Browns, Kokinis settle their differences

When Mike Holmgren became the new president of the Browns, we offered up 10 things he should promptly do.

He’s finally taken our advice.  (One out of 10 ain’t bad.)

The NFL has announced, in a two-sentence release, that the grievance filed by former Browns G.M. George Kokinis following his abrupt termination during the 2009 season has been resolved.  Here’s the full text of the release:  “The grievance filed by George Kokinis against the Cleveland Browns has been amicably resolved.  The terms of the settlement are confidential.  Mr. Kokinis and the Browns each wish the other future success.”

Translation?  The Browns are paying Kokinis.

It’s unknown whether he’ll be paid the full balance of his contract or some lesser amount, but there’s no way lawyer Jeffrey Kessler would have walked away from this one without money changing hands from Browns owner Randy Lerner to Kokinis.

And if the Browns paid a penny less than the full amount of the contract, it was a financial win, since by all appearances they had no reason to fire Kokinis for cause and then refuse to pay him.

12 responses to “Browns, Kokinis settle their differences

  1. The truth be told Florio, you have no idea of what the settlement is and even less information on what the Browns reasoning for termination was. You have been wrong much more than right regarding the Browns period.

  2. Florio, you really are an idiot. You truly have no info or basis for anything you write. You’re just a hillbilly.

  3. Actually they have done more than one of those things. Most of the other ones are insane or don’t matter. Also number one and number two we know will not happen this year.
    #2. Pretend Mike Holmgren knows more about how to build a winner than you.
    Just to add to BBB82’s list.

  4. Number one and two on your list will not happen this year Florio.
    Number 3 will happen it sounds like.
    Number 4 you actually say that maybe BQ or DA will be the answer to this. So if by “Find a QB you just mean find out who is going to be the starter than eventually this is going to happen.
    Number 5, is by all accounts, insanity. Jamal has been cut, Jennings was a practice squad player and Davis got hurt and put on IR last year. Pretty sure unless we snag a FA of some type we HAVE to keep Harrison.
    Number 6 is impossible. Even if they didn’t give him a pointless title in the organization he would still babble to anyone who would listen, and you media types would listen because the man says alot of uneducated outlandish things.
    Number 7 will not happen ever as long as Lerner owns the Browns he will be around. He loves him. The city loves Kosar. He might not get an actual vital roll in the organization but he will always be there.
    Number 8 did happen.
    Number 9 did now in fact happen.
    Number 10 really happened before this article was ever even posted. Mr. Lerner has always hid from the media and fans (with the exception of the 2 fans he met with to try to stop the boycott).
    By my count thats 3 that did happen. 2 that will happen. 5 that will not happen or shouldnt happen. So your list is shot.
    to continue BBB82’s list…
    #2 Pretend Mike Holmgren knows what’s best for the Browns over you.

  5. I am with Subpar on this one.
    The Browns will accomplish the reasonable options you put on the list within the next two years.
    Besides trade Harrison. He’ll be the every day back now unless we trade for someone/draft someone. Even if by some dumb reason we sign Westbrook, he’ll be for screen passes and third down options.

  6. Other than, you know, the 33% Kokinis paid his lawyer and the God only knows how many billable hours the Browns paid theirs.

  7. Good for Kokinis. In the long run they are still the Browns. And given Holmgren’s record as a GM they will continue to languish in the bottom of the AFC North where they belong.

  8. In other words, Mangini lied when he said that Kokinis would actually be able to be the GM.
    Holmgren’s taking a helluva chance trusting a guy who would squeal on his former boss who made him a success – who also lied to his former friend Kokinis and then threw him under the bus.
    Oh yeah, he also accused another “former friend” Jim Schwartz of cheating by having his players fake injuries.
    If and when Mangini stabs Holmgren and the Browns organization in the back, neither Randy Lerner nor the fans who lobbied for Mangini have anyone to blame but themselves.

  9. … and if Mangini lied to Kokinis, telling him he’d be the GM when he wouldn’t be, don’t the Ravens have a case to make for compensation as well?
    After all, it was a paralell move that they could have blocked – not a promotion as Mangini promised and lied about.

  10. Oh, yea, Everyone should listen to Mike Florio. He is always right!
    Chill the ego, Florio. You aren’t god’s gift.
    We know you hate the Browns anyways.

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