Saints still could face StarCaps suspensions

NFL_smith.jpgAs we continue to milk today’s StarCaps ruling for as many story ideas as possible, here’s an angle that could affect the new NFL champions.

With Vikings defensive tackles Kevin and Pat Williams still subject to a possible four-game suspension if Judge Gary Larson decides in March that the NFL doesn’t combine with the Vikings to employ the players, two current Saints players are facing the implementation of their own four-game suspensions, too.

Last year, the league received clearance to suspend defensive ends Charles Grant and Will Smith.  The NFL ultimately decided not to go forward with the suspensions, given that such an outcome would suggest that the rules were being applied differently to different teams.

So if/when the Vikings players are suspended, the Saints players likely will be suspended as well.

Of course, it likely will affect the Saints only as to Smith, if as expected Grant is released in the offseason.  The four-game suspension would then apply to him in his next NFL home.  (Running back Deuce McAllister would face the suspension as well, if he should unretire.)

There’s another guy who still could be affected the StarCaps situation — Lions defensive tackle Grady Jackson.  His four-game suspension had not been made official when the Vikings and Saints players challenged the penalties in court and obtained a temporary ban on the imposition of the sanction.

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  1. This issue is becoming annoying. I find it pathetic that tax dollars are being used to settle something like this. The fact that there wasn’t something mandatory already set up or something makes me think the unions and the owners shouldn’t negotiate anything. They took a diuretic (I know I butchered that spelling) who gives a damn.

  2. You know, not since Elin caught Tiger perusing the crabs-ointment aisle has an over the counter drug caused so much upheaval and controversy.

  3. All of them should have done their time during the 2008 season like Jamar Nesbit did. Unlike him I doubt they wouldv’e lost their starting spots.

  4. Hey Vikings fans now your safe. You know the League isn’t going to suspend the New Orleans Saints players…lol

  5. Charles Grant won’t be released as long as there is no new CBA. He’ll be traded or kept on until they’re sure they have a replacement thanks to no salary cap.

  6. Florio,
    You are only now realizing this? The Saints should have “suggested” that Grant voluntarily serve his four game suspension during the last four games of the regular season.
    I am not sure about Grant not being released later in the year. I think it will depend on the draft and on whether he is due any roster bonuses during the league year. The Saints may draft another DE and may not need Grant, given that he would be of no use for the first four games anyway.
    The entire Star Caps “case” has been bogus from the start. The fact that the NFL is going to impose suspensions on players who took a supplement that contained an item that was not on the label, when all along the NFL knew this item was in the product is beyond belief.
    Should be an interesting opening day. The Vikings will be without both of their Defensive Tackles and the Saints will be without both of their Defensive Ends. Way to go NFL. Start off the season right…..

  7. russ4u says:
    February 18, 2010 9:03 PM
    so where are the viking haters? why arent they on here calling the aints players cheaters aslo?
    Well said. I was wondering the same thing. I guess the idiots that follow the Packers aren’t trolling Saints threads.

  8. So how did the American Needle decision come down. It would seem that the NFL is at least partially an employer of the players. The NFL imposes and negotiates league wide contracts with TicketMaster, Reebok, etc… that the teams are not allowed to negotiate as independent entities. So in a model the teams would be divisions or subsidiaries of the Parent Company as they revenue share and the sale and ownership of teams must be approved by a board of other NFL owners.
    So much like Budweiser and Bud Light operate as separate companies with different marketing budgets, presidents and vice presidents, but the beer is brewed and distributed from shared facilities, the employees of these breweries work for the Parent Company, and the distributors and their employees are under contract to the parent company even though they operate as individual companies their information is shared. Ask the employees who they work for and while the check may say xxx distributor, or xxx brewery, or xxx beer, they work for Anheuser-Busch or now NBev.
    So like NBev the NFL must follow state law in their operations, with regard to unions, points of sales, minimum wage, drug testing, and distribution, with no irreparable harm done to the company, the NFL must follow states rules or in their collective bargaining figure state statutes into the language of their contracts.
    A quick test of this would be to see if the minimum wage employees of the Vikings earn federal minimum wage or state minimum wage, it is my understanding that state trumps federal, while some states allow for Tip/Tax credit to allow companies in some states to pay less then mandated minimum wage, or in some states the minimum wage is higher then the federal standards, either way that decision is a state – employee decision. Thus state drug testing rules would apply, regardless of the header on the paycheck.
    Am I off base?

  9. the “label information” defense is hollow. the nfl warned them about the product. it should have been a closed case a long time ago.

  10. This will ensure that the Taints play patsys in the first 4 games.
    The NFL tried to do it last year too.
    week 1 Det
    week 2 Eagles with no McNabb
    week 3 Buff 6-10
    week 4 Jets with rookie QB
    week 5 bye .. so the cheaters could practice a for an extra week.
    Other than the Eagles fluke QB situation, looks like NFL was trying to help the poor pitiful Taints

  11. Pervy Harvin said:
    …Better than facing the Vikings opening day. You know,making your title paper as we all knew.
    I really don’t think the NFL would schedule the Vikings against the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION New Orleans Saints for our first home game, regardless of the outcome of this case. It would seem like poor sportsmanship to lower the SUPER BOWL XLIV CHAMPIONS banner in front of the team that fumbled and threw it all away. I think it would be a cheesy move. A better matchup would probably be with the last team to be SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS: the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  12. Funny stuff Kartell, I didn’t think of that. Now I really hope we play the Vikes on opening night. I would love to see the looks of their pathetic faces as the championship banner is raised to the rafters. Also, as a nationally televised game, all those losers in Minny would get to watch too!!
    Too bad Brett won’t be there though, that would have been priceless!

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