Williamson re-signs with Jaguars

Mike Tice has left Jacksonville, but a player he helped bring there will stay for another year.

The Jaguars re-signed Troy Williamson to a one-year contract, according to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora.  Williamson was set to become a restricted free agent. 

Williamson barely made the Jaguars roster in 2008, but he entered last season as a starter before coming off the bench in Week Two and subsequently tearing his labrum.

Mike Sims-Walker has established himself as the team’s clear number one receiver, but the depth chart after that is up for grabs.  Second-year pro Mike Thomas figures to get more snaps after a promising rookie season.

18 responses to “Williamson re-signs with Jaguars

  1. wow [onesweetworld, tommy] u guys cant really be that brain dead really???? sorry i will make it easier for ya, he has cement for hands

  2. Maybe when the NFL picks a winner for the new helmets they can make one with a pocket so Williamson will finally be able to make those catches.

  3. @brett
    How does he play in the nfl if his hands are made of cement? Are they at least molded into the shape of an outstretched hand that could potentially catch an oblong object?

  4. Troy can’t see which is why he can’t catch,
    On top of that, I too have a torn labrum and you are not going to do anything unless it is with one hand having this condition because your arm bone is not fixed anymore in your shoulder. Lifting your arm over your head is excruciating.
    Stick a fork in him.

  5. The Vikings took this guy when Demarcus Ware was still on the board!!!! And the pick was from trading Randy Moss! But recent drafts have been so great that we’ve recovered from that blunder.

  6. Greg, your about as ignorant a person as I’ve ever seen on here. Do you really honestly think they would resign him before having him checked by their doctors to get a thumbs up? C’mon, I know your smarter than that. For all that smack you talk, I doubt you’d even make it onto a practice squad.

  7. Sims-Walker may be the clear number one but he is not explosive in my eyes. The Jags still need an explosive receiver. Maybe they could get a guy like Bryant in the draft. He may be the missing piece to that offense. That stretch the field threat they will always hope for but rarely get from Williamson.

  8. Why don’t many people mention Williamsons name when discussing draft busts?
    He belongs in the same breath as JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, and soon, Tim Tebow.

  9. Wasting that pick on Williamson was terrible for the Vikes. In addition to Ware, others available at the time were Merriman and Rodgers.
    That was a terrible draft. I don’t think any of those players we picked were even on the team last year.

  10. hey ding-a-ling, your first three names are legitimate busts, but you have to be drafted high to be a bust. Tebow is not going to sniff the top 5o picks unless Al drafts him.

  11. Whe Troy ‘nobody better lay a finger on my butterfingers’ Williamson’s career is over he’ll go into cooking and make the greatest non-stick pans ever!
    I went to work the next day after my grandma passed away, cry baby. Then again, I didn’t have to support half the ghetto

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