Report: Top four teams have discussed trading down

Amid rumors that the Rams have talked about trading out of the first overall pick and a report that the Lions have talked about sliding out the second spot. 2, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that each of the teams holding the top four picks — the Rams, Lions, Buccaneers, and Redskins — have had talks regarding the possibility of moving back.

The problem is finding someone who will be willing to trade up.  With this year’s talent pool believed to be as deep as ever, teams will be less willing to give up multiple picks than in the past.  And with a rookie wage scale not yet implemented, the teams who pick in the top five or so this year will have the privilege of likely being the last to cough up gigantic contracts for unproven players.

Then there’s the outdated chart that assigns a point value to draft picks.  Last year, the Chiefs tried to trade the third overall pick to the Lions in exchange for the 20th overall pick and the first pick in round two.  The proposed swap created a gap of 770 points based on the chart — and the Lions still said no.

So unless one team decides that there’s one guy who stands head, shoulders, and other body parts ahead of the other incoming rookies, the chances of a trade being accomplished are slim.

Maybe, in the end, we’ll finally see a team intentionally pass.

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  1. They need to get a rookie salary cap into place. The #1 pick shouldn’t be the handcuff of a huge salary, it should give a break to those teams that are bad enough to draft at it.

  2. And some teams have discussed trading up and others have discussed staying right where they are.

  3. Ultimately the value in your pick is that there is a certain number of teams that you get to pick ahead of. So the value is not so much in who you actually pick, but in the fact that when you do pick, more options are available to you than those who follow you and so on.
    That being said, how much difference is there between 1, 2, 3 and even 4 unless both teams have the same glaring need that can only be filled by the same guy.
    But if you have a solid coaching staff and you can actually develop talent, then mulitple lower picks are far more favorable than single higher ones.

  4. Duh? I have to believe this happens every year since agents started slotting. I wouldnt stay in the top 10 if I had anything reasonable to get out.

  5. I sure hope they make salary slotting part of the new deal. think about it. no hold outs. No overpaid never acheiving rookies. no pressure to play players before they are ready. Increased level of play and rewarding those that actually produce. Maybe that makes too much sense for a union to agree to. ANY union.

  6. I realize it’s your job to fill up space on the screen but seriously? Since most are playing ‘the game’ at the moment do you actually expect many to any teams say that they wouldn’t be interested in trading down?

  7. what if every team passed on their round 1 pick, would the first player selected in round 2 get #1 pick money, or 33rd pick money?

  8. No rookie pay scale and no true guaranteed “sure-thing” means the top half of the 1st Round is a Liability.
    Why not trade down, build up picks, reduce your pressure, and save a little money in the process.
    In some situations teams can trade down and still get the player they wanted.
    One of the first ways teams can save money under a new Labor Agreement is through a Rookie Pay Scale. 70+ Million for a player that’s never taken a snap in the NFL is insane.

  9. There are a number of things working against a team intentionally passing, even though it would be wise in many cases, not the least of which is the negative PR generated by people simply calling management “cheap.”

  10. I honestly believe the Rams should pick that S from Tennessee, Berry. They have not had one player worth crap in the defensive backfield since the days of Aenaeus Williams and Adam Archuleta. The Rams have been picking defensive lineman like grapes year after year and none of them makes an impact. The few good ones get sent packing: Hargrove, Pickett.
    But if you are The Worst Team in the NFL, then maybe changing your pattern is a good thing. An aggressive killer in the backfield is an under-rated thing.

  11. can you imagine if all these teams passed? that would say it all to the Union: their days of finger-b*nging, ‘ole mary jane rotten crotch, through her perty pink panties, are OVER!

  12. I would pass. The financial burden placed on team by a top 5 pick is insane considering the risk that the player will be a bust.

  13. Intentionally pass- never heard of it. Wouldn’t that be something. Nope- I say the Skins will pick a qb, even though what they need is a whole bunch of Offensive linemen. Only question is, Clausen or Bradford………..Come on Shanahan and Allen, you were brought in to bring some sense to the operation- GET OFFENSIVE LINEMEN

  14. RAMS

  15. um eventually someone would have to pick, which would make him the first pick of the draft which means he would get paid as a first pick.

  16. everyone likes to complain about the busts in the top 5, but does anyone actually have numbers on how those people perform?
    Wasn’t peyton a top pick?

  17. Over past ten years these teams have tendency to trade up:
    also Bill.
    New sheriffs in charge.
    Maybe time to change the Draft Point charts.

  18. fanboi
    Yeah I wanna see Suh, Ratliff, Spears and Olshansky rotating on the Cowboys DL! Come on Jerry Jones, make it happen!

  19. I could see Giants trading up to get McClain (MLB) or a SS.
    If somehow possible, Rex would LOVe to get Suh or McCoy hah

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