Report: Cardinals hire Donnie Henderson

Once considered a rising coaching star, Donnie Henderson spent 2009 as a volunteer for the UFL franchise in California.

Brad Biggs of the NFP reports that Henderson is getting back into the NFL as the next defensive backs coach of the Cardinals, replacing Teryl Austin.

Henderson was a secondary coach for the Ravens from 2000-2003, then went on to rocky defensive coordinator gigs with the Jets and Lions.  The Cardinals sent three defensive backs to the Pro Bowl in 2009, but one of them looks likely to be released soon.

UPDATE: The Cardinals have since officially announced the move.

3 responses to “Report: Cardinals hire Donnie Henderson

  1. I always liked Donnie Henderson, I wonder what exactly happened that damaged his career so much?
    It always seemed strange that a guy like him, an aggressive coordinator with strong motivational skills, had such problems keeping a job and now, even getting one.
    Does anyone know ?

  2. It seemed like as soon as Donnie Henderson left Baltimore, Chris McAlister’s head was insta f’ed up
    I think Henderson is a good secondary coach and probably deals with troubled personalities well.
    Maybe if we had kept Henderson the Ravens would still have a shutdown corner in McAlister instead of an alcoholic who’s out of football.

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