Rams in no rush to run Bulger out of town

NFL_bulger2_250.jpgIt’s unlikely that the St. Louis Rams will keep quarterback Marc Bulger at his $8.5 million salary for 2010.  But as Jason La Canfora of NFL Network points out, the Rams have no reason to make any moves in the immediate future.  Sure, Bulger would likely prefer to be released now so that he can hit the open market when the money (if there is any) will be flowing.  But the Rams can squat on his rights without owing him a dime until September 11 or thereabouts.

Why not wait and see whether a team that wants a quarterback and doesn’t get a quarterback via free agency or the draft comes calling?  With so many holes on the roster to plug, the Rams would be wise to finagle any and all help they can get if they’re going to be cutting players who would be in demand elsewhere.

That said, things could get interesting once the offseason program launches.  The Titans tried several years ago to lock out quarterback Steve McNair due to concerns that a significant injury could put them on the hook for a huge salary obligation.  Though McNair won a grievance in this regard, other teams have since found ways to keep a player destined to be cut out of harm’s way during the helmets-only portion of the calendar.

8 responses to “Rams in no rush to run Bulger out of town

  1. Don’t forget Mike that some final 8 teams might come calling because he wouldn’t be as easily attainable if he were a free agent to those said teams. It seems most of those teams are set at QB but he would be a quality backup.

  2. That Marc Bulger contract extension was almost as boneheaded as the contract Carolina gave to Jake Delhomme. Almost.

  3. Cashed it in, the day he cashed in. I’d get him on a train, plane, bus whatever. You better not be in a rush to get him outa town if you plan on doing it by running him . With that O-line I wouldnt trust them to clear a path to the ticket terminal, so you could be in trouble.

  4. I would take him as a backup with the Saints in a heartbeat. He was originally drafted by the Saints after all.

  5. # Tetrahydrocannibinol says: February 18, 2010 10:07 PM
    That Marc Bulger contract extension was almost as boneheaded as the contract Carolina gave to Jake Delhomme. Almost.
    Almost being key. Bulger actually produced before his contract.. :p

  6. Bulger hitting the open market? He’d have better luck hitting that than he would hitting an open receiver on a Sunday.
    Wow, Flaw-rio this is the 2nd article on Bulg-rrrr that you’ve cranked out in the same week. Is your Brady Quinn “man crush” moving onto an even WORSE QB? Maybe you could publish Bulg-rrr’s home address too and then the STL WR’s could visit with the guy… I don’t think they’ve ever met.

  7. Of course the Rams should hold onto Bulger. It would be crazy to do anything but that. Hold him until you get someone better. Which is pretty unlikely. There are not many former Pro-Bowl MVPs seeking work with the crappiest team in the league.
    Bulger has been dragged down by a very bad Rams team with horrible management and braindead coaching. Bulger did not drag down the Rams.

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