Schobel, Bills face roster bonus deadline

NFL_schobel_250.jpgBills defensive end Aaron Schobel is contemplating retirement.  Absent an adjustment to a key date in his contract, he’ll need to make a decision soon.

Adam Caplan of reports that Schobel is due to receive a $2 million roster bonus “around” March 9, which is the fifth full day of the 2010 league year.

Schobel would be moving to outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense the Bills are planning to implement for the first year of the Chan Gailey regime.

A nine-year veteran acquired in round two of the 2001 draft, Schobel has appeared in 133 games with 128 starts.  He has 78 career quarterback sacks.

The parties are free to agree to push the trigger date of the roster bonus deeper into the offseason, so that the 32-year-old Schobel can take more time to decide whether to keep playing.

11 responses to “Schobel, Bills face roster bonus deadline

  1. I am a life long (and long suffering) Bills fan. I hope Schobel is not on the team in 2010 as he is overrated. However, I do not see why he would push the bonus date unless there is something in his contract that compels him not to retire if he accepts the cash. He should force the Bills to pay the roster bonus or cut him. In the end, I believe Schobel is sick of losing and all the mismanagement of the Bills. He is likely OK with continuing his career with a better team and possibly playing closer to his home in Texas. As I said, I would like to see him gone, but I am OK if he snags some of cheap Old Ralph’s precious money on the way out the door!

  2. As a Bills fan, I don’t know what to think. With the switch to 3-4 i don’t know if he’ll be effective. He’s a solid DE in 4-3, but I don’t know enough about this transition to make an interesting point.

  3. I hope he retires as well…not only because I am a Pats fan, and he has killed Brady numerous times…but I could see Belichick going after him hard…he’d be cheaper then Peppers…and it would follow the welker mold….go after the guy that has always killed your team

  4. Hey CKL – Not sure how you see Schobel as a Pats killer?? The Ills have beaten the Pats only once in the last 13 or 14 games even with this overrated bumm……..

  5. As a bills Fan I like Schoebel. Seems like a good guy, hard worker etc. His game is in decline and he has never been great against the run. If it was any other team I wouldnt mind seeing him go, but with the Bills you know he will be replaced with some A-clown or undrafted free agent with “potential” (Cheap). It might be worth a look at outside LB

  6. CKL…..make sense of your life. Schobel doesn’t kill any team except the Bills he is way overpaid for what he does. The patriots beat the Bills 19 of the last 20 so where in those 20 games could you make the decision to label Schobel a Patriot-Killer? Please advise

  7. RE: CKL
    You’ve beaten Buffalo 17 out of the last 18 games and 12 in a row.
    Yeah, he’s a real Pats “killer”, alright.
    Without Schobel, we have no chance to push you guys around anymore!
    You are the reason Pats fans are DOUCHEBAGS.

  8. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but in defense of CLK, what he means is that Schobel has more sacks against the Patriots than any other AFC East team – or any team for that matter.
    With that said, Schobel is still not a Patriots killer. David Tyree is.

  9. Apparently I’ve been watching a different player bc schobel is by far the best dl the bills have. Anyone remember when he was out with an injury and how the bills couldn’t even breathe on the qb? If you want to get rid of overrated players start with chris kelsay. If the bills ever got a semi decent pass rusher opposite schobel it would work wonders for the team. But it might be too late as schobel is already 32 and probably only has 1-2 good years left. Poor guy was a very good de in the NFL and will never make the playoffs

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