Dockett ahead of Boldin in line for extension

A. Boldin 2.jpgKent Somers of the Arizona Republic wrote an enlightening pair of articles detailing the Cardinals’ offseason priorities, and we couldn’t help but notice Anquan Boldin is far down the list.

* Immediate big name free agents like Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle come first. 

It would be a shock if the Cardinals could afford to keep Dansby.  Rolle looks likely to get cut and hit the market, but the Cardinals would like to keep him.  It will be tough if Rolle gets offers for Adrian Wilson-type money, because he’s not that caliber of player.

* The team told Darnell Dockett how important he is to the team. Depending on how free agency goes, the team may be able to give him an extension, but probably not until the season is closer.  He has two years left on his deal.

“If we can, we’ll address it,” G.M. Rod Graves said regarding Dockett.  “If not, we won’t have any other choice but
to delay it.”

* Progress is being made on a possible contract extension for Ken Whisenhunt.

* Anquan Boldin only has one year left on his contract, but an extension doesn’t appear to be in the works.  The Cardinals are open to a trade. 

“We’re going to look at all of the options available to us,” Graves

It’s telling that Boldin is behind Dockett in line despite having a year less on his contract.  It makes us think the Cardinals may finally deal Boldin while they still can.

13 responses to “Dockett ahead of Boldin in line for extension

  1. As a 49er fan I am disappointed. I was hoping they would pay Boldin big big money. Early Doucet, Breston and Fitz are all solid WRs and they really should move Boldin now or let him go next year.

  2. Boldin for Fargas? Riiiiiight. How about Boldin for a #2, or a player that is actually worthy of a roster spot and a #3? Huggy Bear Jr isn’t even likely to make the Raider roster – or any NFL roster for that matter – in 2010.
    Boldin for Marshawn? Sure. Just what every team needs, some low-character JAMF in the locker room. The Cards have been good at bringing in high-character guys. NFW they alter course on that one, certainly not for Marshawn. Or Vick.

  3. Boldin isnt worth more then a 3rd rounder at this point. 1 yr left on his deal, and 3 other wideouts there that can get it done… People are forgetting Arizona has a serious QB issue though… Boldin’s stock will only fall without Warner throwing him the ball

  4. The Cards waited too long. They’ll get far less for Boldin than they would have gotten a year or two ago. Just because they happened to make it to the Super Bowl a couple years ago doesn’t make them a well run franchise. They’re still the Cardinals.

  5. Boldin for Fargas? Boldin for Marshawn? I’ll trade you Boldin for a bag of whatever ya’ll are smoking.
    Must be pretty damn good.

  6. Without Warner, maybe without Dansby and Rolle, it sure looks like the Cardinals will resume their rightful place down in the standings again. Looks to be the 49ers year to win the division and get back into the playoffs.
    I still think that Niners were stupid to give up a home game to play in London. The schedules of the Cardinals and Niners are nearly identical except that the Niners get the Eagles and Packers while the Cardinals get the Cowboys and Vikings.

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