 yards in just over two seasons and a touchdown to int ratio of about 5 to 1 makes him overrated. He’s got a great arm and is a bright, bright young man. Makes good decisions with the ball and is very accurate. As Troy Aikman has said,” at the end of the day, the quarterback, more than anything else, has to be able to put the ball in the right place.” I think Bradford fills the bill. Facts are, there are NO “sure things” when the draft rolls around. Even Mel Kiper and that idiot, Todd McShay, know that.

  17. I’m not surprised. As you said, most of the top prospects save it for their pro day so they can have the home field advantage and throw to their guys Though, it wouldn’t be much of an advantage with this year’s group. He might be better off asking his old receivers back for this one.

  18. raybin, how does being healthy for 2 of 3 years constitute injury prone? What he should have done was either gone pro last year OR had the surgery after the first injury and not try to gut it out.

  19. Pat White improved his stock not by throwing at the combine, but by playing in, winning, and getting the MVP of the Senior Bowl. And even then, he had to wait until the 2nd round. I think McCoy’s a really nice kid, and a good college QB, but I think Tebow has a better shot – at least he has the size and the arm. I don’t think Colt’s a 1st round pick (and I don’t think Tebow is either).
    Anyway, I really hope my Rams take Bradford if his medical checks out. They’ve passed on top QBs the last few years, and they need to bite the bullet and take the top QB while the current administration is still being given time to rebuild.

  20. Let’s see McKoy reminds me of Chase Daniels. I don’t see him getting drafted until the 5th round. Or maybe thats just what the team that drafts him earlier than that will realize this time next year.
    Bradford will be good if he can stay healthy. Clausen is yet another highly highly overrated QB from Notre Dame. I think the only two qbs who will be starting five or six years from now in this draft will be Bradford and Tony Pike (I think thats his name, the guy from Cinn.)

  21. Seahawks take Bradford #6, trade deion branch , and # 40 for brandon Marshall, then trade back from pick #14.

  22. Seahawks take Bradford #6 then trade Branch’s sorry ass & pick 40 for Brandon Marshall. Then the seahawks do something crazy?!? they trade the 14th pick down? Maybe in a perfect world.

  23. As Redskins fans, we can only help Bradford/Claussen do everything possible to show Shanahan that they are unworthy of the #4 pick. Best case scenario, they trade down and accumulate picks…worst case, address the o-line for the first time in the 21st century. Fix what’s broke (o-line) and if that doesn’t work out there’s always Jake Locker in ’11.

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