Redskins arrest resets meter to zero

It never fails.

Whenever I notice that the “days without an arrest meter” is starting to climb into double digits, it gets reset to zero.

I noticed earlier today that 13 days had passed since the last arrest of an NFL player.  Little did I know that the next arrest already had occurred.

Redskins cornerback Byron Westbrook was busted early Friday on suspicion of drunk driving charges.  Per, the brother of Eagles running back Brian Westbrook was pulled over shortly before 2:00 a.m. ET, after switching lanes several times. 

He failed “several” field sobriety tests, and he refused to submit to a breath test.

Per the report, Wesbrook also has been charged with negligent driving and failure to drive right of center.

It’s the second arrest of a Redskins player since Mike Shanahan became the team’s head coach.  In Denver, Shanahan admittedly used polygraph testing on players who found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

22 responses to “Redskins arrest resets meter to zero

  1. Westbrook has been a complete zero on the Skins.
    He is most important during Philly Week, when he used to immitate his brother during defensive drills.
    DUI’s are the worst. If the Skins do sign Leonard Little these two will have something in common.

  2. Come on Byron. Not a good foot to start on with the new coach! Come on son. You can represent Salisbury a little better then that. We still have your back. Should have been in the gym and not partying at 2 am anyway. lol

  3. As always charges will later be dropped by some star struck judge in exchange (quid pro quo) for getting a sniff around the Redskins locker room.
    Aside from pro athletes and celebrities I have never heard of ANYONE ever getting DUI charges dropped.

  4. Actually they won’t, as Mr. Little has killed a person while driving drunk!
    I heard Dallas would be willing to sign him as they usually “lock up” past/persent/future felons to long term contracts!
    It’s a real classy organization!

  5. So a 3rd string bench warmer is news? or is it because you want Drag the Redskins, Eagles and Westbrook name through the mud. geeez the new Enquirer.

  6. Q – What do you call a Dallas Cowboy in a three peice suit?
    A – Defendant
    I know that joke is from the 90’s and may not apply to those little girls anymore, but it still makes me laugh.
    Hail Skins

  7. No problems. If Stallworth is playing in the NFL a year after killing someone while driving drunk, the players have nothing to worry about, especially if they didn’t hurt anyone. Now, if Westbrook hit a dog, that’s another story…

  8. Rickah99…you sir have been officially declared retarded…who was the last past/present/future felon that Dallas signed to a long term contract??? It is idiots like you that keep Dallas fans living in the past. You bitch and complain about them bringing up past success while you bring up past mistakes. WAY TO GO PAL!!!

  9. Citizen, got mine dropped to careless when I was 18 (17 yrs ago). Side note: dad was a cop in a city 4 hrs away. So the answer is cops and their kids…membership has it’s priveledges son. Jealous much?

  10. phillyeagleschamps says:
    February 19, 2010 6:40 PM
    Contract this franchise its horrible, we kick their butts EVERY year.
    PHILLY… EAGLES … CHAMPS …………. champs of what? Not the the superbowl.
    I know the Skins stink and they may have been horrible for the better part of two decades but im pretty sure they beat the Eagles, not once, but twice a couple years back.
    Be easy on that EVERY YEAR nonsense.

  11. phillyeagleschamps says:
    February 19, 2010 6:40 PM
    Contract this franchise its horrible, we kick their butts every year.
    What are you talking about? The last 5 years, the record is 5-5. Winning half of the games is not a butt kicking.

  12. @ Mommy Mateo,
    Pacman, Tank, Nate, Irvin…I know there’s more, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to propagate such a list.
    If you think that, HISTORICALLY, the Cowboys have not been LOADED with felons, your crazy.
    My bad, they only sign the felons to SHORT-term contracts!
    You stay classy Dallas!

  13. Rickah99…
    Sure, what you post is true. The Cowboys have had their share of giving, 2nd chances (Pacman, Tank).. and some felons on the team, (Newton, Irvin)… hell even some POS Felons after the fact like Rafael Septien.
    However… I dont think they have/had anymore than anyone else. It just makes the news more.
    It is worth noting though, they were THE last team to get on PFT’s “arrest meter”. And that JUST happened with Deon Anderson.

  14. Love how it’s the “Redskins arrest” as opposed to Byron Westbrook’s arrest resets the arrest meter to zero. Just can’t get that Sheagle mentality out of you, huh?

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