Free agency preview: Quarterbacks

[Editor’s note:  This is the first in a series of position snapshots previewing the 2010 NFL free agency period.]

Top unrestricted free agent quarterbacks:

1. Chad Pennington:  It’s a bad sign for the free agent crop when a guy coming off his second career-threatening shoulder surgery tops the list.  It’s an even worse sign that there is a big drop-off after him.

2. David Carr:   We think Carr has a better chance to be competent than other former starters available.  (As long as he’s not playing behind the old Houston Texans offensive line.)

3. Chris Redman: Once out of the league, Redman has evolved into a serviceable backup in Atlanta.  He has more value to the Falcons than anyone else.

4-6. J.P. Losman/Rex Grossman/Kyle Boller:  First-round picks gone wrong, waiting for salvation. 

7. Daunte Culpepper: Sorry Florio, we disagree on this one.

Restricted free agents that are highly unlikely to change teams:

Jason Campbell, Kyle Orton, Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Moore, Bruce Gradkowski.

Trade Possibilities:

1. Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb, Philly:  We’d still bet on both
quarterbacks returning to Philadelphia, but the Eagles will have to
listen to offers.

2. Michael Vick, Philadelphia:  Forget the noise.  The Eagles have no use
for Vick.

3. Troy Smith, Ravens:  The restricted free agent wants out, but the Ravens probably aren’t
especially motivated to deal a quality backup.

4. Tyler Thigpen, Miami:  Chan Gailey could pursue him.  

5. Sage Rosenfels, Minnesota: If Favre returns, do the Vikings need a
high priced third QB?

Interesting names that could get cut:

1. Derek Anderson, Cleveland:  A late-round pick would probably be enough to get Anderson from the Browns.  They will have to do something before a March 19 bonus.

2. Marc Bulger, St. Louis:  He’s due $8.5 million, but the Rams will probably wait until after the draft to consider cutting him or asking him to take a pay cut.  You know Mike Martz would love to get his hands on Bulger for Cutler insurance.  

3. Byron Leftwich, Tampa Bay:  Due a $3.5 million roster bonus in March, he’s a solid backup with a lot of experience.  We’d rank him first or second as a unrestricted free agent.

4. Kerry Collins, Tennessee:  It looks like Tennessee or retirement for Collins.  

5. Chris Simms, Denver:  He’s due $2.54 million and looked terrible in his spot duty last season.

Teams in the QB market:

Listed roughly in order of need, they are Buffalo, Cleveland, St. Louis, Washington, Oakland, Seattle, Denver, Jacksonville, Arizona, and Carolina.

22 responses to “Free agency preview: Quarterbacks

  1. Why the 49ers aren’t listed as a team in the market for a QB, I have no idea.
    Scott McClueless is the only person on the planet that still believes that Alex Smith has what it takes to successfully lead that team. Five years isn’t enough to write a guy off as a bust?

  2. Culpepper sucks! I completely agree with Rosenthal on this. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t even of added him to the list.

  3. Funny how as soon as David Carr left Houston, they had a decent o-line, with most of the same players.
    Carr was the problem, not a mere victim.

  4. Oakland should definitely be on that list, I don’t think 4 qbs on the roster already is enough either.

  5. Wow! The guy isn’t as naive as he looks. Tell us the truth, Florio – is Rosenthal the secret behind all the smart things on PFT lately? This is a much more insightful look (and less man-crush-centered) at the QB pool than I would have ever expected here. I must say, thought that Simms is done. Stick a fork in him. His play backing up Orton last season proved that he can’t play the game anymore. He may be better than Culpepper, but he still doesn’t belong in the league. Send him off to play for the new AFL or XFL.

  6. This article really makes you think. Isn’t it amazing, or at least to me it is, that there are not even 32 guys in the entire world capable of starting on NFL teams and playing at a competent, not even a high level. Awesome. In Philly, we are hypercritical of McNabb, but he is among maybe 13 guys on the entire planet who can play 16 football games over 12 years and win more games than he loses. That gets my respect.

  7. @ Laffing Stock: WORD!!!
    Bring me David Carr. He has had a couple years to recover from all the hits he took in Houston and can throw the ball over 15 yards, unlike our current QB platoon. Also, the 49ers have solid offensive line to keep him off his back and great targets to throw the ball at. The again we could just get McNabb, either way….

  8. I’m interested in seeing who picks up QB Charlie Whitehurst. He has had 4 yrs of learning under Norv Turner. I can’t stand him as a HC, but Norv has proven he can train QBs to a very high level. Whitehurst just needs the 1st team reps now. Why pick someone like Clausen, McCoy, or Bradford as a pure rookie to start? Plus whatever team won’t have to spend $30-50 million to test his abilities AND will still have a first round pick to get another impact player to build the team with. He has been relegated to the bench because they already have a franchise QB and another QB that Chose to remain a backup instead of starting elsewhere. The Chargers have received multiple inquiries regarding his trade availability over the years but refused to trade him. Even as a 3rd stringer!

  9. What are you talking about? Chris Simms is better than at least 3 or 4 of the QBs in the Patriot League.
    Wait, this is Pro Football Talk? I thought it was College Football Talk…sorry about that.

  10. All you people complaining that Daunte Culpepper is EVEN on the list need to chill out…Jeff George is listed as 8th on the list. Yes Daunte sucks, but so does the talent pool this off season.

  11. Toronto Argonaut definitely interested in a smart, moblile QB leaving them to choose between Jeff Garcia and Brooks Bollinger.
    Tavaris – they were great on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

  12. Funny how as soon as David Carr left Houston, they had a decent o-line, with most of the same players.
    Carr was the problem, not a mere victim.
    Proof he was no victim was his play in Carolina.
    He was booed off the field, and they have Delhomme.

  13. @ Axabad: Being as you are obviously Charlie Whitehurst, can I have your autograph?
    Who else would hype up a perennial 3rd stringer on an NFL blog? Think about it…

  14. @PaulKemp
    Since when do the 49ers have a solid offensive line? They’ll likely take a Tackle in the 1st round and a Guard by the 3rd. Staley’s backup is 36 years old (Sims), Baas flashed, as did Rachal, but neither played consistently whatsoever. Snyder was a turnstile at RT.
    Besides Staley and Heitmann, the O-Line is swiss.

  15. Take a minute and rank the top 5 QBs regardless of what scenerio it would take to acquire them, so the pool that is listed here is as follows:
    Chad Pennington
    David Carr
    Chris Redman
    J.P. Losman
    Rex Grossman
    Kyle Boller
    Daunte Culpepper
    Jason Campbell
    Kyle Orton
    Tarvaris Jackson
    Matt Moore
    Bruce Gradkowski
    Donovan McNabb
    Kevin Kolb
    Michael Vick
    Troy Smith
    Tyler Thigpen
    Sage Rosenfels
    Derek Anderson
    Marc Bulger
    Byron Leftwich
    Kerry Collins
    Chris Simms
    Out of that group my top 5 are:
    1 – Donovan McNabb
    2 – Kevin Kolb
    3 – Michael Vick
    4 – Jason Campbell
    5 – Tarvaris Jackson
    That is like the worst list of QB talent I have ever seen . . . no wonder Philadelphia is valuing their QBs so high . . . there is virtually no else you would want starting for your team.

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