Cromartie has complained about the Chargers playing too much zone

NFL_cromartie.jpgAs it becomes more clear that Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie, a first-round pick in the 2006 draft and holder of a record that can never be broken, is on the outs in San Diego, many are speculating on the reasons for the team’s current attitude toward him.

Some think it has something to do with his “no touchy” tendencies in the AFC division-round loss to the Jets.  Others think it’s rooted in his apparent effort to field a team for competition in the Travis Henry Baseball League.  Others believe that Cromartie’s overall play simply has dipped, and that the team prefers using Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason.

Cromartie addressed his situation in San Diego during a Monday night appearance with Bryan McGovern and Jim Miller of Sirius NFL Radio, and Cromartie seemed to suggest that the impasses arises from his concerns regarding the team’s defensive scheme.

“It may be time to move on,” Cromartie said.  “I have complained to the coaches about certain stuff, about the way we play, and they know that.”

So what were the specific complaints?

“To me, I felt like we played too much zone,” Cromartie said.  “As we would say, we felt like we had two of the best corners in the NFL, me and Jammer, and we played too much zone coverage, rather than man [coverage].”

MIller then asked whether Cromartie is hoping to play in a 3-4 defense that uses press-man coverage.

“I’d just like to play in a defense that’s aggressive, period, to the point of, let us use our strengths and use our abilities,” Cromartie said.  “Ever since I came out, my first two years it was like that.  We had Coach [Wade] Phillips and Coach [Ted] Cottrell [as defensive coordinators].  My second year, the 2007 and 2006 seasons, that’s exactly how we played.   We may have played a cover-4 defense but there was a lot of press-man that depended on us.   We let the front seven do their thing and we tried to handle everything in the back end.”

So it looks like Cromartie’s days in San Diego are numbered, even though he also said he’d “love to continue to finish
out either my contract or my career in San Diego.”  Even if he’s not traded before the 2010 deadline, it’s highly unlikely he’ll stay with the Chargers after his rookie contract expires at the end of the coming season.

22 responses to “Cromartie has complained about the Chargers playing too much zone

  1. Cromartie and Aggressive don’t belong in the same sentance. I can’t believe this pansy is running his mouth after the BS season he put on that field.
    He’s a pretty boy among MEN. He ran his mouth about this hardcore workout he did all offseason to come in and put up his season on the field. He ignores studying film and solely works on his muscles so he can have 18 more kids to 24 different women, trust me he can do it lol.
    He is notorious for avoiding contact. I will laugh if we get Lendale White, Tashard Choice or Marion Barber for this chump, we’ll get away with robbery and the team that trades for him will get nothing but more paternity suits to hear about in the tabloids.
    One hit wonder!!!

  2. I was waiting for the part on how he would make a great Viking and be a positive influence on Petersen, etc.

  3. “And the coaches wanted us, the best CB’s in the NFL, to do a lot of stupid shit like tackle and hit people.”

  4. 7 bastard children across 5 states…….wow!
    I’ll bet drooling Florio can’t wait put him up on pedestal with Derrick Thomas and name another PFT award after him…………….

  5. He fell in love with his own highlights;was never the same after that;drank free and got laid off that 1 handed pick of Peyton

  6. Given Antonio’s multiple children by multiple women, he obviously doesn’t know when to play the right “coverage”.

  7. yea go take care of your kids first!! maybe he can find a team that serves better food and doesnt care about tackling. never liked the guy… remember when he pushed weddle out the way after the long TD run just to celebrate?? weddle went to him to congratulate him and he shoves him!! unbelievable. go away!!

  8. And if they played more man he’d complain about too much man coverage. Obviously all about himself and does not care about what the TEAM and the Coaches are trying to do. Since when do the players (other than Peyton) dictate the schemes? And it was NOT Turner zone defense, that defense was run by Ron Rivera, so get a clue. Offense ran through Turner not the D.

  9. Wait let me understand this a player telling the coach how to coach?
    I do not understand why they dont get the employee employer relationship.
    Its real easy Me pay you you do what I tell you too.
    I am sure ever team in the NFL can not wait to bring this clown on board.

  10. Well he has a point. If he played more “man to man”, he wouldn’t be a 8,456,913 time baby daddy. 😀

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