Report: McGahee will remain with Ravens

W. McGahee.jpgTake another quality name off the list of possible free agents.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that the Ravens plan to retain backup running back Willis McGahee, despite his $3.6 million salary.

McGahee makes far more than Baltimore’s Pro Bowl starter Ray Rice, but their combined salaries are low for a top-five rushing attack.  McGahee scored 14 times and averaged five yards per carry as a backup, and sounded unconcerned about staying in his role last month.

The running back market is very thin, a fact that could make it tougher for the Chargers to sign Darren Sproles to a long-term deal before testing the waters.

9 responses to “Report: McGahee will remain with Ravens

  1. Hopefully this is just to improve his trade value. Even if we cant trade for Cro, we could still get a great player in the draft.

  2. I hope this is true but as people are saying it is probably to improve his trade value…. I would love to keep McGahee with the team… maybe restructed his contract or something you never know

  3. I doubt the Ravens are happily keeping him.
    Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good contributor. You might even be able to justify paying him $3.6M to rotate in behind Rice, given Rice’s low salary.
    But the real issue is that Willis is fairly unattractive as a trade candidate because he’s due to make over $6M next year. He holds all the leverage. If you trade for him, you would have to offer a pretty hefty long term contract to get him to agree to walk away from the $10M he’s owed in 2010 and 2011. If you’re McGahee, barring that big extension, you can just say no thanks, I’ll take the $10M over two.
    That forces the Ravens keep him. Sure, they could cut him and accelerate the cap hit into a capless year. But Willis played well enough last season to make that an unattractive route to go. Better to stick with the guy one more year at $3.6M than cut him and get nothing for him, other than the cap relief. And who knows what kind of cap structure there will be, if any, going forward?

  4. They would be foolish to cut him loose at this point unless he has some sort of big roster bonus due, and even then, he might still have some value. Ravens have specific needs and they will either use their depth at RB to acquire some pieces in those areas (WR, CB) or they will keep him. You can always use more than one back. But saying he WILL remain with the team is premature. They are simply not going to cut him.

  5. I hope Willis does stay here. What we should do is put a mid tender on McClain and let him sign with someone else and receive a first or 2nd round pick for him. I think Parmelee can fill in as the 3rd running back and we can use Charles Ali as the fullback.

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