Neck, back pain will cause DeCamillis to miss combine

It’s been a tough 10 months for Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis.

In May DeCamillis underwent surgery to stabilize multiple broken bones in his spine after being hurt when the team’s indoor practice facility collapsed in a storm. In December he had to miss a game after being rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy.

Everything is apparently OK on the appendicitis front, but DeCamillis is still having problems related to the spine injury. As a result, he’s going to miss the NFL scouting combine so he can go to Atlanta for a consultation with spinal specialists.

“It might be my impatience, but I want to do all I can to get some of this pain to go away,” DeCamillis told David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “With another set of eyes, maybe they can do something. Hopefully, they can give me some hope that will happen.”

11 responses to “Neck, back pain will cause DeCamillis to miss combine

  1. Should teach you not to go coach for that team in dallass. Jerry can spend billions on a stadium but can’t pay a contractor enough money to erect a bubble? He (DeCamillis) should own the cowgurls.

  2. Everything is OK on the “appendicitis front” because he no longer has an appendix. And nice work posting an article about the combine and not even saying when it is taking place.

  3. “Should teach you not to go coach for that team in dallass.”
    Right, go to DC and let Dan Snyder overrule you into coaching oblivion instead.

  4. Spine injuries are always tricky given the dramatic impact it has on other parts of the body and his injury was more severe than most. Cowboys hate aside, I wish this guy the best.

  5. Hey diehardskinsfan21…I was in DC this past summer for 6 weeks and wore my Cowboys hat and jersey all over town, at the US Capitol, all of the museums, Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, and ALL SMITHHSONIAN MUSEUMS and not one single individual, even on the DC Metro did anything but tell me that they were Cowboy fans AND HOW MUCH THEY LIKED THE COWBOYS AND HOW MUCH THE REDSKINS SUCKED. Please explain to me how one city that is supposedly so dedicated to it’s franchise could have so many Cowboy fans. Even the checker at the grocery store in College Park, Maryland wore her Cowboy hat and jersey to work…I honestly believe there are more Cowboy fans in the DC metro than FORESKIN fans. There is no way you would find more FORESKIN fans in the DFW Metroplex than Cowboy fans

  6. “Shouldn’t have left Jax for the glory of Dallas.”
    What do you mean “shouldn’t have left”? The JAGs didn’t renew his contract. I’m grateful, DeCamillas was a source of inspiration for many on the team and the Cowboys had one of the best ST units in the NFL in ’09.

  7. 1.) Joe, you are the man. take all the time you need
    2.) Redskins are a joke of a franchise and the laughs just keep coming.
    3.) Joe is one of the best ST coaches in the league and the Cowboys prooved it in ’09.
    4.) Michael David Smith rights a better article than Florio or any other hack on this website.
    5.) I like turtles

  8. Unfortunately coach will always feels some sort of pain or discomfort associated with his spinal injury.
    At this point, medicine can only offer pain management which means learning to do things differently and doctors throwing a lot of drugs at you.
    Try to adjust to the way things are going to be from now on and know your limitations.

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