No punishment for Cable

NFL_cable.jpgA day after word broke that Raiders employee Randy Hanson has sued the team and coach Tom Cable for assault and battery due to an incident that left Hanson with a broken jaw, Cable has gotten some good news.

He won’t be disciplined by the league for the Hanson incident, or for subsequent claims of domestic violence made by a former wife and a former girlfriend.

Per the Associated Press, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Wednesday that the allegations made by Hanson warranted an evaluation.  But the league ultimately opted not to punish Cable due to the absence of criminal charges.

Hanson’s lawyer likely would contend that the decision not to punish Cable has something to do with the fact that any action against Cable would lend credence to Hanson’s legal claims.  Though we’re not prepared to make such a cynical suggestion, we’re surprised that the league would close the book on Cable just as civil proceedings regarding Hanson’s claims are commencing.

If Hanson prevails, it will mean that a jury found that it was more likely than not that Cable assaulted Hanson.  Such a finding from a neutral, objective body should be enough to get the league to take some type of action against Cable.

We’re not saying that Cable should or shouldn’t be punished; we’re only saying that the outcome of the civil proceeding should be a major factor in the final disposition.

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  1. Why do you have such a hard-on against this guy, Flowerino? You’ve been trying to get Cable ‘punished’ since all this BS came out, just for cause as you said because ‘Hanson suffered a broken jaw’. Were you in the frickin’ room? How do you know he didn’t trip over his own two feet and smash his head into a table?
    Give it up already and let the process play out as anyone in law should know – oh, that’s right…you don’t practice anymore. Please spare us your commentary and just report about the game.

  2. Tom Cable is a Raider and he fits just the description. Al Davis loves what Tom Cable brings to the Raider Mystic and its bad boy ways of old. Eventhough, the Raiders havent been winning on the field, they are always winning in court and against the league(except Reffs).
    Tom Cable being accused about wife beating is as crazy and ludacris as bringing out every coaches college or high school days and accuse them on being the same persons. It was more than 20yrs ago and its a very old story to be accused of now.
    Working for the Raiders, this fits right into the Raider ways and nobody except outside Raiders fans see something wrong with this.. For us its just being a Raider and dealing with the league.

  3. Every yr the Raiders lose 3-4 games by 3pts or less and every yr they get wins against contender teams, which states this team isnt as bad as most critics say they are. Sure by looking at their record(which most people dont even do) and all the Drama Al Davis creates(What everyone considers why this team is bad) every yr, we all assume this team is really bad. If only we would see outside the box we would all see that this team has talent and can win it just needs chemestry and leadership.
    an a new Qb.
    2007, lost to the Titans by 2pts – Denver cheated them out of a timeout FG Win – Took the Colts to the last minute to lose by a TD – Lost to the Bears by 3pts. With a little bit of luck .. 8-8(resonable for a rebuilding team)
    2008, SD came and def the Raiders by scoring 10pts in the final 2min. after Oakland had led all game(16-3 at halftime) – KC Chiefs def Raiders due to the Sebas mistake Td. – 5int for the Panthers and 1big run all game cost the Raiders the game by 7 – Lost to the Dolphins(playoff team) by 2. Lost to the Bills(then 4-0) by 1pt(last min FG) – Record shouldve been 10-6
    2009, SD MNF game was a Raiders win until 0:16sec left – Chiefs home game were DHB caught and threw the ball in the air as if it was a hot potato and it was intercepted. Raiders lost by 3pts and No 2min comeback for Gradkowski here.
    Had Gradkowski been in earlier and played healthy all yr who knows.. but for 2009 7-9
    so its
    not so Wow but also not as bad as to be the worst or top 5 worst in the NFL which they havent been drafting atleast in the top 8.
    Russells last yr in Oakland and benched in wk1
    2010 – 9-7
    2011 – 11-5
    2012 – 12-4 SuperBowl.

  4. Cable was the victim of a witch hunt because Al Davis wont talk to the media so they salivate at any morsel of semi-news that they can report about the dysfunctional franchise blah blah blah….suck it you were wrong:
    A: Cable was innocent of any crimes
    B: He still has a job

  5. John Goodman (Cable) is being punished by coaching this dismal franchise.
    Fo Raider Cult followers what is right is wrong, and what is wrong is right.
    Thinking a coach (a boss) beating up an employee is a honor to Raider criminals.
    Raider Followers consist of:
    Tookie Williams
    Charles Manson
    Eazy E
    Ice Cube
    Crips Gang members
    Epic Beard Man— Thomas Bruso
    San Quentin and Pelican Bay inmates
    Night Stalker
    This is your fan base……….

  6. So what you are saying is by law/criminal charges he did nothing wrong but if a jury thinks he may have done something the league should do something????
    Isn’t the law/charges black and white while jury charges tend to be grey at best?

  7. The civil trial should have quite a bit of amusement value at the Raiders expense. If Crazy Al buys off I mean settles with Hanson and prevents the details from coming out it will be an indicator that maybe Cable should have been punished after all, though in that case we’ll never know for sure.

  8. Florio you walking argument for retroactive abortion: did the skank that crapped you out have any kids with a pulse or a brain wave? I didn’t think so. Like hell you’re not saying Cable should or shouldn’t be punished. You’re the biggest retard on the planet and have from day one hoped that Cable would be disciplined/fired/sued or all of the above because of this ridiculous allegation made by a whiny punk who may just be related to you. This idiot couldn’t even get his owns lies straight which is why the DA told him to hoop his forehead. The retard (not to be confused with you) told a vastly different story from every other person in the room. Therefore there is nothing to “punish” Cable for. He did nothing wrong, he’ll prevail in court and the crybaby can go on welfare where he belongs. With any luck you and he will be spending eternity together in the dankest part of hell.

  9. yes i truly believe tom cable is an angel and wouldn’t hurt a flea. i also believe al davis is a master of the draft

  10. Florio, suck it up and admit you were wrong. HE never was suspended. He was never fired. He was never brought up on charges. You struck out big time on this Cable story from the get go. So did ESPN.

  11. Tom Cable is a turd who has never had a winning season in several years of coaching some of the nations smallest universities with some of the worst football programs. He’s a “Yes, Daddy” leach Al Davis has fallen in man-love with. Not unlike his woody for Jam Russell.

  12. The wife beating charge is dismissed because the court felt that being Head Coach was punishment enough.

  13. No punishment for Cable? Except for coaching the Raiders, being a fat sloppy mess, and working for Al Davis.

  14. Wow, now that the Raiders have Richard Seymour I guess the league is giving them the “Patriot Privilege”, they can’t get punished for breaking rules…..Every team needs to try and get a hold of a former Patriot star so they can avoid getting into trouble with the league for blatant rules violations….Guess Al Davis still has it!

  15. He beats his women, and he beats his assistant coaches. Cable would be facing some diciplinary action if he were a player. What a crock of s*#t.

  16. why??how many players have had civil cases against them? Big Ben the Rape man comes to mind…..Civil cases dont mean crap.

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you still think too much like a lawyer.
    I would hope that NFL executives (and all business leaders or that matter) recognize that they can do a better job making decisions about what is best for their business than the majority of the general population.
    After all, it’s the majority of the general population that gave us this woderful set of idiot politicians currently running this country.
    And to make it worse, jury selection will probably weed out sports fans. Tha’s just what the NFL needs – to trust to the opinions of a bunch of soap opera watching hairdressers rather than its own staff.
    Real bright Florio

  18. phillyeagleschamps you are an idiot.
    also among raiders fans are:
    james garner
    tom hanks
    tom clancy
    larry king
    anthony anderson
    majic johnson

  19. What??? The NFL and Raiders (located in uber liberal California) must have a Workplace Harassment Policy and having some type of physical confrontation that results in a broken jaw must be a violation of it. How can it not be considered a hostile work environment?????
    Please get a copy of their policy and give us the legal briefing of it.

  20. @ Phillychump, LMFAO again! Those sound like Philly fans! Philly fans are the scum of the earth!Thats common knowledge, also your team may have made the playoffs, but even J bust beat your team behind center. LMFAO, damn this just keeps gettting better and better. Kiss the rings Bitch!

  21. Phillyschump, your a Joke. This coming from the fans that Booed Santa. Damn that 80’s SuperBowl win must be eating you alive!! As Raider B said: “Kiss the ring Bitch!”

  22. phillyeagleschamps you are an idiot.
    also among raiders fans are:
    james garner
    tom hanks
    tom clancy
    larry king
    anthony anderson
    majic johnson
    What is this written in crayon, have to many Buds ???
    Metallica is a fan of any Football team that will let them play at their venue.
    Metallica has been seen wearing Eagles jerseys as well.
    Larry King?
    Larry King from Brooklyn New York and has a talk show?
    He is a Giants fan.
    Tom Hanks, has already been discussed, he like the EPL.
    Tom Clancy? Anthony Anderson?
    Are you making these names up?
    How about Claude Dump? or Ned Smitty, they are Raider fans too. Right?
    John Doe is a huge Raider fan.
    James Garner — doesnt attend games anymore.
    Jeffrey Dahmer wore a Raiders shirt.
    The Mexican Mafia are huge fans of the Raiders and MS 13.

  23. jb10: Clint Eastwood is a Raiders fan. During the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in 2004 (I think it was), Tom Brady made a comment about the “Raider jerks” who give him a hard time when he’s in the Bay Area. Clint, who went to Oakland Tech High School, replied, “I’m one of those Raider jerks.”

  24. maybe he should sue the nfl too, according to you.
    This guy is tainted , and will never get a job in the nfl now. Just look at his press release photo. You can tell he just came off a four day bender. He can’t even comb his darn hair.
    Did Cable bust his jaw, probably. Did he have it coming, Probably, but the real fact remains…who cares, besides the haters.

  25. @ phillyeagles chump
    dude James Hetfield lives in Marin. I have been tailgating when Metallica busted out and started playing in the parking lot. I know that does not happen in Philly……. others include Ice Cube, Tiger Woods, James Garner, Shaq, Snoop Dog, Slayer, Axel Rose, LL Cool J, Carl Weathers, Walt Coleman, , and the most famous fan Robert Charles Comer

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