McKinnie to pay expenses from Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl dodger Bryant McKinnie will pay for skipping the Pro Bowl, but he won’t pay that much.

Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that the Vikings left tackle won’t receive his
$22,500 Pro Bowl check
and he’ll reimburse the league $4,285.13 for expenses after being dismissed from the NFC squad.

We already knew McKinnie wasn’t getting the check, so Friday’s announcement was essentially good news for him.  He won’t lose any money out of pocket except the expenses, unless the team fines him.  (And we agree with Florio; McKinnie is unlikely to be cut with Brett Favre undecided about his future.)

Also of note: The NFL’s Competition Committee will review the matter for the future.  Look for a formal policy regarding Pro Bowl truancy to follow.

9 responses to “McKinnie to pay expenses from Pro Bowl

  1. Pro Bowl should be big colleges vs Small colleges – Or how bout 1-3 round draft choices vs everyone else?
    Put pride back on the line!!

  2. I wonder if he had to pay for that pole he used to bonk the bouncer on the head 2 years ago outside of that Miami nightclub.

  3. Granted what he did was dumb, but is it really that big of a deal. Whatever, you can definitely tell it’s the off season.

  4. let’s await the dumbass comments that compare MN and WI, and how much better one is over the other.
    Minnesota and Wisconsin:
    stop this stupid nonsense. it makes you sound like morons. you might as well compare your favorite porn sites- actually that would be more entertaining.

  5. MN and WI are not the same. Wisconsin is cool enough to have liquor stores open on Sunday. I’ve gone across the border frequently for that reason. I even ignore the fact that the stores have Packers shit all over.

  6. OK, $4,285.13
    At $ 175 a bottle for his choice of champagne that works out to about two dozen cases. For L’il Kimmie and the entourage that’s only a warm up.

  7. Also of note: The NFL’s Competition Committee will review the matter for the future. Look for a formal policy regarding Pro Bowl truancy to follow
    What other team has the influence to effectively force the league to work overtime writing new rules regarding player conduct? Urine collection sampling was already impacted with the Whizanator, nobody on Lake Minnetonka is willing to rent boats to a Viking player and now this.
    I will not step so low as to call the Viking organization names like stupid or dumb, as if 12 men in the huddle pushing them out of FG range with less than 30 seconds left in the NFC championship game doesn’t prove my point already.

  8. who cares, mckinnie is overrated. did anyone see peppers dominate him this yr? he shows he does not really care about football by his actions in miami for pro bowler, member this was his 1st time being voted by peers and this is how he acts!! he has the balance of a old man that had polio, being a vikes fan i would love to deal him for a 1st day pic if we could, i donr think this will change bretts mind either way, his ego will bring him back to add to legacy and hey if we get a 1st rounder maybe we get a better tackle than mckinnie anyways

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