Video emerges of the new and improved Tim Tebow

With the incoming crop of rookies gathering this week in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine a/k/a Underwear Olympics (we’re doing our best to get that term to catch on), one of the big-name guys who won’t be throwing any footballs at Lucas Oil Stadium is doing his best to upstage the competition by commandeering the pre-Combine news cycle.

On Monday, Adam Schefter unleashed the first wave of ESPN’s Tebowrama, with a report that the guy who spent four years at Florida throwing the ball like a rickety catapult was in the process of changing up his throwing motion.

Act 2?  Video of Tebow throwing the ball like a real quarterback, and audio of Tebow talking about it.  (Now playing on SportsCenter, and in the video box that pops up right here.)

“Well the number one thing is to just reach my potential,” Tebow told ESPN’s NFL Live.  “You know, I believe in myself as a player and an athlete.  And I wanna be the best player that I can be, to help an NFL team and help an organization.  So my number one goal is to reach my potential and be the best I can be.  [Editor’s note:  Apparently, he had “reach my potential” written on his hand.]  And that’s why these changes occurred, is because I felt it’s gonna help me be more accurate, be quicker, and just make better decisions.  And for me making this change has been very natural, [and] I’m excited about it. . . .

“I’m still the same player.  I still have the same heart, the same soul, the same knowledge of football.  But I’m just tweaking a few of my fundamentals.  Things I need to get better at anyways.  So I’m changing where I hold the ball, I’m changing how I get to my release point.  And those changes have come very natural to me.  The coaches I’ve been working with have made it very easy, very understandable for me.  And now it’s just repping and repping and repping.  And I feel with my work ethic I can make that repetition just become natural for me where it’s second nature and I go out there and do it every time, and I feel very comfortable with that.”

Tim, Nick Saban would like to thank you for further assisting his future recruiting efforts against Urban Meyer and Florida.  (Actually, Saban and Tebow are represented by the same guy, and we’d be shocked to learn that Saban didn’t have at least an indirect hand in the current Tebow reclamation project.) 

We can see it now — Saban shows up at the house, Sandra Bullock remarks on how handsome he is, and then Nick breaks out the DVD and the Little Debbie’s, playing Tebow’s remarks while sharing an oatmeal cream pie with the five-star high school quarterback.                
“Did you hear Tebow talk about changing where he holds the ball and changing how he gets to his release point?” Saban will then say.  “Now, when you come to Alabama, you won’t have to hire your own coaches four years later to teach you the right way to throw a football.  We’ll start teaching you the right way to throw a football from the first day you show up on campus.”

We don’t fault Tebow for essentially confirming that Meyer and his staff indeed have “no clue” how to develop a quarterback.  But by making the changes look so easy, the obvious question Tebow raises is why in the hell didn’t Urban Meyer consider having Tebow make them at some point before his eligibility expired?

The only other explanation is that Meyer simply didn’t care about helping Tebow improve his ability to get paid to play football.  And for any five-star high school quarterback who is already hearing all the locals talk about how he’ll be the next Joe Montana, that’s a flag even redder than the one Saban has flying from a plastic pole in the driver’s-side window of his Mercedes SUV.

88 responses to “Video emerges of the new and improved Tim Tebow

  1. Tebow is a major football star. Maybe the best college player ever….he will be ok. Guys like him adapt….this isnt akili Smith were talking about here

  2. I thought his intangibles were so great, his throwing motion didn’t matter. Coach’s Dungy and Holtz…..please explain.

  3. “We don’t fault Tebow for essentially confirming that Meyer and his staff indeed have “no clue” how to develop a quarterback. But by making the changes look so easy, the obvious question Tebow raises is why in the hell didn’t Urban Meyer consider having Tebow make them at some point before his eligibility expired?”
    Meyer was to busy coaching his team to a national championship and TEBLOW individually to a heisman trophy, and consideration as the greatest college QB in history.
    Your attack on Urban Meyer is as laughable as your journalistic skill and integrity.

  4. Tim is a loud mouth blow horn. STFU Tim. Dont you have some brown children to convert to Christianity?
    How can he say he is a good Christian when he obviously is gay for not banging out all that hot trim that hangs on him.
    Either he is gay or a liar either way he is a bad person and a average football player.

  5. I don’t understand how any top QB, or offensive player for that matter, would want to go to Florida. If you want to play in the NFL, you have to go to a school that runs a pro style offense and has a OC that has a background in the NFL or atleast of sending players to the NFL that have the basics down pat.

  6. Did Urban Meyer dump your sister? Maybe they tried to change him and he refused, or maybe it didn’t go well. Just because Tebow is saying it’s easy, doesn’t mean he’s good at it, he stands to make alot of money if he convinces scouts he can throw like a pro even if he can’t.
    I don’t see why you keep solely blaming Meyer, as Tebow is responsible for his own career too. Surely he heard the media talk about his slow windup and could have decided to make changes? Why not blame the high school coach for his delivery, or a QB coach/OC somewhere along the way while we’re at it?

  7. I find it hard to believe that you can change 22 years of habit. Normally guys throw the way they do because it is natural and while making minor adjustments isn’t all that difficult, a complete makeover may be more difficult if not impossible. If it were, Leftwich wold be a starter somewhere right now.

  8. Step right up. After Saban’s boot camp, you too can be an NFL stud just like John Parker Wilson. Or better yet, Saban can turn you into a stud like Jamarcus Russell.

  9. Simply put, look at Urban’s work at Utah and at UF. Its very consistantly clear he doesn’t give two craps and a pickle about getting his players to the next level, which yes, is a part of a college coaches job.

  10. You can’t adapt if you don’t have the skill set. I don’t know if his arm is strong enough to play in the league. All of his “highlight” passes are floaters that would get nabbed by most NFL defenders IMO.

  11. I see videos of kids bouncing basketballs off 80 foot high brick walls and into basketball hoops all the time as well.
    The video’s great, but you can’t change instincts. Tebow has always been a find the primary guy in a given time or tuck it and run; or just a tuck it and run period type qb. He’s re-engineering his technique in the most controlled of environments. Again, the fact of the matter is this: He is a 3 year project and thus I don’t believe he is worthy of a 1st or even 2nd round pick, unless a team with a proven qb such as Indy, NE, San Diego, New Orleans takes him and has him hold the clipboard and run the scout team. Any team looking for an instant savior is setting themselves up for a less NFL calibur Alex Smith or David Carr.

  12. Why is this news ? There are many other football players that are going to be more productive then him and already know how to throw the ball correctly. It boils my blood to see a useless Tim Tebow article everyday. He sucks, get over it. If he didn’t an article where he changed his throwing mechanics wouldn’t be necessary. You people think this guy is good. We’ve seen this story a million times. He is nothing more then a back-up. Ala Troy Smith !

  13. Why did Meyer need to change his delivery? Isn’t Meyer’s focus on winning Championships? When did it become the job of a college coach to make sure his players develop the throwing motion NFL scouts want to see? This is by far the dumbest thing PFT has ever written. I can’t believe you are slamming Meyer who won Championships and put a Heisman in Tebow’s hands for not developing a NFL style of throwing.

  14. To the “Editor” – Even if it was written on his hand, at least he is not so stupid that he needs a telepromter to talk to 6th graders!
    Come on Florio, I love your site but keep your left wing politics out of it!!!!!!!!

  15. To the “Editor” – Even if it was written on his hand, at least he is not so stupid that he needs a telepromter to talk to 6th graders!
    Come on Florio, I love your site but keep your left wing politics out of it!!!!!!!!

  16. I think you’re making way too big of a such a minor issue (as usual). Urban Myer seems to be doing pretty well recruiting.

  17. “Now, when you come to Alabama, you won’t have to hire your own coaches four years later to teach you the right way to throw a football.
    then the recruit will ask how many National titles Saban has won compared to Meyer. and has Saban ever had a QB drafted number #1 overall like Meyer has. then the recruit will say i’m going with Meyer since he’s won 3 National titles with 3 different QB”s.

  18. As for Meyer ” didn’t care about helping Tebow improve his ability to get paid to play football. And for any five-star high school quarterback who is already hearing all the locals talk about how he’ll be the next Joe Montana, that’s a flag even redder than the one Saban has flying from a plastic pole in the driver’s-side window of his Mercedes SUV”
    TEBLOW knew what kind of offense Meyer ran, and if he didn’t like it and was such a sought after high school QB maybe he should have chosen to let Mike Leach coach him……while he sat on the bench…….oh yeah he didn’t want to do that because TEBLOW isn’t the type of QB to run a pro style offense and he knows it. Teblow is a great athlete whose success is based on the fact that he is bigger and stronger than most of his competetion
    and what’s with all the Nick Saban / Urban Meyer B.S. Since when is Nick Saban developing any QBs? Josh Booty, Rohan Davey, Matt Flynn, JaMarcus Russell….those guys are awesome

  19. I think the article writer at ESPN seemingly missed the Senior Bowl where Tebow was awful.
    I’m not saying he should be trashed like he is at times, but he needs serious work before he will take a snap in the NFL.
    That said, I think his potential upside might be among the highest in this draft.

  20. Tebow appears to be a stand up guy and will be successful somewhere, just not behind center in the NFL. Bad footwork+ slow release+pitcher’s wind up= off target+low velocity. A receiver being NFL open is a lot different than NCAA open.

  21. Florio, your hate campaign against Tim Tebow and especially Urban Meyer is pathetic!!! Must be a slow couple of days when you have to keep repeating articles!! Was that not just a case of cut and paste, change a few words, add a link and wow, new article!!! Get a grip of yourself!!

  22. @ reddog
    HA! I didn’t even notice that the first time. Don’t blame Florio, he works for the largets liberal looney network on TV and while I cannot confirm his political beliefs, he knows someone will comment on it and then someone will argue for Obama and it will go back and forth for 30 comments. I’ve said it a million times, pure genius on his part.

  23. No one is going to pay him big money to hold a clipboard while relearning the game of football. He’ll be lucky to get into the 4th round.

  24. It is beyond amazing.
    Hate is built up on Tebow who has done nothing but good. College players are robbing people, doing drugs, fighting, lying, and having illegitimate children.
    What do people concentrate on? Attacking a really good guy. I am not talking about his throwing motion.
    Then Urban Meyer is attacked. Hmmm, 2 national championships in 4 years. Undefeated at Utah.
    Tebow is attacked after throwing for 9,285 yards,
    88 TD’s, only 16 career ints, and a low completion % of 64.4% and a high of 67.8%. He has brought his team back in the clutch more than once though they were usually leading. And, most of it was against the strongest conference by far in America.
    So PFT goes on the anti-Gator rant and precedes to pimp Alabama football/recruiting. Saban has developed super sophisticated QB’s with great work ethics such as Jamarcus Russell. Then he went to Miami and bombed. Yea, their offense lit it up with him at the helm. And that Alambama offense this year was pass, pass, pass. I am sure the next Peyton Manning will be running to Alabama.
    Are you angry that Pat White sucks as a QB? Is that it?

  25. Editor’s note: Apparently, he had “reach my potential” written on his hand.
    LOL. Yeah, he needs the interviewing change up as well as the throwing motion modification. He’s a natural pitch man for Sarah Palin in 2012.
    Its no hate by Florio. You know who Urban Meyer’s previous QB first rounder was , right?
    Alex Smith. (nuff said)

  26. mooremi9 says:
    February 23, 2010 8:30 AM
    Tim is a loud mouth blow horn. STFU Tim. Dont you have some brown children to convert to Christianity?
    How can he say he is a good Christian when he obviously is gay for not banging out all that hot trim that hangs on him.
    Either he is gay or a liar either way he is a bad person and a average football player
    I really, really don’t like Tim Tebow, but he must be gay because he’s not banging all the girls that hang on to him and every athlete who might make millions? How dare a potential pro athlete not knock up 4 different women in three states. What a gay. How can he be a good role model if he’s not sleeping with gold-digging skanks?
    Tebow hasn’t been throwing a football for 22 years. Despite the Florida media guide and Tebow lovers, he wasn’t throwing passes right out of the womb.
    I’ve ripped Tebow probably more than most people, but the dude has a work ethic and determination. He has the intangibles to change his throwing motion. I don’t want my team drafting him, but I hope he succeeds in the NFL.

  27. # BigBaldPapaHawk says: February 23, 2010 8:47 AM
    Tebow will be a major talent in the NFL. Haters gonna hate.
    No player with his skill set will suceed and never has. Eric Crouch, Heath Shuler, to a lesser degree, Danny Weurffel … the only guy vaguely comparable is Steve Young, and he came from a pro set at BYU and had years in the USFL and Bill Walsh/George Seifert and Mike Shanahan to develop him.
    i mean, maybe Rich Gannon is comparable…. i will say this, nobody wants Tebow to succeed more than the media, given the Pacman Jones, Larry Johnson’s and T.O’s that populate the league.

  28. Well it shows he can be coached. A team needs to be able to believe the upside is better than the downside, and trust that he won’t go back to his bad habits when he gets on the field.

  29. So which QB has Saban prepared for the NFL? The only one I know even has seen the NFL was one he recruited – Jamarcus Russell. He can’t take the blame or credit for him since he didn’t really coach him, he had bolted. But there’s one real prepared QB for you. The truth is no coach prepares you for the NFL. Look at Brady Quinn, he was under Weis, how’s he doing? Sit down sometime and write down the true quality QB’s in the NFL the past 20, even 30 years. See how many schools, or coaches, are listed multiple times. Bet there aren’t many, it’s a random thing, or the NFL would be better at finding them.
    The other truth is this writer didn’t do his homework – Meyer did try to change Tebow, even brought in an ex-Michigan and NFL QB coach. Tebow didn’t want to change his motion while prepping for his senior year. He was very public in the summer about changing after the season. Watch Brantley throw this year and everyone will realize Theismann and co. have no clue what they’re talking about. The real question is what school did Mike Florio go to and why didn’t they teach him how to be a better sports writer?

  30. Tebow will become the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, with his Lord and personal savior Jesus Christ leading him how can he not be. Just ask Tebow he will tell you. Jesus is one on one with him.

  31. i’ve been reading this site for seven years, i’ve recommended it to dozens of people but this is it. florio has officially “lost cronkite” for me.
    this string of stories is so irresponsible and pathetic that it strains the imagination. florio keeps digging in to this position, held pretty much solely by him and joey sunshine (which says it all), ignores the facts about other successful QBs coached and recruited by urban meyer (5 star QB john brantley, the next great florida QB, and the #1 overall pick in the draft in alex smith). and this guy meyer allegedly failed? 2 national championships, a heisman trophy and pretty close calls at a 3rd and 2nd, respectively. there are millions of HS kids that would LOVE to fail like that. there are millions of middle aged keyboard jockeys (cough, florio, cough) that would LOVE to fail like that.
    when john brantley slings the ball around with a beautiful pro-style arm motion next year for UF, i guarantee that slapdick florio (sorry to say it but that’s what he’s become) won’t be retracting any of these absurd comments.
    college football is college football. kids have plenty of time to learn different skill sets required by the pros. not to mention the nfl drafts partly on that potential. so-called “finished products” and “nfl-ready” players like brady quinn and matt leinart have not exactly set the NFL world on fire. college football coaches and programs don’t owe the nfl a thing.
    for all the nefarious effects on UF recruiting that florio continue to imply (wish for?), he has never once mentioned that UF landed a #1 class for 2010 a few weeks ago that some pundits were calling one of the best recruiting classes ever.
    we in Gator nation are used to being ripped by jealous and envious fans of lesser schools, like west virginia. kiss our rings baby and be patient if you’re waiting for us to go down. i hope (but doubt) this comment lasts more than the two hours my comment lasted on the first of yesterday’s two “slander urban meyer and tim tebow” threads authored by florio.
    ps – hey greg, you’ve got some real talent. time to upgrade to a big boy site while you can.

  32. @Chapnasty2 – Don’t blame Florio for having to pretend to be liberal. Trust me, they all have to drink the Kool Aid until they become somebody. Only then can they fly their conservative colors. Be patient. Florio will be somebody. I think???

  33. mooremi9:
    “Tim is a loud mouth blow horn. STFU Tim. Dont you have some brown children to convert to Christianity?
    How can he say he is a good Christian when he obviously is gay for not banging out all that hot trim that hangs on him.
    Either he is gay or a liar either way he is a bad person and a average football player. ”
    Now, I don’t even know why I respond as this has to be one of two things. Either you’re a complete moron and a pathetic loser for saying such pathetic things about a young, caring man trying his best both on and off the field or it’s an attempt to get a rise out of people for fun. Either way, because neither affords you a response from anybody, I’ll just leave it alone and talk about Tebow.
    You can’t teach character. You can’t teach leadership. You can’t teach football smarts and integrity. You can, however, teach mechanics. The team that ends up getting Tebow in the 2nd round somewhere is going to get one of the hardest working, best teammates ever for a really nice price. It’s a steal.
    Will Tebow be any good. Who knows. But with his ability and work ethic it’s definitely going to be worth it.

  34. Popeye, Archie Giffin is the greatest college football player ever. He’s the only guy to win 2 Heisman’s.
    Note, I do not like Ohio State at all but I hate it when people over-hype the latest ten-minute fad (Tebow).

  35. He already proving he cares more and works ten times harder than at least one number one draft pick (Jamarcus) and maybe more.
    Why is this kids work ethic worth nothing to anyone? I like tebow, hate his crazy religious crap, but i like him for his work ethic and dedication.
    Hes not a first day pick, but i find it hard to believe his upside isnt worth the minimal risk that comes with a 3rd or 4th round pick.
    Doesnt cost a team a ton of money, get a bit of media hype for your team, and spend a couple years developing a guy who WANTS to be developed….i’d bet he turns out to be a decent nfl qb.

  36. reddog9 says:
    February 23, 2010 8:47 AM
    To the “Editor” – Even if it was written on his hand, at least he is not so stupid that he needs a telepromter to talk to 6th graders!
    Tebow was reading “The Pet Goat” to elementary school children when his handlers came in and informed him that several attacks had taken place on his football fundamentals. After hearing the news, Tebow sat there for several minutes without doing anything…..

  37. For the sake of the media being all over Tebow and how bad of QB everyone thinks hes going to be. I hope he proves everyone wrong. I believe in Tebow, looks to have an outstanding work ethic, leadership, and he is just a winner. Maybe in ten years everyone is reflecting back on this draft and talking about how wrong we ALL were.
    I understand the habit and how hard it must be for Tebow to change his throwing motion. But, the video of him throwing looks like improvement already. The team, organization, and coaching staff that takes him must truly believe in him from the start.

  38. I’ve never seen so much hate on a guy before he’s drafted. He’s 10x the prospect as Pat White and White was a (snicker) 2nd round pick. All the hate must mean Tebows really really good.

  39. BigEasy says:
    February 23, 2010 10:23 AM
    I wonder how many times he cried in the video and they just edited it out????
    When Kiper knocked him as an NFL qb, he cried into Meyer’s arms boobie-miles style,
    “what am i gonna do now? i can’t do nothin else but play bootball.”

  40. (He already proving he cares more and works ten times harder than at least one number one draft pick (Jamarcus) and maybe more.)
    agree, he is working very very hard and that’s what i like about the kid. Tebow’s arm will improve the more and more he uses that new motion.

  41. For those that like to bash Florio fan any and every reason, Meyer DOES have a responsibility to develop his players for the next level… Look at it this way – My degree was in psychology, and the job of my professors was not to make sure I received good grades, but that I fully grasped all relevant concepts.
    A couple of other points about this issue though –
    Urban did bring in Scott Loeffler at QB coach this past season – He was the QB coach at Michigan before a one year trip to Detroit, and is highly respected in the business. The question with him is whether Urban wouldn’t let Tebow change his motion significantly for fear of struggles his senior year, or if Tebow simply struggled to take to the coaching – this would obviously throw up a huge red flag, but i think the former makes more sense.
    The other main point is that while Urban Meyer is correctly being singled out, this is an absolute epidemic in college football, and IMO hurts the athletes in a number of ways. I think part of this issue is the pressure these programs are under to “win now.” This often results in raw, undercoached underclassmen being thrown into the fire before they are ready, at which point the coaching goal to some extent becomes “find a way to get him to not screw up,” as opposed to “teach proper fundamentals.”
    To me it makes so much more sense to teach kids the proper way from day one – if a kid takes an extra year to develop, then not only will you have more technically sound players at all positions (which should obviously lead to the ultimate goal anyway – winning), but you may not have as many players leaving early for the NFL.
    So to summarize this heart-wrenching soliloquy about me feelings for college coaching, this is an ncaa bowl subdivision problem, not just a university of florida problem, and i believe it has come in large part as a reaction to the “win now” mentalitythat is currently suffocating all of sports.
    All this aside, if RichRod doesnt win at least 9 games this year at my alma mater he better be gone 😉

  42. Urban and Tim continue the struggle against the demons unleashed upon the world by Saban and his minions. Only Sabanic intervention can explain the how the normally professional and God-fearing policemen of Florida could arrest dozens of Gator players, or how the SEC and BCS championships could be torn from the righteous in their final hours. How could the Sabanic spirit remain in Urban until he doubted his ability to continue in the Lord’s work at Florida. Luckily, he regained his faith in time for National Letter of Salvation Day. Now Tim’s unfortunate fundamentalist deficiencies stand between him and his wealth and power like the eye of a needle. Please pray for Urban and Tim.

  43. Leave the kid alone! He will be an NFL QB in the future. What round did Tom Brady go in? I’m not comparing him to Tom Brady but it seems that NFL teams can’t recognize the real potential of these kids coming out of college Jamarcus Russell, Alex Smith, Tim Couch, Akili Smith all were suppose to be elite QB’s. Prove em wrong Tim!

  44. I think what Florio is trying to get at is that Florida and Alabama are going to be going head to head in recruiting sometimes and each coach will look for any little extra help to land a 5 star prospect. The fact that Tebow isn’t changing his throwing motion until now is a pretty big deal.
    Some people argue that they tried making him change it before his senior season but he refused… that is not a good argument because there happens to be 3 or 4 years before that to work on it. However, the fact remains that no QB is perfect and most QBs work on their throwing motion and 3 step and 5 step drops when they do go pro and continue to work on it throughout their careers.
    But lets put to rest the notion that his throw cannot be changed. It is called muscle memory and with enough work his muscles will remember the new throwing motion and forget the old throwing motion the less he uses it. When I played basketball in high school I started changing my shot form my sophomore year and continued tweaking it well into college. It takes time but it can be done.

  45. It is not Meyer’s job to get any of his players to the pros. His job is to win games for the Gators. He maximized Tebow’s talent with as little work as possible. He took the natural ability that Tebow had and built his team around it and it worked. All coaches should do that, but to say that any coach needs to prepare a player for the next level is crazy talk. They may care about the kids personally, but they still have a job to do and don’t care what they end up doing after graduation.
    It may help to have some NFL guys who went to your school, but success breeds success, and that is what brings in the athletes.
    Otherwise, everything that comes out of Tebow’s mouth sounds like an infomercial to get someone to draft him higher. Here’s news, Timmy, they are all working as hard as you are, that is why they are pros.

  46. I’m sure other coaches have been using Tebow’s deficiencies as a recruiting angle. I’m sure coaches use every angle, story, and half-truth in the book to recruit. Whether or not Tebow suceeds or fails will not affect recruiting for either school and Saban and Meyer will continue to pull top 5 recruiting classess because they’re just that good.

  47. i’m just a bill, yeah i’m only a bill says:
    then the recruit will ask how many National titles Saban has won compared to Meyer. and has Saban ever had a QB drafted number #1 overall like Meyer has. then the recruit will say i’m going with Meyer since he’s won 3 National titles with 3 different QB”s.
    Not sure what you’ve been drinking this morning, Bill, but you should give it up. Nick Saban is the only NCAA coach ever to win two national championships with two different schools–and yes, two different QBs. And Meyer has won only two championships.
    And I know this season is one you’d rather forget, but Bama is the reigning National Champ.

  48. how stupid would it be to substantially change the mechanics of the guy who led the NCAA in passing efficiency? THIS YEAR! when the goal of college football is to win games and championships. THIS YEAR!
    Bowl Subdivision (FBS) National Player Report
    Passing Efficiency
    Year: 2009 Thru: 01/07/10 Minimum Pct. of Games Played 75
    Minimum 15 pass attempts per game
    Rank Player Pos Cl Gm Patt Pcomp Comppct Int Intpct Pyds Ydspatt TDs TDpct Rating
    1 Tim Tebow, Florida QB SR 14 314 213 67.83 5 1.59 2895 9.22 21 6.69 164.17

  49. Yikes, how many posts are we going to see knocking Urban Meyer & Florida?
    Urban runs a college-style offense, not pro. He’s not hardly the only collegiate coach to do this.
    Some of the best college QB’s will never pan out in the NFL, it is what it is. Not every collegiate system has to run a NFL-style offense.

  50. i thought Meyer won 3 because Utah split the National Championship having an undefeated season. and before you scoff at Utah’s claim to winning a title, remember they spanked Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in ’08, showing the small schools can play. Bama got a free pass against Texas with McCoy going down the first series. i remember Fla beating Bama and then winning the National Championship, so they’re 1-1 in that regard. of course Fla actually had to shut down Sam Bradford that game, something no one did all year to that point, while Bama against Tex, faced a Freshman QB. and Meyer still has a Heisman winning QB on Saban. since we’re talking QB”s. Florida also suspended their best defensive player for the Bama game this past season. and Saban has 2 half Championships. he shared the title at LSU and beat a Freshman QB against Texas. so add them up and he has 1 title.

  51. There have been plenty of college QBs over the years with what the media deemed weird or funky releases, but I have never heard of anyone bashing a college coach for it. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe these college coaches are wrong only caring about wins, but just because the media loves Tim Tebow all of a sudden they want to speak out about something that has been going on for decades. What could Byron Leftwich have been in the NFL if his college coach fixed his throwing motion?

  52. @i’m just a bill yada yada ….
    Little boy, Nick Saban and Urban Meyer have both won two National Championships.
    You’ll know you’ve reached adulthood when you develop the ability to accept reality without throwing embarrassing tantrums.

  53. Deb, both won but Meyer’s were/are more impressive….and all his. he didn’t have to split his titles like Saban. and Meyer doesn’t lose bowl games to Utah.

  54. @i’m just a bill …
    Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes–the most difficult leg of the Triple Crown–by 31 lengths. But the list of Triple Crown winners makes no distinction between Secretariat and horses that won the Belmont by a nose. It’s the same with National Championships and Super Bowls, Sweetie. All winners are equal–even if the fans of some teams swear their championships are extra special 😉

  55. neither were undefeated both times. Meyer’s were more impressive because
    1. Saban split his first title (13-1) and Meyer didn’t. so it’s half a title because the other team can say “we’re the real champs.”
    2. Saban was undefeated this time but it’s easy to win the title game when the opponents superstar QB goes down and replaced by a freshman.
    3. Florida beat the #1 team both times. Saban did once but it was only half a title.
    not all titles are equal. Saban split and beat a freshman QB. Meyer won both all to Fla and his opponents were at full power.

  56. @i’m just a bill …
    You have a lot to learn about the world … and a lot of growing up to do. When you reach adulthood, assuming that you do–some people achieve chronological age without ever reaching adulthood–you’ll see that all those petty distinctions you’re determined to make don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The only thing anyone will recognize 10 years from now is the W/L column. Saban has 2; Meyer has 2.
    Or to be more precise: Alabama has 13; Florida has 3.
    Roll Tide!!!

  57. you talk a lot about growing up, obviously it’s a sore spot for you. it’s weird because it has nothing to do with this topic. you’re obviously frustrated because i’m right, and instead of responding logically, and unbiased, all you say is “little boy’, “grow into adulthood?’ LOL. stay on topic.
    common sense fans will look at this now, let alone 10 years from now and say, technically Saban has 2 titles but realistically he doesn’t. you can’t be the real champs if you have to split a title….which Saban did and Meyer didn’t/hasn’t.
    as for Saban’s recent title, yay, he beat a freshman QB because the winningest QB in NCAA history was hurt the first series. so no, the titles aren’t equal, Meyer won both as the #2 and never had to share his. and his opponents weren’t handicapped from the start, all but assuring victory.
    Saban 1.5 titles, with one being handed to him and Meyer 2 titles, both clean….and a Heisman winning QB. not bad for a guy who Florio thinks will lose QB recruits to Bama.

  58. and i could care less about Bama and Fla total titles, as i’m a fan of Meyer, not the schools.

  59. @i’m just a bill ….
    I’ve never left the topic. You’re the one living in an alternate universe. In your mind, there are pseudo championships and half championships and championships that don’t count as much as others. So you’re a fan of the coach and not the team? What will you feel if Meyer retires, goes to another school, or fails to repeat his previous success? I loved Alabama through years of mediocre coaches and disappointing seasons. That’s why the recent victories are so sweet.
    Fifteen years ago Florida fans believed Steve Spurrier was the greatest coach in history. But just a few weeks ago a Florida fan posted to me that he doesn’t even count Spurrier’s national championship because it’s old news. He’s a Meyer fan, too. You can’t imagine it now, but in 10 or 15 years, some new Florida fan will be saying the same about Meyer. And that’s textbook immaturity–caring only about immediate gratification, throwing tantrums to insist the world conform to your view of how it should be, engaging in hero worship rather than team loyalty, and having no respect for history.
    The record books will note the number of total championships–period. And unless one of those men reaches the kind of legendary status Bear Bryant attained–where people still write books about him nearly 30 years after his death–they’ll both be nothing more than stats in the book. And no matter how you try to rewrite them, as it stands now, those stats will read: Meyer 2, Saban 2.

  60. of course there are championships that count more than others. a title you share is not the same as one you don’t. i don’t care if Meyers leaves, i’m a fan of his genius, not his place of employment. why wouldn’t Spurrier’s count? did he share his title like Saban?
    i have plenty of respect for history, in fact, more than you. i’m able to logically look back at titles, compare them, even at the detriment of my team or coach, and make distinctions between them. in this case, Saban shared one and was handed the other. obviously you’re numb to this because of team worship/lack of respect for REAL championship teams.
    you obviously don’t pay attention to this site or others, let alone TV. all they do is compare titles. this is what happens, they will look at Saban/Meyer and see great coaching in the SEC, rivals, and titles. then they’ll look to who was better or more impressive in their wins….sorry Deb, but a shared title and a freebie won’t stand to Meyer’s and you know this.

  61. @i’m just a bill …
    Nah, I don’t pay attention to the game; I just stumbled in here.
    It’s not a freebie when the defense knocks out the opponent’s QB. Actually, I believe Tebow would have finished that game. But McCoy heard the footsteps, which means the defense did its job. The 2008 W/L record for the Pats counts just the same as the 2009 record–even though Brady went down at the start of 08. That’s life in a contact sport.
    You would, of course, have a different view of the shared title if Florida had won the BCS but the AP had chosen USC. I have a lot of gripes with the bowl/polling system. But we both know you’re only making an issue of the poll split to minimize Saban, which again, is petty and childish.
    Yes, sports writers love to compare coaches. You’re probably also aware that Saban has generally come out on top in recent comparisons, especially since outcoaching Meyer in the 09 SEC Championship. I imagine that’s the source of your bitterness. To me, they’re both talented coaches, and I’m glad they’re both in the SEC. Since I don’t feel insecure about Saban, I don’t need to tear down Meyer. But since you insist on denigrating Saban’s accomplishments to validate Meyer’s “genius,” you must feel a lot of insecurity about where your idol stands on the coaching totem poll. Like it or not, that’s something you won’t know until both their careers end.
    Now you’ve about beaten this horse to death but you still can’t change the record books, and the amusement is wearing thin. So it’s time for me to say good-bye, Sweetie.

  62. by the looks of your reasoning skills or lack thereof, i believe you just stumbled in here. of course it was a freebie. teams don’t have a play to injure QB’s. they were lucky that McCoy got hurt because obviously it gave them the game. the Pats’ comparison is faulty, because they weren’t title seasons. they have said Brady is a system QB because Cassel had more 1 more win that year than Brady but the smart ones point to Brady losing Harrison, Bruschi, Vrabel, Seymour and that experience, plus he was recovering from knee surgery. so the 1 game difference was nothing. but in the end, the Pats made the playoffs with Brady and not Cassel.
    i wouldn’t have a different view if Florida shared the title, Meyer would get half a title like Saban. polling system? that’s what they use, so deal with it. Saban was given a freebie with Texas and the polls say he’s half a champ in ’03, unless math works differently in your world?

  63. you accusing me of being petty and childish is hilarious and only confirms you’re a hypocrite and just stumbled in. how about what Florio said in this article? Meyer and Tebow took a beating from him but not a peep from the ‘immature police’ (you). and as i’ve shown, Florio was wrong. Meyer has a Heisman winning QB, Saban does not, and Meyer has a viable starting QB in the NFL, Saban does not. it makes no sense what Florio said then. much like you in this thread.
    recent winners usually do come out on top in polls, so what? they’re 1-1 against each other in SEC title games. outcoached? losing to Utah is outcoached. you can’t tear down Meyer even if you wanted too, has nothing to do with being secure in yourself. Florio must be insecure by your logic then?
    Meyer didn’t split a title or get a freebie so his genius and top of the pole is unquestioned, unlike Saban. when they’re careers are over Meyer will have the better marks, like he does now.

  64. and i don’t need to change the records because ‘like it or not’ the record shows Saban shared a title, Meyer didn’t. take care sweetie.

  65. You’ve been wondering why I keep calling you “little boy.” Save these posts and read them when you’re all grown up. Then you’ll understand. Or not. ROFL

  66. oh i know why, it’s because you can’t refute my position with your faulty logic. so call names trying to mask the frustration your cognitive dissonance has caused you. i could call you Little Debbie since it’s funny on so many levels and actually makes sense, unlike you .

  67. oh i don’t wonder why, i know why. it’s because you can’t refute my position with your faulty logic. so call names trying to mask the frustration your cognitive dissonance has caused you. i could call you “Little Debbie” since it’s funny on so many levels and actually makes sense, unlike you .

  68. Sorry, “Deb” is just a user name like all the other crazy user names on PFT. Took it from a fictional character. So it’s not short for anything. As for the many levels, assume you mean the snack company. So is that a fat joke? Every guy on here who can’t answer a point winds up saying: “Get back to the kitchen” or “I bet you’re fat!”–which, of course, is very … grade school. LOL
    Nothing faulty about my logic. The record books list all championships equally. That’s a fact. When the defense knocks out the opposing QB, that means the defense did its job. That’s a fact. Shared championships will happen as long as college football relies on an idiotic polling system rather than an NFL-style playoff system. That’s a fact. You wanted to talk about sports gurus comparing coaches but you haven’t heard one of them say Saban’s a lesser coach because McCoy left that NC game or because LSU split the polling. That’s a fact. There’s no such thing as half championships or semi championships and you won’t find an article comparing these two coaches that suggests Saban is the lesser coach because his championships are less valid. That’s a fact.
    The facts make perfect sense and you know it. The problem is that you don’t want to hear them.
    I will concede one point–I should stop calling you “little boy.” Usually it’s easy to spot younger fans because they’re more attached to personalities than to the team, and they’re not prepared for the game’s ups and downs–especially if their team has been winning for a while. Alabama’s routing of Florida in the SEC Championship stung. And Florida fans need to denigrate Saban to make it better. You’re sure it was an anomaly and that Meyer will be on top again next year. Teams may have long-term success, but the kind of success the Meyer/Tebow combo had is like lightning in a bottle. It’s rare–and rarely duplicated.
    Teams (and coaches) often go through long dry spells without a championship, and as a fan, you have to learn to weather them or you’ll be miserable … and try to put down other winners to make them share your misery. That’s a sad way to spend your time.

  69. sure you did, Deb…LOL! it’s not a fat joke, it’s a Nick Saban joke, you know, the guy who coaches Bama? you did just stumble in here.
    i never said said the record won’t show 2 titles, i said it will show 1 is shared and the other was against a hapless offense. yeah Bama hurt him but it was a fluke and that fluke will cost them when ALL TIME greatest teams are discussed. anyone in the TOP 25 could have beaten Texas with a Freshman QB. and injuring the QB is doing their job? you act like they have plays drawn up for pulling shoulders out of socket? or even still, that you condone deliberate attempts to injure opposing players…shame on you, grow up.
    shared titles happen when a team like Saban’s weren’t dominant enough to get the title to themselves, like Meyer led championship teams…FACT.

  70. no said Saban is a lesser coach because McCoy, they’re saying he got a freebie and no challenge in the title game. if you think the score or the outcome would be the same had McCoy been in there, then you’re a team worshipper. taking candy from a baby isn’t impressive and that’s what that was. yes there is such a thing as half championships, how do you split a title and then say both sides have the title to themselves? college polling is accepted by most coaches, they don’t want playoffs…FACT. so when they end up with half a title, oops, i mean shared title….LOL. they have to deal with it when another team is called champion that same season as well.
    Alabama’s loss to Fla was worse, being that they had them in the 4th quarter but Tebow brought them back. Fla losing this year was no big deal because they were out early. the personality of the coach makes the team. do you think Bama is the same team with Saban as with Shula? you just owned yourself trying to be clever, LOL.

  71. Meyer/Tebow success is rare? what part is rare, the Heisman winning part or being a finalist 3 straight years? or was it the 2 National titles in a 3 year period, 1 of those being without Tebow? as Spock would say, “that’s highly illogical Little Debbie.”
    i could care less if Bama or Saban win titles (if they’re legit, not shared or against crippled teams) but if you think all shared titles are the same, or beating a team because of fluke injury, then that’s pathetic homerism on your part. i get you’re excited that Bama got a freebie, i mean title. can’t blame you since you weren’t even born the last time they did. just don’t expect multiple ones like Meyer at Fla.

  72. And you call me illogical … sigh.
    I’m afraid you lost me with the Saban joke. I don’t know what Nick Saban has to do with Little Debbie. The only “Little Debbie” I know is the snack cake. “Deb” is a fictional character that resonated with me because of my cancer battles; that’s why I chose the name.
    No, I don’t condone teams deliberately trying to knock QBs out of games, but I do condone pass rush, which is how McCoy got hit. Why he came out of the game is between him and his conscience. His shoulder was NOT pulled out of its socket. His father issued a statement during the game that he suffered a mild stinger and they pulled him because they wanted to protect him for the draft. A couple of days later they said he was fine and required no further treatment of any kind. He’s whined a lot since, but I think those first statements were the truth. Anyway, that doesn’t change your argument, which is that Bama had an easier time beating Texas without McCoy. I’m sure that’s true. But no one hands you a championship.
    Your argument that a team which can play competitive in a loss is worse than a team that gets routed is … bizarre.
    I don’t understand the Shula question or how I owned myself. Shula is a terrible coach who isn’t qualified even to be a coordinator. Both Meyer and Saban are top-tier coaches. I’ve never denigrated Meyer as you have Saban.
    My bad–I always forget that Tebow wasn’t part of Meyer’s first championship. I was referring to winning two titles in a three-year period. That is a rare and special thing. Although teams may remain competitive, no team can expect to contend at that level indefinitely. There are just too many variables. I think the Pats will continue to be successful, but the dynasty is over. That’s what I was talking about.
    Record books don’t list anything other than the year and the champion. They don’t list that the starting QB came out of the game. They will note that Saban shared the LSU title in the polls … just as they’ll note that he won the championship at two different schools, which is quite a feat.
    I still can’t figure out why this is such an issue for you. Both are fine coaches. But I’m not going to say Meyer is the better coach because that’s subjective. And we won’t really know until they both retire.
    As for Bama’s titles, I was around for the last one, and we have won multiple titles. In fact, Alabama has more titles than any other school. So you’re really not making a lot of sense.

  73. i’m just a bill, let me save you some effort because I have a busy work week ahead and don’t want to waste more time on this goofiness. So I’ll concede your point: Meyer’s championships count more than Saban’s championships. So Meyer is the greater coach …
    and the lesser coach just wiped the field with him in the the SEC Championship.
    Wow, that was simple. I should have just said that days ago.
    Have a nice life. I won’t be back.

  74. they’re 1-1 with Bama’s win being against a Florida team without 3 main receivers who left in the draft, one being NFL rookie of the year.
    take care sweetie

  75. i missed this response of yours so i’ll respond now. i lost you with the Little Debbie joke because you don’t read this site like you let on. his dad said nothing of the sort since McCoy had surgery. and yeah they sacked him but it was a fluke injury that led them to an easy victory. no one hands you a championship you say? facing a Freshman QB is the same thing. when you have victory snatched from you in the 4th quarter, as opposed to just straight up winning, is not bizzare, it’s common sense. you owned yourself because you keep referring to Bama as a seperate entity and not realize it’s the coach’s personality that comes through. cheering for a team only is retarded. players leave in 3 years and coaches not much longer after that. you end up cheering for laundry. Saban made Bama, not the other way around. you talk about team loyaly over coach/idol worship but who do you think makes the team? yes, the coach/idol does. cheering for a team above that is laughable because they are the team…

  76. hence Shula’s Bama team vs Saban’s Bama team. denigrating Saban? by saying he shared a title, which he did or that beating a Freshman QB gave him the title isn’t denigrating. and you can’t deningrate Meyer because he’s never had that. as long as Meyer is there, they will contend every year and the Pats’ dynasty isn’t over. record books will show 2 titles, yes, but unless you just stumbled into the book, you’ll know 1 was shared, so it’s not really a title. nothing is an issue for me…Florio thinks Saban will steal QB recruits from Meyer and listed reasons why, i countered them and then you showed up bitching. Meyer is better now and will continue to be. i said multiple titles, as in Saban at Bama, not Bama overall. learn to read.

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