Next up? The Mike Webster award

With all of the postseason awards distributed on the defensive side of the ball, we’ll flip over to offense and we’ll start with the unsung heroes whose hard work creates glory for others.

The top offensive lineman in the league gets our Mike Webster Award.

The finalists are Vikings guard Steve Hutchinson, Browns tackle Joe Thomas, Eagles tackle Jason Peters, Saints guard Jahri Evans, and Chiefs guard Brian Waters, the 2009 NFL man of the year.

Vikings tackle Bryant McKinnie narrowly missed the cut.

Make your case for the guy who should get it.  We’ll confer with the other PFT writers and announce the award at some point on Tuesday.

53 responses to “Next up? The Mike Webster award

  1. You should have said “Bryant McKinnie was nominated for the Mike Webster Award, but chose not to participate.” Ah missed opportunities.

  2. How about the guy who allows Drew Brees to step up in the pocket and buy time even when the tackles get beaten? The guy who gives Drew time to pick apart opposing defenses. The guy who keeps Drew clean and injury free.
    How about that guy, since you know, he is one of the big reasons the Saints have the best offense in football.

  3. Brian Waters, man of the year and the 1 veteran who played the good soldier role and didn’t jump ship from the chiefs. There’s never anything negative written about Tony Gonzalez but even he worked his way out when the team showed no signs of improvement. Brian Waters stuck around at a position that never has any glory.

  4. Is Waters in consideration for this because of the Man of the Year nod? The Chiefs weren’t good, although he’s had a better legacy at his position than Mike Furrey, who had a nod for safety because of the same NFL award.
    London Fletcher deserved it though (the PFT award I mean, I’m not saying Waters shouldn’t have won Man of the Year) due to his production as well.
    So, I don’t know. Jahri Evans?

  5. My money’s on Hutchinson. Only because he plays an Florio’s team. Funny how Jared Allen has won the “Alan Page” Award(!) 2 years in a row.

  6. Jahri Evans … hands down
    This guy is an All-Pro, Super Bowl victor, a mauler in the run game, a top notch pass protector, plays with a mean streak, protects the best QB in the game today, makes blocks 10-20 yards downfield and is perhaps the best guard in the game today.
    He could actually be a franchise player.

  7. i vote for Joe Thomas of the Browns.
    besides Eric Steinbach there isn’t a real quality guy on the line for cleveland. thomas not only has been a pro bowl starter for his entire career but he is only going to get better. he has also been involved with many charities in the cleveland area.

  8. Since the “staff” won’t nominate him, all of PFT planet would like to nominate…………….
    Bryant McKinnie
    But don’t worry. He’ll show up to the ceremony but just won’t accept the award.

  9. evans ,evans ,evans lets not play this game. saints pass the ball 40-50 times a game and they still have a top 5 rushing game…EVANS GETS MY VOTE

  10. Jahri Evans….by far…..dude’s a beast!
    Also, props to ‘SuperNintendoChalmers’…..great comment and even greater user name!
    Give him the ten thousand dollars!

  11. The Mike Webster Award?
    Apparently this award has something to do with effectively building a career through steroid use.
    That’s the most accurate post you’ll get all day.

  12. Just google “mike webster steroids” and see how many pages of crap comes up.
    Stupid to have an award named after him, don’t you think?

  13. Gotta go Evans.
    How is Joe Thomas considered for this? He hasn’t been the same since his rookie year.

  14. Evpimp says: February 22, 2010 10:20 PM
    Haha Saints best offense in football thats a good one
    Right! No need to let a silly thing like stats decide who the best offense is… 3 out of the past 4 years.
    Jahri Evans hands down, which means it will probably go to Brian Waters.

  15. First off, my vote…Steve Hutchinson is one of the guys who contributed the most to keeping Favre in an upright position for most of the season. (of course that got all shot to hell in the playoff game against the SB Champ Saints!) IMO, he deserves your award. I’m no fan of Favre & even less of a Vikes fan, but as a true fan of football Hutchinson is truly deserving.
    Secondly, what’s up with the response time of getting replies posted lately? Is anyone else out there having to wait 1 1/2 hours or more? Is it B/C it’s now an NBC site & the Olympics have nonfootball fans jamming NBC sites? Just wondering.

  16. Jahri Evans
    -Pro Bowler
    -Protected one of the least-sacked QBs in the NFL
    -Helped open holes for the 6th-best rushing offense in the NFL
    -Allowed only 2 sacks in 2009 and only 5.5 in his 4 years as a pro (starting all 64 games)

  17. “Haha Saints best offense in football thats a good one!”
    Weird. All they do is score more points than everyone else and gain more yards than everyone else.

  18. Why would you name an award after a player who juiced up on steriods? What kind of bizzaro world are you people living in? Mike Webster is the example of a football player who cheated his way through life. Not an example of someone to be looked up to.

  19. I’ll give my vote to Joe Thomas. So, he plays on a bad team and the quartebacking play is suspect with very little in the way of a running game. It’s not all Joe Thomas’ fault. Thomas is quickly becoming the pre-eminent left tackle in the league.

  20. Joe Thomas simply shut down dominant pass rushers all season, and when the Browns ran behind him in the second half – little known Jerome Harrison put up HUGE numbers.
    Watch Jared Allen in the Vikings v. Browns game. What? Didn’t see him? That’s because he was a non-factor.
    Thomas is now the best o-lineman in the league.

  21. Joe Thomas is the best in the game period. He shouldn’t be penalized for being on a bad team. He shut down Jared Allen, James Harrison, and everyone else who lined up against him this season wether it be a DE or OLB.
    Pay the man, Shirley.

  22. As an Eagles fan I would vote against Peters. While 5 didn’t get sacked a lot, especially from Peters’ side, the guy always seemed to make mental errors (false starts) in chunks and at the worst possible times.
    He’s good. He’s not the best.
    I’m leaning Joe Thomas.

  23. Mike Webster award???????????
    Didn’t he die from steroid abuse and alcohol abuse at like 50 years old???
    What’s next, OJ award for the best running back?

  24. Let’s see… the award is named after a center, yet no centers were nominated?
    Agree with previous posters- Otto is known as the best center of all time. Change the name to him, unless it’s your way of memorializing a homeless, demented steroid user.

  25. As a Vikings fan, what happened to any Jets lineman? They led the league in rushing. Hutchinson didn’t have a good year

  26. Brian Waters played like shit this year. In fact his play started sliding last year. He made the 2009 pro-bowl on name recognition alone. Great guy, but hardly an award worthy guard in terms of his play on the field. To his defense he was playing on a broken wheel all year however.

  27. It’s gotta be Joe Thomas. He gets the least support from team and opened some holes for the record setting performances by Jerome Harrison, even when the other team KNEW browns were going to run it.

  28. Skins fan…so we have a natural rivalry with the guys up I-95 in Baltimore. So it pains me to say this…
    How did Ben Grubbs miss the cut???
    Also…I bet if the Titans didn’t start out so horribly, Michael Roos would be on this list too.
    Jon Stinchcomb should get an honorable mention as well. He’s putting a nice career together.
    Anyway…if I had to vote, I’d have to go with JAHRI EVANS

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