StarCaps lawyer mum on plans for proving confidentiality breach

After spending the time on Thursday required to read the 44-page StarCaps opinion, we had to justify the investment by writing some stuff about it.

We exported one of the most intriguing aspects of the article to  With the Minnesota court giving Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams a chance to prove that the NFL leaked the fact that the players had tested positive for Bumetanide in violation of state law, the reporters who broke the story in October 2008 could find themselves forced to choose between disclosing their sources or going to jail.

One of the reporters — our good friend Jay Glazer of FOX — provided one of the best on-the-record quotes we’ve ever harvested.  (Then again, we don’t often harvest on-the-record quotes.)

What the hell do I care?  All I do is fight and lift weights anyway,” Glazer said, laughing.  “Wait a minute, there’s no women in prison, is there?  That would be a big problem.”

It’s unknown whether Glazer, who after turning serious (or as serious as he ever is) vowed never to give up a source, and/or Josina Anderson of FOX 31 in Denver will ever have to make that choice.  Reached for comment on Friday, lawyer Peter Ginsberg declined to discuss his plans for proving at a trial scheduled for March 8 that the league leaked the information.

But Ginsberg generally expressed confidence that he’ll be able to show that the league leaked the results, despite acknowledging that the league already has suggested that the leak came from the NFL Players Association. 

Regardless of how it all plays out, we’ll be paying close attention.  Especially if Glazer ends up needing a work-release permit to tape the next season of Pros vs. Joes.

10 responses to “StarCaps lawyer mum on plans for proving confidentiality breach

  1. The irony in all of this NFL trying to bust the Williams balls is that neither player ever broke any actual laws and the NFL was attempting to suspend the players which was found unlawful and the NFL may also have leaked private information, which is illegal in every state.
    I don’t like to think of the Williams as victims in this because they ingested the banned substances. But the more this drags on the more it looks like they have been wronged and the more retarded the whole system looks.
    Zero tolerance always seems like a easy way to dole out punishments without having to worry about people questioning your tactics or motives later. You can just point at the policy. But zero tolerance and other “punish 10 innocents to save one guilty from walking” types of systems just rarely ever work and this is just another example in a long list of them.

  2. All the reporters have to do is stay in America. Do not venture to that shithole Minn and you will have no issues.
    The Williams broke the rules I am happy they did not win the NFC Championship game.
    When the Vikes pack the trucks and move to LA the NFL can get them.

  3. And the beef just keeps getting thinner and thinner.
    It isn’t what you know, it’s what you can prove.

  4. This starcaps thing has got to be the most annoying story that just won’t go away. Damn I’m tired of coming to PFT and seeing a headline about starcaps.

  5. Are you suggesting a Fox reporter is going to jail rather than reveal a source in League office?
    The William’s legal rights appear to have been violated. There is incessant and unrelenting reporting and media frenzy that surrounds the League and the most minute details. Now, a reporter faces imprisonment to protect either Roger Goodell and his $ 9 m. a year or the equally culpable NFLPA. This is nothing to be flippant about.

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