Jackson to spend four days on work release

As a follow-up to this morning’s post on Vincent Jackson, a number of readers forwarded an article that indicates Vincent Jackson will spend four days in a work-release program, not jail.

Florio is the resident legal man around here, and wanted to pass along that work release is jail.  The man is serving jail time, albeit with a nicer sounding name.

Glad we cleared that up.  (I think.)

In other Jackson news, the San Diego Union-Tribune estimates that Jackson’s suspension from the league will be “about two games.”

All things considered, it appears that Jackson will get off relatively easy for his second DUI arrest.

15 responses to “Jackson to spend four days on work release

  1. All Vincent has to do is consult Raider fans on how this process works.
    Raider fans have full knowledge on work -release programs

  2. @ phillyeagleschamps
    Last time I checked the Raiders have more Super Bowl wins than your sh@t team. You should only be able to comment if your team has won a super bowl, and you don’t have a jail in your stadium.
    Eagle fans are similar to raven fans in that you all are mostly retarded and most of you still live in your mother’s basement. Your biggest investment is your season tickets.

  3. Hilarious that a Eagles fan would question another team’s fan base. (see youtube video of snowball Niners fan)…You guys are loooosers.

  4. I should have been a football player. Then I could get paid 100 times the average salary to play a game. If I broke the law, I could get a slap on the wrist instead of serious jail time. Must be nice!!! Now, if only I had the talent…

  5. Who Dat, your city is a complete toliet, you have no room to talk.
    Only comments come from people whose city have an iq over 2 and they bathe reguarly.
    Skins fan? Your franchise has been getting your butts kicked by Philly every year.

  6. EaglesChump, how many threads do you gotta get destroyed on before you just shut up? This is like the 3rd one Today.
    I’m starting to feel embarrassed for you.

  7. This guy is getting off again! I guess you have to kill someone to get some “real” jail time as a pro athlete, like one month. He was driving illegally before, he’s going to do it again.

  8. As a san diego attorney, I can say that work release here isnt really jail.
    You dont go to the same Jail as the county lockup with the orange jumpsuit. Its a privately run “security” facility where you prove you have to be at work, and you get permission to leave to go to work, and you come back after work to spend the night.
    Its “custody” but it certainly is not jail.

  9. Calir,
    Leonard Little is walking free and he did exactly as you stated. So not even if you kill someone do you go to jail. But shoot yourself in the leg with your own gun?

  10. @ theTRUTHwillSETuFREE,
    To be fair WhoDat_champs has been getting on every single post talking shit to every fan of every team in every city because his Aints had a single year of not failing. Literally he is talking shit about every single team calling them and their fan bases losers. It’s as if he thinks the Saints are some great dynasty full of greatness or something. As you can clearly see by his half retarded rambling on this page. It’s alright though let him have his time in the sun before the Gulf of Mexico drowns him again. It’s almost like a grace period in-between floods to wash all the garbage away.
    Like another poster said in a previous post. I wonder how much Aints gear this guy had 5 years ago? Before he broke his ankles dragging behind the band-wagon, trying to pile on as fast as possible, with all the other Aints fans that have been coming out of the wood work as of late.

  11. Florio plays the Star Jones card.
    “I’m a lawyer see and I know…………blah blah blah.
    Too funny!! Next up on The View…… Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk.com.

  12. phillyeagleschamps – Are the Raiders the team who signed the dog killing lying cheating Michael Vick ? No that’ll be Philly !
    Are the Raiders the team who kept a player who killed someone when drunk at the wheel ? No thats the Rams who kept Leonard Little (And would have obviously cut him if he wasnt a 10+ sack guy back then)
    The usual ‘Bet the Raiders sign Rae Carruth/Vick/Burress’ type crap is boring when if you look at the facts the Raiders stay away from these sorts of scum

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