Report: Texans not interested in L.T.

NFL_tomlinson_250.jpgWith plenty of initial speculation regarding the future of running back LaDainian Tomlinson focusing on the team in his home state that doesn’t already have three high-end tailbacks, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle explains that the Texans won’t want L.T.

Though McClain never says that the Texans have made a specific decision as to Tomlinson, it should be a foregone conclusion based on McClain’s broad statements regarding the team’s intentions.

He says that, while the Texans need a running back, “they want young and hungry, not a back looking for one last contract.”

McClain also points out that owner Bob McNair recently said the Texans look at free agents “who are on their way up.”  (It might be a lesson they learned after signing Ahman Green a few years ago.)

So McClain predicts that the Texans will be looking to the draft for a running back, with a possible plan of picking one in round two.

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  1. “McClain also points out that owner Bob McNair recently said the Texans look at free agents “who are on their way up.”
    Danny Boy Snyder…are you listening? LOL. Let’s repeat, “who are on their way up”

  2. I wouldn’t mind him as a Viking.
    Chester is on his way out, the Vikings need assistance with blocking and receiving. LT thrives in both.
    Contrary to what many have been saying here, Thomlinson is still heads and shouldfers better than Chester Taylor. The stats don’t lie, folks.
    One thing the Vkings need to remember is they have Ian Johnson on board. He’s not a scrub. But he’s no LT either. LT or Peppers would be great fits here. I wish we could sign both but that would be impossible. Maybe if McKinnie followed Taylor out the door… :::Just kidding:::

  3. LT could not even make the Canadian Football League anymore, the way he has regressed in ability the last 2 or more seasons.

  4. I don’t think LT has regressed. He’s been caught in the same jam Peterson has. His bliocking has gone to hell. Lorenzo Neal and Co. were clearing paths for him. Kind of like Tony Richardson did for Adrian his rookie year. Both those guys have aged and gone ansd they haven’t been replaced. Kind of like with Sean Alexander in Seattle. When the Vikes acquired Hutchinson, Sean dropped off the face of the Earth. A back can’t thrive without blocking. The Colts and Saints probably had the two best offensive lines in the league last year. The Pats line has been dominant but they are starting to fall apart and Brady is paying for it. A thing with Favre is his quick release. His line sucked. We missed Matt Birk, no question. We paid for having rookies at RT and C and McKinnie is on his last legs.

  5. The first thing that caught my attentiopn on the Favre interception that’s been replayed a million times is how that was one of the handful of plays where he was free from the passrush. The Saints had been killing him up until that point, so I think he rushed his thinking and the pass abit because he was getting killed up until that point.
    In an environment where he couldn’t hear himself think, in a game where he was being drilled before, while , and after he passed the ball. All the sudden he found some daylight on a roll-out, but with the way things had been going up until that point, he kind of assumed he was about to get drilled again and rushed both his thinking and the throw. If he didn’t have a turn-stile offensive line that day, that probably wouldn’t have happened. Sooner or later the QB loses some faith in the protection his offensive line provides when he’s being knocked on his ass with regularity.

  6. LT is better served staying in California with all the other femi-male crybaby celebs. Perhaps he can further his career as a dancer in Hollywood.
    Texas does not need his kind around.

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