Lions will use a self-imposed cap, too

With one of the best franchises in the NFL — the Steelers — declaring that it will use a self-imposed salary cap in the uncapped year, one of the worst franchises — the Lions — has done the same.

“I think the only prudent thing to do, from our perspective, is to
engage in the same kind of planning process that we would’ve if there
were a cap,” CEO Tom Lewand said Wednesday, per John Niyo of the Detroit News.  “Eventually, there will be a new system.  I
don’t know what that’s going to look like yet.

“The worst thing
that could happen would be to make progress in a significant way in
2010 and then have that progress impeded by new rules.”

We’ve previously explained that, after the salary cap goes away, the rules are there ain’t no rules, which means that teams will be proceeding at their own risk if they overspend in 2010.

This dynamic illustrates yet another way in which the uncapped year actually hurts players.  Every prudent team has a budget, and they can set their own ceiling as high — or as low — as they wish.  With no salary floor, there’s no bottom limit on each team’s upper limit.

None of this means that the union won’t ultimately claim collusion, but the union will need evidence more persuasive than the reality that every business determines on a year-by-year basis the amount of money that will be devoted to labor costs.

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  1. I have a feeling most teams will be operating with a self imposed cap this year. Jerry Jones and Dan Synder are both smart business men so I don’t even think they will go overboard.
    I think Al Davis will be the guy most likely to start throwing large amounts of cash around, especially since he already has a history of overpaying guys. I think Davis will spend whatever it takes to try and buy one more championship before he dies, and by taking a good look at him during any of the games last year it is clear he doesn’t have that much time left before he heads to the big coliseum in the sky.

  2. the one thing ppl r forgetting is that nobody wants to play for the lions unless paid a substantial amount or r close to retirement either way the lions will screw up

  3. The only way there will be less money paid to players is if the team collude. But this is the real world and it is going to happen. The NFL owners, however, will be in deep dodo in 2011 when there is no union. Disbanding the union worked the last time, I see no reason for it not to work this time.

  4. Dan is a good business man but he has thrown money away before and if he can make his team better, he will throw money at it.

  5. “The worst thing that could happen would be to make progress in a significant way in 2010 and then have that progress impeded by new rules.”
    Point taken, but when I hear “Lions” and “make progress” in the same sentence I have to chuckle. C’mon, this is the Lions we’re talking about.

  6. So its understandable that an actual good team imposes a cap on their offseason. But, a team that needs a mountain of help to actually be considered “good” why would they impose a cap? I thought that was their problem in the first place: they weren’t doing enough to get better.

  7. With 52 years of successfully running a franchise into the ground you would have to say logically if the Detroit Lions say they will have a self imposed cap this year then it may be a good idea to spend everything you got.
    Yes I do think a self imposed cap is a good idea but with the Lions on this band wagon I would have to think twice about that position.

  8. Dan ‘Dark Heart’ Snyder is not in the NFL ownership ranks to actually WIN games and titles.
    Dan is a businessperson FIRST. Dan realizes that he has an INVESTMENT worth over $1Billion USD tied up in the REDSKINS. Dan is great at making money and has figured out a way through GREAT PR to continue to pull in the Redskin faithful.
    In my opinion, Dan is a VERY INTELLIGENT person, while the Redskin Fans that continue to feed this machine are not so intelligent.

  9. I think the real difference will be seen when it comes to tweaking the final roster or replacing injured players. Teams will have an unlimitied amount of wiggle room.

  10. Not having a mandated cap is going to ruin small market teams. The way the NFL does the schedules now, with no cap, parity will be completely out the window. They’d have to consider going back to the old way of scheduling games. In my opinion, the salary cap was the best thing to happen to the NFL. Just look at baseball. Same teams year in and year out. But, we shall see.

  11. Jerry Jones can’t go on a spending spree this off season because of the final 8 rules. Snyder on the other can do whatever he wants. The only thing he needs to fear is the cap appearing in 2010. As long as they push as much of the money into the uncapped year as possible, is shouldn’t have an effect on future years. In fact all teams should try to restructure as many contracts as possible to push money into the uncapped year, freeing up future cap space, when/if the cap comes back.
    I do recall an owner or two who claimed that if the cap went away, it would never come back.

  12. @ Big Stretch
    Davis won’t be at that big Colliseum in the sky for long because even Jesus hates the Raiders lol

  13. and what pile of possible free agents would some of you experts out there suggest Detroit go out and break the bank for… Do you really think they will win in the next year or two with this approach?
    In case you didn’t notice, Detroit had a great draft and off-season last year – They drafted their franchise QB, the most complete TE prospect in the last decade, a top level safety, and a linebacker in the 3rd round that started most of his rookie year. then they took advantage of their pre-season waiver priority status to pick up additional talent, even signing a QB that played all of 2 snaps in preseason for them before flipping him to the Jets for an additional pick.
    Clearly they were left with absolutely no talent, but the new regime seems to have things on the right track – it will just take time to do it the right way.
    All of the Lions jokes are still very clever and original, but let’s be honest – 30 other teams right now in the NFL are losers just the same. Give credit where credit is due – the new leadership seems to have a clear plan, and is not going to mortgage the future for fake and minimal short term return.

  14. Lions need upgrades at numerous spots if they want to win games in the future
    Stafford needs much better protection, better WR’s, and an actual defense
    People think the Lions will win more games in 2010 “just because”….right

  15. @ WorldChampionBears2009,
    First of all your name is the funniest name I’ve ever seen. It should be “NotEvenRespectableBears2009” or “BearsUsingLionsOldCoachingStaffIn2010ToBeTheNext0-16Team”
    But anyways the Lions problem is and was Matt Millen and Rod Marinara (your new “defensive”coordinator. And I use defense very very loosely with him). The good thing is the new FO for the Lions is awesome and know what they are doing. Yea they only won 2 games but that is one year removed from an 0-16 team with over a 50% turnover on the team. But they got a 1st,3rd,and 5th round picks for Roy Williams and drafted 7 starters last year (one started for the Dolphins at RT. Lydon Murtha). Why would they blow a ton of money on a bunch of washed up FA players when they can continue to draft well and replace the old shitty players with young talented players?

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