Matt Jones may play tight end

Matt Jones used to play quarterback, converted to wide receiver as a pro, and now might be headed to tight end.

Carlos “Big C” Holmes of the Dayton Daily News writes that the Bengals like Jones’ size and plan to move him closer to the line of scrimmage.

In theory, we agree that the Bengals could desperately use a pass-catching threat at tight end.  Drops at the position killed them in 2009.

In reality, Jones isn’t that big and is hardly known for his blocking skills. 

Between this report and the Battlefield Earth-level reviews of Jones’ workout, we’re starting to think Jones has an uphill battle just to make the Bengals out of training camp.

25 responses to “Matt Jones may play tight end

  1. Mike Brown floated the idea of moving a DE to TE due to injury. At least Jones is used to playing offense….

  2. Two asian gentlemen who formerly worked as grounds-keepers for the Cleveland Indians said “Matt Jones is shitty”.
    Reggie Kelly will be healthy, and all he does is block. Plus the Bengals have that giant Roland playing TE on run downs.
    I like Jones and his ‘stache at tight end.

  3. Sweet, so he can an ineffective pass catcher and blocker.
    Hey Mort, you still think Matt Jones was the best player in the 2005 Draft?

  4. Carson Palmer needs a TE badly. He has never had a real TE in all his years starting in Cincinnati.

  5. You have to take anything Big C says with a grain of salt. I don’t see it happening. He’s 218 pounds, far too light to do anything at TE. If they try it it will be a dead giveaway that we’re about to pass considering Jones won’t ever try to seal a DE from that spot. I think it is just another Dayton Daily News writer flapping their gums.

  6. Maybe he can play QB, like he did in college.
    It would certainly be an upgrade from that scarecrow they have getting shakey in playoff time. Whats his name, USC belowaverageqbwhat?

  7. Um, Duh. The media was the only ones acting like this was a typical Bengals big signing. He is obviously just a camp body.

  8. Whatever, Battlefield Earth was an awesome movie. There’s only one scene in the movie that isn’t shot at an angle.

  9. @ Igottz5onit: If he lays off the blow, maybe he could learn to block?
    The poor bastard is going to have to jump off the sober wagon with both feet since he’ll need a few solid cycles of steroids to withstand the beating he would take at TE.

  10. Wtf?!? Chase Coffman is the best young tight end in the league! (Well, In Madden ’10, at least…)

  11. I have a feeling the Bengals Roller Coaster is about to take a ‘down’ turn again!!
    If Jones doesn’t work out, there is always the realllllllllllllllly high draft pick they’ll get next year!!!

  12. Dumb, if they don’t trust Coffman to play TE then they aint trusting Jones to do it. Coffman is bigger, heavier, and was a great pass catching TE in college, this is dumb, like most of what Holmes writes.

  13. the problem with coffman is that he wasn’t really a tight end. he broke his ncaa records at mizzou cuz he stood up on the edge. too big and slow to be a wideout, too sucky at blocking to be a tight end. the issue came when the bengals took him, because the football gods hate cincinnati and the year we waste a high draft pick on a “project” tight end is the same year the two TE’s above him on the depth chart simultaneously explode. so yeah, wasting time, money, and roster space on another soon to be failed project seems like a terrific idea.
    yeeeeee haw mike brown, constantly challenging al davis as the single biggest pile of SUCK owner in the nfl.

  14. Jones is scared shitless to get hit by 180 pound corners. What’s he going to do when linebackers and strong safeties are lighting him up?

  15. People can mock Jones all they want (as they should since he has blown in the NFL)….but he was one of the most amazing players I had ever seen in college
    He has talent

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