PFT Daily: To throw or not to throw at the Combine

It’s Underwear Olympics week in the NFL, and what better way to get things started than to talk about some of the guys who choose not to participate in some of the key events?

Today, we’re looking today at the decision of high-end quarterbacks to not throw at the Scouting Combine.

Meanwhile, now that Rosenthal is old enough to travel without parental supervision, he’ll be heading to Indy for a few days, while yours truly mans the controls at PFT headquarters.


6 responses to “PFT Daily: To throw or not to throw at the Combine

  1. Really? We’re just gonna say it’s ok to not participate because these guys are out of their element and don’t have their coach/teammate/agent there? Maybe mommy and daddy can come to the combine and hold Danny’s and Timmy’s hands and give them ice cream when they throw bad passes. Come on, man…these guys are attempting to play the most important position in the highest-profile professional sport in the country. If they are afraid to throw a pass in a workout, they shouldn’t be rewarded with multi-year, multimillion-dollar contracts. Nebraska DT Ndomakong Suh is guaranteed to be a top-3 pick and has NOTHING to gain by doing the workout, but he will participate FULLY – in every single exercise. This guy gets it.

  2. Citizen Strange says:
    February 22, 2010 1:02 PM
    When you hold your Pro Day at your college you can inflate the footballs with helium.
    And if you are in an indoor area (Like where Idaho plays) you can turn off the gravity.
    Distance thrown………..1/2 mile.
    Jumping ability………….can leap into the upper deck.
    Speed……… that one outside.

  3. Dan Lefevour should throw at the combine. I think he could get drafted by the Rams in the second with a good showing.

  4. heartstl says:
    February 22, 2010 12:42 PM
    Is Dan Lefevour really a high-end quarterback?
    Um….Yeah. Just because he didn’t play in the SEC or one of the other conferences that are TV every week so you didn’t see him, it doesn’t mean he isn’t a highly rated prospect.
    I think it is hilarious all of the venom being tossed at Lefevour for not throwing, yet Saint Tebow is also not throwing, and nary a negative word from PFT nation. Hypocrites.

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