Report: Chargers plan to make Cason "the man" in 2010

With Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie on the trading block for now — and possibly on the chopping block if the Chargers can’t find someone to take off their hands a guy who avoids contact like a germophobe at Grand Central Station — the Chargers need to have a backup plan at the position.

As our friends at Rotoworld recently pointed out, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune firmly believes it will be Antoine Cason.

Cason, a first-round pick in 2008, was yanked from the team’s nickel role in October.  But Acee says the team still believes in him over the long haul.

24 responses to “Report: Chargers plan to make Cason "the man" in 2010

  1. Well with L.T probably moving on maybe they can move Cromartie there? Although he doesn’t seem to be good at evading anything.

  2. I’m dumbfounded every time I watch those plays. Norv, Merriman without the juice, and cromartie….no way this team wins anything big .

  3. the only contact cromartie knows is the type that produces offspring, not that its a bad thing but when done in moderation.

  4. I think Cromartie should go for the record of having the most Baby Mama’s in history…..then he can cement his legacy as the biggest piece of trash in league history! And I’m not making any mention of the fact that he plays the game like a 10 year old girl.

  5. Why doesn’t somebody play Cromartie on offense? He has been one of the biggest playmakers in the league but he can be a liability in coverage, and not to mention whimped tackles. Why not put his ability on the other side of the ball?

  6. Glad to see an Arizona alum making a name for himself. Hope he lands that starting job, and I look forward to seeing what he does with it.

  7. OMG, I’ve never seen those plays before, thats unreal, how does he even face his teammates after plays like that?

  8. “And the Cason goes rolling along. For it’s “Hi-Hi hey!”, the starting job’s on it’s way.”
    If they install a new unseasoned CB, and LT packs it in, then we could be looking for early season aerial battles , the likes of which we havent seen since Air Coryell/Fouts.
    First team to 50 wins.
    Just dreamin.

  9. Wow! Isn’t that the play that made it 17-7, Jets?
    I’ve always wondered how a team like the Chargers never made it to the Super Bowl.
    Unbelievable lack of effort at the most important point of the game. That guy is lame.
    Charger fan, that has to hurt. Ugly.
    Yeah, he has to go, but who will want him?

  10. Cason’s good, he struggled in the nickel role a bit, but that’s because he’s used to having the sideline to play with and he hasn’t ever played in that much space. He won the Thorpe award in his senior year, and I would feel much more comfortable with him starting at corner than Cromartie.

  11. In this day and age when almost any bad behavior by players is tolerated, what’s with the Chargers grudge on Cromartie? Florio, dig it up. It can’t just be that Cromartie has 127 children by 93 women.

  12. I like Cason a LOT. I think he’s going to grow to be an elite CB in this league one day. Cromartie, on the other hand, will have his highlight reel interceptions sandwiched in with 29 double move falldowns and a bunch of wiffs in the running game.
    Cason’s strengths, unlike Cromarties, are leadership and smarts. He’s as much of an all around CB as Jammer is minus the hit power. I’m really looking forward to seeing Cason and Jammer at 1 and 2 and possibly Hughes stepping it up to be that nickel CB….or even Gregory.
    Bottom Line: If the Chargers want anything to do with the Superbowl then Cro has to GO

  13. even the Bills fans are embarrassed by that poor lack of effort……
    .. i just dont get it!
    wasnt Cro supposed to be the up and coming star at CB a few years ago? What happened?
    .. 3 years ago all we ever heard was what a wonderful talent he was and now, he is the next travis henry

  14. “I think Cromartie should go for the record of having the most Baby Mama’s in history”
    He’s got alot of catching up to do. Travis Henry is the running away with it. He has 11…LOL

  15. henry doesnt have 11 baby mama’s though! it would be 2 distinct records… hery for kids and cro can have knocked up women record…. he just better not double up any with twinz, that could really effect his #’s

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