Source: Bears are poised to hire Ruskell

When the Bears abruptly fired director of pro personnel Bobby DePaul earlier this week, speculation immediately arose that former Seahawks G.M. Tim Ruskell would be hired by his former colleague from Tampa, Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo.

We then heard that Ruskell had been calling Angelo on a daily basis, strengthening the possible connection.

We’re now told that the Bears are indeed planning to hire Ruskell, but that they’re waiting for a while in order to not make the “DePaul out, Ruskell in” maneuver look so obvious.

Our guess is that, one way or the other, Ruskell will be working for the Bears by the launch of free agency on March 5.

12 responses to “Source: Bears are poised to hire Ruskell

  1. None of this will be relevant because the entire org is a fouled structure that needs to be torn down and restructured from the bottom up. This is literally plugging up the holes with gum. And until the Bears org realizes that the structure need a rebuilding rather than a blindfolded refurbishing, we the fans will be the ones suffering. (Sigh)

  2. Just what we need…another freakin buddy of Jerry Angelo! He’s the reason we’re in the mess we’re in. We don’t need more pals in there…we need some people who know what the hell they’re doing!

  3. Ross you must be a rocket scientist to have come up with such a deep and well thought out comment. I mean Ish makes a great comment that shows he thought about what he wanted to say then you chime in with that turd.
    To all my fellow Bear fans, I’m afraid Ish might be right. The problems this team has will not be fixed by changing out one or two guys that Lovie can use as scape goats. A re-org is needed and if it was up to me it would start with ownership.

  4. Too bad for Bears fans. Ruskell sucked in Atlanta, destroyed Seattle, and will ruin what little hope the Bears had for success. Each year will bring more disturbing personnel moves, until you are picking top 5 year after year. Too bad those picks will be wasted on players that should be drafted in 3rd round.

  5. “None of this will be relevant because the entire org is a fouled structure that needs to be torn down and restructured from the bottom up.”
    You mean top to bottom, not the other way around. The Bears are building something. Not necessarily good, but something.

  6. Angelo and Lovie are taking the whole “clubhouse” thing a bit too literally, what with the sign in crayon on Halas Hall that says “Lovie and Jerry’z friendz only!!! Girls stay out!! (except Virginia).”

  7. Sorry Bears but you’re officially heading down the river without a paddle if you hire this guy.
    Ruskell is the man who thought letting Steve Hutchinson go was a good idea, and that drafting players with good character is paramount. Their ability to play football or even know which way they’re supposed to be facing on the field is secondary.

    Sometimes you have to bite the bullet to be successful!
    When an organization continues to shuffle “has beens” in and out, it is usually because they don’t to pay any money to those who can actually help them be successful.
    Although I think Lovey is a good coach, he really has’nt been given the tools needed to be successful. Until the Bears ownership decides “no more cheap stop gap, fill in the blanks, nobody’s”,
    they will continue to be unsucessful getting back to being the MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY!!!!

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