Rich Tylski, wife ordered to pay $1.25 million to girl they abused

In a case with some deeply disturbing details, former NFL offensive lineman Rich Tylski and his wife have been ordered to pay $1.25 million to the girl they adopted and later were accused of abusing.

In an order released today, Circuit Judge Hugh Carithers said it was clear that Tylski and his wife, Jane Tylski, physically assaulted, battered and inflicted emotional distress on their daughter. The judge wrote that the Tylskis “admitted to . . . striking her with a belt, hitting her with a wooden spoon, placing ‘hot sauce’ on her tongue, bending her fingers backwards, and otherwise striking her.”

The girl, now 10, was taken from the Tylskis and lives with another adopted family.

As a couple, the Tylskis must pay $1 million in compensatory damages. Jane Tylski, who pleaded guilty to aggravated child abuse after she was accused of breaking the girl’s finger and leg, was ordered to pay an additional $250,000 in punitive damages.

According to the judge’s order, the injuries caused permanent physical and emotional damage to the girl.

Rich Tylski played for the Jaguars from 1996 to 1999, for the Steelers in 2000 and 2001 and for the Panthers in 2004.

43 responses to “Rich Tylski, wife ordered to pay $1.25 million to girl they abused

  1. $1.25 million isn’t enough….. they should hang in the purgatory of bankruptcy and then some for this garbage. Disgusting.

  2. F#@king scumbags…paying money isn’t enough. They should both have to go to prison and spend 8 hours a day getting their asses kicked for the rest of their worthless, miserable lives.

  3. She wasn’t even 10 when this happened. What is wrong with people. I mean how, seriously how do you harm a child?

  4. They got off WAY too easy, no jail time at all.
    WTF is goin on down there in Jacksonville with this judge?
    By the time the lawyers take their cut, this poor girl will end up scarred and broke.
    What a damn shame.

  5. I will never understand how an adult can possibly feel like behavior such as that is the right thing to do.
    They should be shot. As Dennis Miller would say, it’s time to “thin the herd”.

  6. This isn’t a couple isolated instances of soap on the tongue or striking a kid’s palms with a ruler. This was a pattern of increasingly abusive behavior by a frigging 300lb former offensive lineman. There is no excuse or rationalization for that behavior. The piece of crap should be putting soap on his roomate’s tongue in jail for the next 5-10 years.

  7. Abuse is no joke! But if we’re now making people pay for hitting their kids with a belt, then my Mom owes me somewhere around 1/4 Billion dollars!

  8. People, read the article – the girl’s guardian ad litem brought a civil suit against the couple. This wasn’t a criminal trial.

  9. Where are the authorities??? These people need JAIL TIME!!!
    And kotapug needs a little jail time too, so his cellmate can apply the wooden spoon and hot sauce!

  10. A light whack on the hands with the wooden spoon for trying to sneak a cookie is one thing, a spanking for disciplanary reasons can be understood. Breaking a girl’s fingers and leg is not a disciplinary measure and am glad for the girl’s sake that she has been removed from these ‘parents’.

  11. ☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says:
    February 24, 2010 5:36 PM
    She should have finished her vegitables
    and you should have finished school

  12. @ kotapug
    I’d have to agree with your assessment… I’m 32, and growing up it was quite common for me, my Brother, our friends, etc., to get a little tabasco on the tounge for talking back to our Moms… or a smack on the ass with a wooden spoon for behaving badly… I have never, nor will I ever have any problem with it… it kept me in line and made me fear the consequences of what would happen if I F_ed up!
    Having said that… I am simply outraged by the broken fingers and leg deal… that’s just plain evil! For that, they should spend some time in jail… but for the other stuff, it’s just not enough to make me feel bad.

  13. kotapug: Did you miss the part of the story where it says…
    The judge wrote that the Tylskis “admitted to . . . striking her with a belt, hitting her with a wooden spoon, placing ‘hot sauce’ on her tongue, bending her fingers backwards, and otherwise striking her.”
    I agree that kids today have no discipline at all, and that a good spanking is needed once in a while, but come on.

  14. This guy is the biggest scumbag, the only surprise is that he played for the Jags and not the crimimal holding cells otherwise known as the Vikings or Bengals.

  15. “Let parents do there job with out abuse and maybe kids these days would be worth a shit.And the hot sauce who cares . How many people had to put soap in there mouth when they where younger.”
    Soap is one thing, hot sauce can be harmful. I remember a case in Texas a few years back where a woman was convicted of murder because she gave her kid some cajun spice mix with water as a punishment and it killed him.

  16. @# LighTsouT says: February 24, 2010 5:06 PM
    Not defending them at all. But, people get away with more serious shit all the time and never have to pay shit back. Jail time should have definitely been applied, 6 months to a year or something. As for the money, I think it’ll cure a lot. People underestimate the power of money.
    The worst thing about a monetary settlement is the girls only 10. She’s placed with another foster care couple who is in a position to siphon off a good portion of this settlement under the disguise of providing for her care. I mean, I’m sure this child will need at least a $65,000 Escalade to drive her to her medical and therapy sessions. Not to mention the lawyers already took about $400 grand of this. Hope they got 5 to 10 along with the fine.

  17. Are you SURE he didn’t play for the Vikings? Seems like such a PERFECT fit.
    Funny, I was thinking of the Raiders….

  18. We don’t really know the entire story or the severity of what took place…….but…….as a child I was spanked with a belt, and I was hit with a wooden spoon. I had soap put in my mouth, and I was made to kneel in a corner until I was ready to appologize.
    So were most of the other kids that I knew.
    I probably earned and deserved every bit of it.
    And you know what……we turned out fine, and were more respectful than these self entitled brats that are walking around today. Parents need to take control of their kids, and stop letting them rampage around restraunts and grocery stores unattended. Lack of parental disipline is half of what’s wrong with this country today.
    I’m grateful to my parents for showing me manners, and teaching me right from wrong.

  19. Didn’t the Panthers have a bunch of guys linked to “roids at the same time he played there? Seems like he took his rage out on an unsuspecting kid, and his wife followed suit.
    And the fact that he played in Pittsburgh isn’t surprising either, with their tradition of domestic battery by players seemingly indicating that it is a team approved OTA.
    Just sayin’…………………..

  20. Worthless pieces of garbage, abusing a poor kid.. In a related note, how much do you want to bet that this creep will be going to the union a few years from now and saying he’s flat broke, he has no idea how it could have happened, and now he needs a handout, because he’s in his 40’s and can’t be expected to work anymore.

  21. I was amazed at all the negative comments; maybe I missed something. Other than the broken finger and leg, which were not explained, it sounded like everyday punishment at my house growing up. My father used to make me go pick the belt he was going to “spank” me with, threw hot/warm coffee in my brother’s face, washed out our mouths with soap, and all the good things you would expect an ex-Marine to do to their kids. Now, kids are suing adopted parents for this sort of thing? Unreal!

  22. not excusing tylski but…
    what did the kid do? should the kid get a free pass?
    i have kids. they arent always obedient. they also can more than theoeretically exaggerate. they can resort rather quickly to violence also.
    especially females.
    the fingers part bothers me. but what was the kids refusing to let go of? the hot sauce… some kids have to be forced to try new things. the rest is ash and trash. social workers are people who cant get dates or mates or kids trying to tell normal people how to raise kids.
    and a lot of adoptees, hate to say it, are like damaged goods. right or wrong, they can have a chip on their shoulder, or emotional problems. they may have been abused much worse than what was alleged of the tylskis. they can be the offspring of druggies, and be incompletely hinged on the way in to your house. and a living hell for your actual kids.
    some are just unfortunate.
    i admire some people who adopt kids. cant say i want to emulate them.
    there may well be, as some have alluded, a lot of pee cee bullschitt at work in this case.

  23. boy, are you guys out of touch. first of all how many of you have children? i`m guessing about 1/3 of the people commenting. so, you have a child you have brought into your life to try and make the kids life better. at first its cool….sure she wants this and that but you go along with it. then your wife says “hey lets make her clean the toilet with a toothbrush”….and then the kid gets all pissed off! i can totally see where these parents are coming from and they seem to be spot on with there methods. next time my kid wants new sneakers i will remind her of the time she asked for new socks. DUMB ASS KIDS! who`s with me fellas?

  24. Oh, snap!!! Harry Reid was right! We do need to create more jobs because men get abusive when they’re out of work!

  25. You people posting negative comments have no idea of the torture this child endured. I spanked by 3 sons with a belt and washed their mouths out with soap. However, I never left bruises, some with broken skin, or broke bones. These are just the things the Tylskis admitted to. The original charges included other vile things. You should go to and look at the pictures they posted and that isn’t all of them. Our family has had the priviledge of having this wonderful child for almost 4 years and her parents don’t need an Escalade to drive her to therapy. They are responsible working middle-class who simply love their children. Any of you on here who equate the injuries inflicted on this child with your own form of discipline should be looking at criminal charges also.

  26. Please get the facts people. I know all of the people involved including the little girl who was never one to act out, or “do anything” etc. She was around 4 when the abuse from the Tylski’s began. I was disciplined as a child and this was NOT discipline this was SEVERE ABUSE. They would slam her head against the table at dinner, etc. bend her fingers backwards to the point where they were broken and disfigured, they broke many bones on her body and practically used her as a punching bag. They pled guilty in a criminal case and the current case is civil to pay for her continued medical bills and therapy. There is NO excuse… watch the news video footage and see the pictures:

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