Eagles will release Brian Westbrook

nfl_westbrook2.jpgThough he has indicated a desire to continue playing, the Philadelphia Eagles have announced that they will be releasing veteran running back Brian Westbrook.

“Brian is one of the greatest Eagles of all time and he is even a better person and leader,” coach Andy Reid said.  “In my mind, there has not been a more versatile running back that the NFL has seen.  I had a conversation with Brian this morning to let him know. This is by far the most difficult part of this job. We wanted to make this move now in order to maximize Brian’s chances of landing with another NFL team.”

Added owner Jeffrey Lurie:  “Brian Westbrook is one of the most electric players in the history of this franchise and is certainly also one of the most popular.  He was personally one of the my favorite players to watch each and every Sunday and his playmaking abilities, leadership and values will be missed.”

“We all know how valuable Brian was as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and he will certainly go down as one of the greatest Eagles of all time,” said president Joe Banner.  “But what really showed me how special a person Brian is, was watching the way he interacted with my children.  That said more to me about Brian than anything else he could have done on the playing field.  We will miss him both as a person and as a player.”

Westbrook was due to earn a base salary of $7.25 million in 2010. 

Interest in him could be limited.  Apart from a lengthy history of knee and ankle problems, Westbrook’s multiple concussions from the 2009 season make him a risk for repeated problems with respect to one of the hottest-button subjects the league currently faces.

86 responses to “Eagles will release Brian Westbrook

  1. As a Washington DanSnyder’s fan, I’m glad. He scorched and torched us season after season.
    San Diego might scoop him up.

  2. That’s the Eagles way of saying thanks for all the great years… and for compromising your future health.
    Oh… watch out for that door… it gave Brian Dawkins a nasty whack.

  3. Ouch. This is the business side of football. It’s a shame to see one of the Eagles’ greatest get released. Best of luck to you Mr. Westbrook. You have been fun to watch over the years and we here in Philly were lucky to have you.

  4. Thank you for all the great years BWest, just like Dawk, you’ll always be an Eagle in the fans eyes, and I wish the best of health for you, and the best of luck for you and yours in the future.
    I could see BWest becoming a Patriot.
    And like NFP speculated this morning – I could see Thomas Jones becoming an Eagle (should he be released, which he probably will be).

  5. Sure seems like a guy Parcells would want to get his hands on for the offense they run……..especially with Brown a question mark at the moment.

  6. Westbrook has always been a soft player. There was a reason he wasn’t a 1st round draft pick. He was never known for his durability. He’s been overrated for most of his career. He just got lucky that he was put in a west coast offense. The Eagles couldn’t win a Super Bowl with him and they sure as hell won’t win one without him. The city of Philly should stick to making cheesesteaks and brotherly love.

  7. Sad to see him go but $7.25 million for a 30+ RB with major injury issues is hard to justify.
    Do you think they turn to the draft or free agency for a replacement?

  8. Wow, as a Giant fan this is great but with all due respect Westbrook was the best running back in the NFC East for the past several years. Just ask Antonio Pierce, he’s still trying to catch his breath from chasing him.

  9. Thanks for the good years of service Brian….take care and focus on more important things, such as your health. God Bless.

  10. Damn shame, but not unexpected. I still think the Eagles were hoping he’d retire first. Good luck, B-West.

  11. This is a sad day for Philly fans. We all knew it was coming, but it still sucks. B-West was the best offensive player they’ve had under Reid…I hope Brian lands on a good team

  12. I’m glad I got to watch his entire career. I’ll miss the days I knew the team could put the game on his shoulders.
    Best of luck to him.

  13. Heres to you, B.West. One of the best players I’d seen with my own eyes for 2-3 years. Too bad you weren’t a little bigger, coulda been one of the best ever. I’ll be rooting for you no matter where you go (Redskins).

  14. “…In my mind, there has not been a more versatile running back that the NFL has seen….”
    Must have never watched Tomlinson play I guess.
    Quick math on average stats from NFL.com;
    Averaged 1,400 per season
    Averaged 60 catches per season
    Averaged more than a TD a game
    Threw 7 Td passes in career.
    Theres versatility for ya, Andy.
    Maybe Tomlinson could take his spot on the Iggles roster? LT can run a little. He’s pretty good in the open field and could really excel with Iggles screen offense. And LT’s brain hasn’t been rattled with concussions yet.
    So he’s kinda the same player but CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs. Sounds like a whiner. I mean winner….

  15. Brian Westbrook was one of the classiest Eagles, and one of the best RBs in Birds history. You’ll be missed, B-West!
    …And now I’ve got to buy another jersey!

  16. As a redskins fan, I am glad to see him gone. THis is, of course, because he was a GREAT player. The real power behind the team, not a certain overrated qb.
    My fear is, naturally, that Snyder will grab him, overpay him, and we’ll be stuck with him. The Eagles are cutting him loose because he’s done.

  17. Hate to see Westy go, but 2 concussions, and 7mil due this season doesn’t add up! I hope, he takes the necessary time to evaluate his concussion symptoms, or lack there of! Like B-Dawk, he’ll always be beloved in Philly!

  18. Not a big shock, but still a tough one. One of my favorite all time players, Ive had season tickets for Brian’s entire career, what a joy to watch. A few years ago LT and Westbrook were the best in the biz, now they get released back to back. RB is a tough gig. Thanks B-West, good luck..

  19. I’m sorry to see Westbrook go, especially if they just replace him with another aging RB (LT?) I’m not sure McCoy is the kind of back you give the bulk of the load to.
    A classy, gutsy guy who you were always proud to have on your favorite team. He’ll be missed.

  20. I hate these statements – blow smoke up the guy’s a** and then cut him loose.
    Westbrook is one hell of a player, and a guy who deserves a ring.

  21. He was a great Eagle, and a better person. I hope he has no permanent injuries that pain him in the future
    A big THANK YOU to you, Brian Westbrook

  22. Could be a potential fit in MN to backup AD and be an option on 3rd downs. Chester Taylor will likely be looking to land somewhere where he can be assured more playing time and since Westbrook was released he’s free to sign with a top 4 team like the Vikings with no restrictions.

  23. It’s like the song says, “just keep on using me, until you use me up” and that is exactly what the eagles did with westbrook and now kicking the man to the curb.

  24. # undercoca78 says: February 23, 2010 2:18 PM
    LT is goin to philly
    so the eagles are gonna give up one often injured runningback for another one?

  25. As an Eagles fan, I am very grateful for Brian Westbrook and all that he has done for the Eagles. He was so great, even my little daughter loves him, and she is 6 years old. Even she could see how exciting he was on the field. She called him “cheetah fast.”
    If Brian Westbrook happens to read this site, then Brian you should that you will always be loved and admired by Eagles fans of all ages. Thanks for everything.

  26. Brian Westbrook has been a great player for many years. I think he can still be a contributing player in a multi-back offense….hopefully he will travel up I-95 and join the Giants….at a much lower cost. He would be a great change of pace to Jacobs and Bradshaw. Plus he blocks REALLY well, which is essential for the Giants this year.

  27. Mr. Westbrook tore my Giants up more times than I care to remember; what a great player. The reality of the situation is harsh: football is a young man’s game, and RB is a VERY young man’s position.

    Stupid move!
    First they let Dawkins go and not able to replace him.
    Now BWest who could be a great backup. Now we are stuck with Shady and Buckley

  29. One of the most versatile backs to play the game. Good luck Brian…thank the football Gods we longer have face you twice a year.

  30. @ downsouth49er –
    No denying that, really. However, you name me a team that doesn’t do the same thing with every player. It’s a business and the employees get paid very well.

  31. What is wrong with you people thinking the Eagles are going to sign Ladanian Tomlinson?They just released one washed up RB. How woud it make any sense to sign another? Seriously some people just see a name and think this is Playstation football. Its unfortunate but we are human beings and we get old. If you are an NFL RB, you get old very fast.
    Westbrook had a nice career for the Eagles. but this is the business side of football. there was no way the Eagles were going to pay him over $7 million to play probably half a season’s worth of games. You go out and get younger at the position, not older by going after Tomlinson

  32. This really bums me out. The business end really sucks sometimes. Brian you were my favorite Eagle. We’ll all miss Merill Reese yelling “Touchdown Brian Westbrook!”

  33. I grew up in Philly, I bleed Iggles green but I live in SD and am a Chargers season ticket holder. I know it is business but to see two of the best rbs leave like this, the indignity! I can only imagine that the rumors are true that LT will go to the Iggles…. Both men were not only great players, they are great men who have done so much for the teams and the communities.

  34. Thanks for everything, Brian. One of the greatest Eagles, and one of my favorites. I’m sure the other three teams in the NFC East are happy they won’t have to face him anymore. Great player, greater person, and will be very much missed. I know he’ll be successful in whatever he chooses to do from here.
    As far as the move itself goes, I’m guessing that the Chargers cutting LT yesterday was their green light to do the same with Westbrook. Even if he was willing to restructure his contract or something, I don’t think it came down to that anymore; it was just time to move on and hand the reigns over to LeSean McCoy.
    Very sad day in Philadelphia today.

  35. the two brians gone from philly in two seasons now!
    but it was expected to say the least.
    i wish him the best with another team and/or away from football. he was one of the greatest eagles ever.
    now… the eagles can truly focus on their young talent in the back field.
    go eagles! good luck brian!

  36. # Ilovefoolsball says: February 23, 2010 2:42 PM
    so the eagles are gonna give up one often injured runningback for another one?….
    What is your definition of often?
    Tomlinson missed 2 regular season games and 1 technically but 2 virtually playoff games in 9 years due to injury.
    Westbrook missed more than that just in November!

  37. Brian, You will be sorely missed. It has Been MY pleasure watching your Stellar career and watching you do your Magic out on the field, Unfortunately all good things come to an end. As An Eagles fan I would like to Thank You for the Enjoyment you brought to all of us, I’m just sorry that you aren’t leaving with a Ring. BEST OF LUCK!

  38. Haha this Eagles team is a joke they will never win a super bowl it’s the same story every year with this joke of a franchise

  39. He’s one of those guys who could be described as the perfect NFL player. He could run, catch, pick up the blitz, return punts. He never had any character issues and his selflessness was emphasized when he took a knee on the 1 yard line against Dallas, icing the game. Thank you, Route 36-West.

  40. Every year it seems like a couple of veterans get cut that you think can still produce but never get signed. I hope this isn’t the case for Westbrook, LT, and whoever else ends up getting cut. 30 isn’t that old.
    Didn’t LT, BW, and Clinton Portis all play on teams with offensive line issues last season? Worth looking into.

  41. @ munich eagles…
    Stupid move?
    It’s a business….man. Do some homework and try and understand what we would have to pay a 31 yr old rb who has MAYBE one year left. 7.25 mill. Not gonna happen bro.
    Shady and Buckley? Please tell me you are kidding. No one is stuck with Shady, first of all. I would choose him over BWEST in a heartbeat in the first place. And do you really think that Buckley will be on this team next year? Maybe you also forgot about Weaver who is technically our power rb since you don’t use a fb that much in our sets. Maybe I should also mention he was a pro bowler last year too.
    It amazes me the lack of knowledge in these comments – its more suprising how you know how to even operate a computer.

  42. “If Brian Westbrook happens to read this site, then Brian you should that you will always be loved and admired by Eagles fans of all ages. Thanks for everything.”
    …and also know Eagles fans can’t construct sentences.

  43. Everyone with a brain saw this coming, great player, but, you can’t pay 7 million in 2010 dollars based on 2007 nostalgia.
    And just stop it with the LT nonsense, LT may be healthier but he is also an aging back that wants big money, the Eagles don’t sign those types of players. The Eagles will grab a journeyman veteran for depth, maybe get something in exchange for Vick on draft day, but forget LT, not happening.

  44. @MunichEagles – Last time I checked Eagles suck day was a daily occurance.

  45. To the so called “fans” like KROW and MunichEagles…..PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP CALLING YOURSELVES EAGLES FANS!!!
    KROW: Your bashing the team for letting B-West go? Saying the door kicked him in the ass (along with B-Dawk)??……I Guess you failed to realize that Dawk got EVERY PENNY of BOTH CONTRACTS the Eagles gave him…..but he in return, did NOT deliver a Championship (i would have settled for an INT/FF/or SACK in ANY OF THE NFC CHAMP GAMES)!!!!!!! And B-West got TWO contract extensions, the 2nd one, arguably, probably should not have happened, considering his play last year, and this year! But really, lets just give a 30+ RB with multiple concussions and injuries 7.50 mil! Then you can come on here and bitch about that!
    MunichEagles: Did it ever occur to you that 7.5 million for a backup might be a tad on the high side? Or even better, that B-West does not WANT to be a backup?? Considering that we need a DE/CB/LB/Center and maybe a Guard? All of which just happen to be the highest paid positions in the league!!!! Oh and tell me who would have replaced Dawkins? Or did you forget that HE CHOOSE TO LEAVE FOR THE MONEY???
    Any REAL PHAN would know that Defense wins championships, DEFENSE! So stop crying about the offense and start crying about getting some defensive playmakers!

  46. Krow, I usually kill the Eagles front office but have to disagree here.
    They did right by this guy financially, and clearly it is the end of the road for Westbrook. It is a clean break, and I would rather see it done this way as opposed to how they did Dawk.
    Dawkins was coming off a great season, there was no replacement for him, and he could have been had for a fair amount of cash. He was still needed and playing at a high level.
    Westbrook has concussion issues, and was hurt most of last season. McCoy looks promising.
    I hope Westbrook retires and becomes an asst coach for the Birds. I do not want to see him become another Andre Waters.

  47. i love how so many people post nonsense as thought Brian is reading all of these himself.
    ohhhh brian. good luck! we will miss you! you are the best! we will miss you!! sad day……………………………
    you get the idea, stuff like that – ha ha ha

  48. Good Luck Westbrook! Us Real Fans our Proud that you were on our Team. All the Haters out there will say different…But thats what haters do! Thanks for everything Brian!

  49. Someone from Cleveland giving the Eagles and Philly a hard time is beyond amusing. I think B-west has more pro bowl berths than the entire Cleveland franchise over the same period of time. Is there supposed to be some Ohio/Pennsylvania rivalry that we’re all supposed to be aware of? If so, no one told anyone in Philly or Pittsburgh. Enjoy thinking that the Browns deserve to even be in the same league as either Pennsylvania team.

  50. Unclassy cut to a classy guy. Unfortunate to see B West go but.. one hell of a player. HE will be missed. Gives Andy Reid more reason to pass the ball though this year 😦

  51. Actually, classy cut to a classy guy, considering he can negotiate with any other team in the league now without worrying about tampering charges. Both SD and Philly made their breaks now for exactly that reason, rather than dragging on the speculation and preventing the players involved from trying to get the best deal possible.

  52. Trollaikman & Rhwillson and others – you would have paid Westbrook $7.5MM this upcoming season?
    This was the only way – to part ways. If they tried to make him renegotiate to a smaller deal, then I’d be angry.
    This was the only way to handle it.
    Oh, and stop with smearing Dawkins – he did not “choose” to leave, he was blown off by the franchise. And that’s fine, its a business. But let’s keep it real and stop acting like we work for the Eagles PR department.
    Peppers now claiming Eagles are his #1 choice. If they get him, then McNabb is back and we have one more shot at losing an NFC title game!

  53. Vick and the Eagles will be in the Super Bowl next season.
    Mark these words. Vick will be MVP.

  54. “He is the franchise’s yards-from-scrimmage leader. But you already knew that, didn’t you?”
    Yeah, but that’s like saying that he was the fastest horse at the glue factory.

  55. Krow says:
    February 23, 2010 2:13 PM
    That’s the Eagles way of saying thanks for all the great years… and for compromising your future health.
    Oh… watch out for that door… it gave Brian Dawkins a nasty whack.
    That’s every team’s way of saying thanks. Some teams are worse- they trade their veterans to shitty teams in order to get back that team’s high draft picks (Richard Seymour, anyone?)
    Remember this the next time you are about to post some angry missive whining about spoiled players wanting new contracts with more guaranteed money (not you Krow, I mean posters in general). They know damn well that any non-guaranteed money back loaded into a contract is never going to be paid.
    The owners have zero loyalty to the players, ZERO. And that’s how much loyalty they deserve back.

  56. Krow says:
    February 23, 2010 2:13 PM
    That’s the Eagles way of saying thanks for all the great years… and for compromising your future health.
    Oh… watch out for that door… it gave Brian Dawkins a nasty whack.
    That’s business in the NFL. At least they didn’t trade him to the shittiest team in the league for that team’s high draft picks (hello, Richard Seymour!)
    Everyone should keep this in mind the next time they want to whine about some spoiled athlete wanting a new contract with more guaranteed money up front. They know that non-guaranteed back end money will never be paid by the owners, period. The owners have ZERO loyalty to the players and that’s how much the players should give back.

  57. @ vox: or like watching Brooking try to go from sideline to sideline w/out running out of air…….. Cowboys’ draft better be good or you’ll be looking up @ a pair of Wash. moccassins….

  58. Just read this lil’ nugget: “I’ll have to say Donovan McNabb is a pretty strong dude. I mean anytime you can do 420 (pounds) as a quarterback on the bench press
    that’s pretty impressive.”
    Shit, he can almost bench voxxy…..almost.

  59. First of all, I hate how other teams fans want to make it look like the Eagles did Dawkins “dirty”. They offered him more money than he would have gotten if he got the franchise tag! 2nd, why are some people throwing LT’s name out there to go to Philly? Why would the Eagles bring in another aging, often injured RB after they just let one go?!

  60. Thank you Westbrook!! Man, this hurts.
    This really really hurts. A class act. A great player. I love you B-Dub. I’m sure I’ll see you in Redskins colors next year…..which is what sucks the most.

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