Kevin Smith works to get ready for 2010

NFL_smith1_250.jpgLions running back Kevin Smith was nearly two seasons into a promising NFL career when his ACL went kerflooey.  It happened in Week 14, which means that the time for rest and relaxation in January and February instead is being devoted to recovery and rehabilitation.

“I’ve been working out at the University of Miami just doing the
basics trying to get my flexibility back,” Smith recently told the team’s web site.  “I’m starting to
squat a little bit, doing some leg presses, trying to get the muscle
back in my left quad — I had surgery on my left knee.  Everything feels
good — everything’s going well right now.”

He has been shuttling back and forth from Detroit to Miami, working out in both places.

“The work starts now.  There’s not much time.  I got my rest in.  Since
I hurt my knee, I’ve been waking up every day going to rehab. It’s kind
of been like I haven’t really got a chance to stop.

“I’m sacrificing what I have to [in order] to get back to being 100-percent for the season.”

The Lions need him.  Smith, despite struggling through two of the worst seasons any franchise has experienced, has the kind of attitude that can help a franchise change its culture.

16 responses to “Kevin Smith works to get ready for 2010

  1. I root for Kevin Smith. Anyone who can stay that positive and not pull a diva-Chad Johnson/Randy Moss-like act and demand a trade when things get bad is a winner in my book. Give him time to get healthy and he could be one of the better backs in the league.

  2. Pro Football Talk – the classic example of when something goes to shit by opting for quantity over quality.
    I remember the days when Florio would post only like 10-12 items a day, but they were all relevant pieces of NEWS relating to the NFL (players getting cut, coaches who got hired, a free agent getting signed to a team).
    Now, he feels some sort of obligation to post like 75 items a day. Hence, you end up with “stories” like this one. “Kevin Smith is working hard to get ready for 2010”. Uh, okay. Thanks for that update.

  3. kerflooey? i see your vocab grade has moved to check plus.
    heres to hoping hes the next barry sanders, because really i cant stand to see that miserable franchise sink any deeper. with a new set of young promising triplets and a re-upped oline they could manage to not go sub 500 for once.

  4. @WhoDat_champs..
    What is he supposed to do hmm? Its his career. He may not play for them 2 yrs down the line, you never know.

  5. “Dude…really? Your busting your hump to play for the worst team in football.”
    interesting coming from an Aint’s fan.

  6. WhoDat_champs says:
    February 20, 2010 8:46 PM
    “Dude…really? Your busting your hump to play for the worst team in football.”
    Like….Dude…really? Wassupppp!
    Too bad the Saints players didn’t have that attitidue when they were the 2nd worst team in the league 5 years ago. If they did, all you fairweather fans would still have paper bags on your heads.

  7. I heard he was really out of shape, so much so Southwest wouldn’t let Kevin Smith fly because he was too fat.

  8. @ faulkn22,
    He doesn’t have to go drown himself in the Gulf because soon enough it will come up over the walls again and drown that shit hole city. No need to go to the Gulf when it will come to you. Hopefully he’s trapped in a house by a levy when it fails again.

  9. WhoDat_champs says:
    February 20, 2010 8:46 PM
    Dude…really? Your busting your hump to play for the worst team in football.
    How much saints gear did you own 5 years ago?

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