Casey Hampton isn't going anywhere

The Steelers are planning to use the franchise tag on nose tackle Casey Hampton this week barring a long-term contract extension, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Hampton, 32, said previously he doesn’t want to be tagged.  But the Steelers have worked towards a new contract for him and will continue to do so if they have to use the franchise tag.

The situation is very similar to Vince Wilfork’s in New England.  The Steelers aren’t just going to let a valuable part of the team walk away and they will try to assuage any frustration about the tag by working towards a long-term agreement.

It just goes to show how valuable a true nose tackle is in a 3-4 defense, no matter what condition he’s in when he shows up to training camp.

16 responses to “Casey Hampton isn't going anywhere

  1. Bills fans say you can just throw anyone in there, and yet here are the Pats and Steelers franchising their 3-4 tackles. I guess Bills fans know something everyone else doesn’t.

  2. Typically solid franchaises like the Steelers don’t let players walk after being named to 5 of the last 7 pro bowls.
    Hampton is still arguably the top run stopper in the league.

  3. Beezer – I hope you’re being sarcastic. Everyone knows Florio is an admitted Vikings fan since his youth. If anything, he dislikes the Steelers and this post was the rare exception when he didn’t take a shot at them. The problem he has with the Steelers most likely goes back to their Super Bowl domination of his beloved Vikings in the 70’s.

  4. Why would they sign him to a long term deal? Imagine if there is a lockout next year what type of condition this guy will be in after a year off. There is only one way to handle this situation and that is the franchise tag because they have no one adequate behind him.

  5. Hope they work out the agreement because I don’t want a grumbling out-of-shape nose tackle showing up at camp. Casey needs to realize the Steelers have put up with some things other teams might not have because they know what he can bring once he pulls himself together. These are precarious times for players. They’d be wise to get their deals done and stay where they’re appreciated, if they can–especially when they’re on the downside of their careers, like Casey.

  6. A guy like that? You mean a 5 time pro bowler coming off a damn good season? Yeah what a waste of money this will be.

  7. By the title of this I just assumed that he put on another 50lbs and litterally couldn’t move anymore.

  8. Well, it’s a good thing you enlightened me, Chap, because I never would have guessed that a joke about a guy nicknamed “Big Snack” going to the Golden Corral buffet was somehow directed at me being a Steelers fan. You nut. 🙂

  9. Good news, bad news. Hampton stays but there’s no long term deal. After last year’s aberration of a season, I’m looking forward to a return of the best team in the NFL. It’s good to be hated.

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