Marshall Faulk apparently would clean house in St. Louis

image150079g.jpgWhile perusing the latest issue of Sporting News, we noticed an NFL 2010 Power Poll ranking the 32 franchises heading into the next season.

At the bottom reside the Rams, with this quote from former St. Louis great Marshall Faulk:  “They’ve earned the No. 32 spot.  It’s well-deserved.  The Rams are more worried about firing their trainer and equipment manager than they are worried about the coaches responsible for the play on the field.  That says a lot.  When the first offseason move you make is to fire your trainer?  Perfect.”

Faulk’s message should be regarded as ominous within the building, given that he has been mentioned as a possible candidate to join the ownership group cobbled together by Dave Checketts — and Faulk is interested.  If Shahid Khan’s bid falls through, Checketts could be the next man up.

And if Faulk has any say in St. Louis, coach Steve Spagnuolo might decide to pull the rip cord in his contract.

25 responses to “Marshall Faulk apparently would clean house in St. Louis

  1. And exactly why should anyone give a true flying fu@$ what Marshall Faulk as to say about anything. All he’s done since being out of football and working for NFL network is show and prove what a true tool and douchebag he actually is. How about he spend more time and concentration paying his baby mama child support. Don’t ever annoy anyone else with what this clown has to say ever again.
    Thank you.

  2. Who cares what Faulk would do? Until he is in the position to do such a thing, he really needs to sit back and shutup. I’m tired of these former players adding their two cents about what their former team needs to do or doesn’t need to do.

  3. Spagnuolo is new to being a head coach, but he was brought in as the architect of the Giants’ Super Bowl winning defense. This means that the young players on that side of the ball need to begin to live up to their draft status. Chris Long, this means you. They already have struck gold with Laurinaitis but more and more players need to step up.
    Having a NFL-level quarterback on the roster would definitely help, too.

  4. It’s pretty easy to say the Rams suck because they do. I don’t care if it’s Marshall Faulk saying it or Betty White. They suck.

  5. Faulk’in awsome. Hope it happens . Spagnuolo is a good coach though who needs more time , he’s no 1 and done. If Faulk meant talent wise he’s right, that team is lean on skill. Draft O-Linemen early, Tebow late (2nd, 1st maybe?)and pay Steve Young to read the playbook to him instead of the bible. If not say F-aulk it and take the team back to LA.

  6. Faulk is probably the best player the Rams have ever had on their roster.
    Show some respect to the man most responsible for your two Super Bowl appearances.

  7. I’m confused. So people rip former players when they do express an opinion and people rip former players when they don’t express an opinion. Which is it????
    I’m not a Rams fan nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but ummmmmmmmmmm, did Marshall Faulk utter one word there that wasn’t right on the money?

  8. “Who cares what Faulk would do? Until he is in the position to do such a thing, he really needs to sit back and shutup.”
    It’s always fun to see a bunch of guys who spend their time posting on a football blog about what teams should and shouldn’t do, bitching about a guy for giving his opinion about what a team should or shouldn’t do.

  9. Im sorry faulk needs to STFU here. Spag at least should have another 2 years to show improvement. You dont fire him after 1 season, hes a better coach then that.

  10. Do the RAMS need a Marshall to clean up this mess? They need someone of his caliber. Light a fire under some a$$e$. Get rid of the dead weight!

  11. Marshall Faulk is a tool. I hated this guy when I met him when teh Rams came to San Francisco (bay area Rams fan) because there was a little kid, roughly 3 years old, screaming MARSHALL, MARSHALL and this douche doesn’t even wave at him. Luckily, that was the last season he was playing for the Rams.

  12. The Rams are lost. Why in the in world would they want Vick? its more of the same trash. Are the Rams going to win the Super Bowl with Michael Vick? no. Its amazing how some of these teams just don’t get it and the Rams are the top of that list, truly the worst team in the NFL.

  13. Hmmmm… ex-player with absolutely no experience qualifying him to make any kind of personnel or organizational judgements whose only experience running anything is that of his mouth on TV…can you say Matt Millen, Part Deux? Hopefully the Rams can actually learn from Detroit’s mistake and never let this guy near the building. Then again, if he gets in on the ownership group, those poor bastards are stuck with him…because we all know whoever has the most money is always right. And…..sarcasm complete.

  14. Spagneiooula is maybe a very good assistant coach when under the direction of an excellent head coach, but Spags lacks creativity, aggressiveness, resourcefulness, initiative or balls. Spags is the anti-Sean Payton.
    The Rams had a choice: Rex Ryan or Spags. They took Spags before Ryan was picked off the market. That tells you about the decision making process. Safe, quiet, conformist, someone who will bow to management. Let’s build a team by hiring a mouse or a gerbil, not a lion or a fox.

  15. Clean house? They just did that. Might want to give Devaney and Spags a few years to work through this mess.
    The previous regime, which had non football people making football decisions, left this franchise in shambles.
    Last year wasn’t even a rebuilding year. It was getting rid of the dead weight year.

  16. The problem with the Rams and every other bottom dwelling team is that ownership refuses to spend money. Let’s remember folks, these owners are billionaires 3x over. It takes money to make money. Spend a little and you’ll see a vast improvement in the team you employ and the product you dish out to consumers like us. The best thing that can ever happen is NO SALARY CAP. I am sure Ralph Wilson can cash in on some of his agricultural stock and pony up some sh-kah-role for some FA’s.
    If the Rams spent and traded ( ie: Get Boldin, Brandon Marshall, somebody good) trade for a Vick, Jason Campbell, even make a play for Donovan McNabb and then draft Suh, they can rapidly become feasible again.
    Just spend some money folks !!!!

  17. Rams should trade for Osi and a 2nd and give the Giants there 1st. Osi, Long and Laurentius would be a sick Combo

  18. Peruse and browse are NOT synonyms.
    1 a : to examine or consider with attention and in detail : study b : to look over or through in a casual or cursory manner

  19. they drafted DE chris long, OT jason smith, LB james laurenitus, and probably DT suh this year. sounds like a good way to build a team up. give spags a chance he came in an coached a defense that stopped the 18-0 patriots in the superbowl. after he left the giants with relatively the same defense sucked last year. also im not sure of their names but i think they have a few decent young WR’s too. i think getting a solid qb would make them an 8-8 team next year. oh yeah they have a badass safety too. i dont think rams are in as bad as shape as people think.

  20. Clean house?? They have a team of scrubs and unproven youngsters. You only clean house when you have a number of key players who are washed up has beens, who make too much money. Outside of Bulger, who exactly does that apply to? They let go of Tory Holt and Orlando Pace last year.

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