Knowshon under investigation after bar fight

NFL_moreno_250.jpgBroncos running back Knowshon Moreno was back in Athens, Georgia recently, the location of the campus of the University of Georgia.  Moreno now faces a claim that he knocked out a Georgia freshman on Saturday night at a bar fight there, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The alleged victim, Stephen Anderson, admits he was drunk and can’t identify the three men that Anderson claims jumped him.

Anderson’s friends reportedly are “certain” that Moreno, a first-round pick in the 2009 draft, punched Anderson in the face as he was leaving the Bourbon Street Bar.

The investigation is ongoing, and charges have not yet been filed.

If he’s ultimately charged and convicted (or if he pleads guilty), Moreno will be subject to discipline under the league’s personal conduct policy.

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  1. While it’s a little weird that this came out earlier today and you guys are just now posting it, you tend to ignore one paragraph:
    “The Athens Banner-Herald reports that Moreno, who rushed for nearly 1,000 yards with the Denver Broncos last season, told police he was struck first.”
    So Moreno was there and was hit, and it sounds like Moreno hit back in self defense.

  2. How goes to a regular club in Georgia now-a-days anyways. They got females lined up around the corner at the ATL strip clubs now tryna get in.

  3. @ lithium, chances are he probably was underage, but he could be of ageand enrolled late.
    Back to the main story. Knowshon coming from my homestate and reading about you, you got to make better decisions. Your a great athlete.

  4. Society sucks you cant even punch someone without getting sued or going to jail…i would def bet the kid deserved it

  5. so the drunk kid cant identify him, but his drunk friends are certain they can. sounds like they have a solid case to me.

  6. Dangit! Knowshon is my up and coming runningback for the Westmont WormBurners in my keeper league. I might have to keep a WR or a QB now.

  7. Wow, it takes balls for a freshman to admit to the police he was at a bar. I gotta go with GUILTY based just on that.

  8. It’s amazing that these guys who are professional athletes, in top shape and strong as hell can’t beat up some 18 y/o kid by themselves. He had to approach this kid with two other dudes, what a giant terd.

  9. So let me get this straight… 18 year old was in a bar….drunk….got hit by someone…and doesn’t remember anything. However, his friends are “certain” that the person who did it was the only person there with lots of cash for a potential lawsuit.
    Yeah this sounds on the up and up.

  10. So… this type of behavior didn’t come out in his Combine interviews last year? Thought those were the cure all for bad boys.

  11. Knowshon was taking out his frustration with his inability to knock over NFL tacklers. College freshmen are more his size.

  12. Don’t tell me, let me guess: one of the other suspects sought in this horrific beating was dressed up like a pirate with one leg higher than the other.

  13. The kid was an under-age drunk at a bar and got beat up by a man.
    Good for you Knowshon. Drunken freshmen are very obnoxious.

  14. Did one of his buddies cut low while he went high on the freshman? That would be true Bronco fashion.
    Mile high idiots. Throw away a good coach because he doesn’t make the playoffs. Hire a young punk to coach your team. The kid starts hot and fizzles out just like the last regime, only to miss out on playoffs again. Then the idiot fires his defensive coordinator who was the main reason for the hot start and IMPROVED defense. You guys are a mess up there. AFC west is looking easier and easier.

  15. Anyone willing to name themselves “Kyleortonsarm” has to be right all the time. Knowshon is innocent LOL

  16. It’s too bad Knowshawn didn’t punch a subordinate in the face while being a head coach. Then he wouldn’t have any problems…

  17. Knowshon claims he was hit first. Not saying hes inocent, but athletes are targets all the time. Some 18 year old punk at a bar could be looking for a pay day, or could be like most 18 year olds at a bar and looking to start crap. I won’t lay it on knowshon until the details come out, if they come out. Just think about, with cameras every where if you see an athlete and you want a pay day just mess with them. If they hit you, then you could sue them only to settle out of court. There is alot of scamers out there. Of course if your going to Georgia there is a chance your not that smart to think of a scam like that.

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