Report: Sproles won't be back on one-year deal

D. Sproles.jpgIt’s starting to look like the Chargers will have two players to replace in their backfield.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Chargers won’t retain Darren Sproles on a one-year contract.  (Sproles was due $7.3 million as a restricted free agent, 110% of what he made last year as the team’s franchise player.) 

San Diego would like to re-sign Sproles to a long-term deal, but they only see him as a complementary part.  At least one team should see him as much more.  Expect him to hit the open market.

This news isn’t particularly good for LaDainian Tomlinson or Brian Westbrook.  Both veterans look like third-down backs and may have to wait in line behind Sproles to get a deal done.

Because of Sproles’ age and ascendant ability, we’d guess that he will make more than Westbrook and Tomlinson combined in 2010.  Fortunes change brutally fast at the running back position.

33 responses to “Report: Sproles won't be back on one-year deal

  1. They got rid of Lorenzo Neal, Michael Turner, LT2 and Sproles in just two years. Not too shabby of a group …

  2. I dont like this at all, but i cant see paying Sproles any where around 5 million per year, let alone another franchise tag over 7 million.
    Hope AJ can work somthing out..

  3. They knew this last year when they gave him the big deal. He wasn’t a feature back then and won’t be.

  4. Ted, are you reading this. Kick Returner/ complimentary running back behind Ryan Grant. Kill two birds with 1 stone

  5. The GM for the Chargers is seeing karma blowing up in his face. His hard-line stance and uncompromising attitude is going to absolutely bury the Bolts. Although he has seen consistant wins in the last 5 years, he has burned his fair share of bridges.
    Free agents will be less likely to play for him knowing his mentality and controlling nature. As much as he is trying to get them to be; the Chargers are not the Patriots. Treating the players like garbage just won’t cut it in the long run.

  6. I supposed he can easily be a good 3rd down back for 3-4mil per year
    not sure about the others here but to me, he runs a lot like the energizer bunny lol

  7. They will draft a RB and they should pick up Reggie Bush if NO doesn’t have him back. SD passes 70% of the time anyway. A good, young pass-catching RB like Bush would be a good fit.

  8. I think Darren Sproles is worth about as much as Reggie Bush. Maybe the Saints and Chargers can in effect swap players. I would take Sproles over Bush any day of the week.

  9. Sproles on the open market? Paul Allen, I hope you know about this.
    The Seahawks sure could use him.

  10. He’d be a great fit in New England, Philly, or Nawlins in my opinion. WTF is going on in San Dog?

  11. Sproles did not do much this past year, read the stats. Definitely not worth the coin, business is business that’s the way it goes. Life moves on.

  12. # JimmyY says: February 23, 2010 7:21 PM
    Sproles did not do much this past year, read the stats. Definitely not worth the coin, business is business that’s the way it goes. Life moves on.
    So, just to be clear, you feel that the playcalling wasn’t an issue? You realize he had about 2300 all purpose yards and 8TD’s, right? In the right offense, where he complements an actual #1 RB, Sproles could be a great weapon. 10-15 touches a game when he is always close to busting a big one is worth the coin to the right team.

  13. One more reason I love football. The economics are damn interesting. I think he’d be a perfect fit in Philly. Basically he’s a younger BW with a lot less mileage.

  14. Silver Back says:
    February 23, 2010 5:44 PM
    So who ARE the Chargers keeping?
    Norv Turner and AJ Smith
    cue the canned PFT sitcom laugh tracks, now florio

  15. This is all happened because right wing ownership spent all their money to help re-elect GWB five years ago. Karma baby.

  16. If this happens, the Chargers have released more talent at running back in the last two years than my Patriots have had all decade.
    I’m not sure if all the backs the Pats have had combined can even equal Ladanian T.

  17. The Bolts don’t run the ball anymore anyway. Rivers just drops back and flings it 40 times a game and they hope for the best.

  18. lol this is great. who’s next merriman? hell why not rivers too? cromartie’s bags are all but packed. its going to be a free for all in the west next year.

  19. Some team will promise him plenty of touches or to the feature back and he’ll accept their offer. Then they’ll realize he a specialty player, reduce his touches and he’ll never be heard from again.
    He’s gotta get paid while he can but if any team really makes him THE GUY they will set their team back.
    SD will go into the season with a converted FB in Mike Tolbert, a overachieving college player whom they traded up for to play special teams in Jacob Hester, and possibly invite Michael Bennet back. If they go into the season with a drafted rookie as the #1 HB they’re in deep doo-doo.
    They better hope Rivers arm doesnt fall off or his knee doesnt give out.
    Ego Smith for GM of the year!!!

  20. So I’m assuming they take a RB in the first?
    SD is terrible. Sproles to Giants as a 3rdRB would be interesting or Jets if Washington leaves.
    Considering Cromartie was too pu$$y to even try to tackle Greene in the play offs, I don’t think Rex likes him.
    Id really like to see Chester Taylor on the Giants 🙂
    Wait, so, on D they losin Cromartie, Merriman, WR Jackson might go…what’s next, they’ll trade Rivers and Gates?

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