Rosenthal looks at the top free-agent quarterbacks

One of the best things about the NBC deal has been the inclusion of the services of Gregg Rosenthal, the not-as-young-as-he-looks 31-year-old (congrats to those guessing right) who spends plenty of time helping me keep fresh content on the pages of PFT.

He also serves another valuable purpose.  He does the stuff I don’t feel like doing.

Like previewing the free-agency class of 2010.

Rosenthal has put together his take on the top free-agent quarterbacks.  He disagrees with my belief that Daunte Culpepper is one of the best available.

The full list is right here.  I would have put Culpepper a lot higher.  Then again, if Rosenthal wasn’t on the payroll, the thing probably wouldn’t have been written.

13 responses to “Rosenthal looks at the top free-agent quarterbacks

  1. Florio, what is with you and Daunte Culpepper??? Culpepper has sucked ever since Randy Moss left him!!!! Look at the crappy 2005 stats BEFORE the major knee injury!!!!
    6 Touchdown passes – 12 Interceptions
    Some MVP Caliber Quarterback!!!

  2. How about the guy (pardon my ignorance for not remembering his name) that played in Denver, traded to Florida, refused to accept the trade two years ago and should be a UR free agent this year.
    Does he factor into this market at all?

  3. His disagreement with Culpepper’s ranking only shows that he actually knows what he’s talking about.

  4. Rosenthal must be on something to have Dante all the way at #7 instead of #1!
    How could he forget 2004 so quickly?!

  5. Rosenthal is smarter than Florio here. Culpepper hasn’t been a good starter since his years in Minnesota, his LAST chance was in Miami and he blew it, BADLY. Then he went to the Raiders and flamed out there, then retired because no one wanted him, then Detroit signed him because they were desperate.

  6. Buck Stallion, i caught the sarcasm. it made me laugh. high five.
    Also, Florio, please come right out and say you have a complete bias towards Culpepper. please. it gets more and more pathetic as it goes on.

  7. There were 17 posts earlier, so where did the other 6, including mine, go?! I rarely make a comment and “poof” its taken down.

  8. Here is the link to the original version of this page with the 17 responses I referred to…
    If it doesn’t work… here is my original post…
    I’m interested in seeing who picks up QB Charlie Whitehurst. He has had 4 yrs of learning under Norv Turner. I can’t stand him as a HC, but Norv has proven he can train QBs to a very high level. Whitehurst just needs the 1st team reps now. Why pick someone like Clausen, McCoy, or Bradford as a pure rookie to start? Plus whatever team won’t have to spend $30-50 million to test his abilities AND will still have a first round pick to get another impact player to build the team with. He has been relegated to the bench because they already have a franchise QB and another QB that Chose to remain a backup instead of starting elsewhere. The Chargers have received multiple inquiries regarding his trade availability over the years but refused to trade him. Even as a 3rd stringer!

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