Darrent Williams' death still torments Brandon Marshall

It’s not exactly a secret in the NFL that Brandon Marshall would like to leave Denver.

But Mike Klis writes in today’s Denver Post that the reasons for Marshall wanting to leave have been somewhat misunderstood, and have to do with more than just a desire to get paid more, or personal differences with coach Josh McDaniels.

Klis writes, citing several people close to Marshall, that the January 1, 2007, murder of teammate Darrent Williams continues to torment Marshall.

Marshall was with Williams just minutes before he was shot and killed, and Marshall was allegedly involved in an altercation at a nightclub that may have had something to do with the shooting. The trial of Willie Clark, the man charged with murdering Williams, is set to begin this week, and Marshall is expected to testify.

Per Klis, Marshall has felt grief and guilt since Williams’ death, and that’s a big part of why Marshall doesn’t like being in Denver.

Marshall alluded to as much after his October 22, 2007, DUI arrest, in which he said to the arresting officer, “I hate this f–king city” and “Why aren’t you guys out looking for Williams’ killer?”

This off-season Marshall may finally get his wish of leaving the Broncos. His testimony in the murder trial could be the last time he’s seen in Denver.

19 responses to “Darrent Williams' death still torments Brandon Marshall

  1. No matter how this guy’s career goes the story will end badly.
    I hope we can stockpile picks with his imminent departure.

  2. I REALLY hope this is part of some facts and not just conjecture on the part of Klis that’s being regurgitated here. Because it would be REALLY trashy just to assume something like this.
    Of course Marshall is still bothered by Darrent’s murder… but assuming that’s a motivation for him to leave… which he currently claims he doesn’t want to do? This has sensationalist reporting written all over it.

  3. “Per Klis, Marshall has felt grief and guilt since Williams’ death, and that’s a big part of why Marshall doesn’t like being in Denver.”
    Anything that starts with “per Klis” automatically has the stink of idiocy. Denver Post readers are familiar.
    Klis isn’t even an adequate football writer, but here he is trying to get into someone’s head. Without talking to that person, of course.
    It wouldn’t shock me at all to discover that half of Klis’ paycheck comes from the Post, the other half from the Broncos front office. He’s basically been McDips*it’s publicist for the past year.

  4. Typical Brandon Marshall stupidity. Blaming his DUI on the cops that pulled him over instead of the moron that drove drunk.
    That’s funny that after what Marshall went through that he is still such a huge turd. It makes you wonder how much worse he could be if Williams weren’t murdered or Marshall wasn’t next to him when he was.

  5. This is sad. He was obviously close with Darrent and it seems although he feels partly responsible for what happened. What a tragedy. I for one will cut the guy some slack. Josh McDaniels can eat a kcid.

  6. This story does not intrigue me at all.
    So…totally off topic, they should just not let professional athletes into clubs anymore. It seems like everytime they enter one of them, something tragic happens. This, Ray Lewis, Pacman, Burress, probably a bunch more I am forgetting.

  7. That would be a tough burden to carry around. Thinking to are partly responsible for a friend and teammate dying. I hope he does leave Denver. I’d love to see him on a contender, which Denver won’t be.

  8. It’s painfully clear that Mike Klis writes only to further the Broncos and McDaniels objectives. In exchange, Klis receives professional benefits, such as a recent exclusive interview with Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis. Read more on Klis’ ass kissing here:
    This time Klis has crossed the line. Attempting to justify McDaniels’ trade of another Pro Bowl player by bringing up the Darrent Williams murder without having actually talked to Brandon Marshall is irresponsible and unethical. The Denver Post should show Klis the door!

  9. Why the hatred for Denver? Until I read this article I didn’t know the circumstances of the event nor did I care (still don’t). If This event would have taken place in Philly, New york or Los Angeles Marshall would be dead also. The grim reaper pays an early visit to thugs.

  10. just imagine how javon walker feels. williams took a slug in the neck and fell dead into walkers lap during the shooting.

  11. yes, javon walker allegedly sprayed the champagne that caused the fight. I hope the killer gets the needle, Jevon gets an incurable disease (besides his ego) and Brandy jist goes away.

  12. This is not to say that they weren’t good friends, I don’t know there situation. But has anybody ever noticed that when somebody dies everyone claim to have been their best friend and is “highley affected by the loss”. Those people irritate me since all they are doing is trying to garnish attention.

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