Colts won't tag Brackett, but still hope to sign him

So with only two unrestricted free agents as the uncapped year approaches — the starting middle linebacker and a backup kicker — the Colts won’t be using the franchise tag on either of them.

Team president Bill Polian said Wednesday that it’s unlikely that the team will use the restriction to hold linebacker Gary Brackett in place.

“We still have about 24 hours to decide what we want to do and we
continue to talk
,” Polian said, per the Associated Press.  “I can’t tell you what we’ll do one way
or the other.  But as far as the franchise tag, I would think that we
would not use that.”

The problem is that the franchise tag requires the team using it to offer the player a one-year deal with a salary equal to the average compensation of the five highest-paid players in the league from 2009.  For linebackers, the 2010 number is $9.68 million.

Brackett’s agent previously has said that Brackett hopes to retire as a Colt.  This likely has Polian banking on his ability to get Brackett signed to a long-term deal that doesn’t include $9.68 million in Year One as the starting point.

If they can’t get it done, Brackett will hit the open market on March 5.

7 responses to “Colts won't tag Brackett, but still hope to sign him

  1. And if they do let Brackett walk, they will be saying to their fan base that all this talk about us getting back to the SB is just that – talk. Maybe they should take a little bit from Peyton and give it to Gary.

  2. Let him walk…back home to NJ, Meadowlands is just a stones throw away from Rutgers…could def use that veteran leadership at MLB for Big Blue.

  3. I have a feeling that the Colts are about to slide back into mediocrity. I don’t want that to be the case, as I would have been rooting for them had they played anyone other than the Saints, but after seeing their coach on the sidelines with that “WTF is going on” look on his face pretty much every time the camera went to him all season long, I just don’t think he’s going to cut it in the long run.

  4. 4ever19 … Brackett isn’t worth 9.7million
    and if you look at this –
    “At linebacker, the average 2009 pay of Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware ($11.435 million), Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby ($9.678 million), Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher ($9.175 million), Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck ($9.109 million), and Jets linebacker Bart Scott ($9 million) equates to $9.68 million.”
    Brackett is definitely not worth more than Bart Scott

  5. Brackett would be a backup on most teams. Let him go see that there’s not a top dollar value for him in the open market, then he and his agent will come back and sign whatever Polian had on the table.

  6. Rip as a Pats fan I would hope you are right BUT I don’t believe as long as Manning is the QB this team will sink into mediocrity.
    With that said this was the season to put it all together because from experience it is very hard to put up a season like the Colts had. The AFC South is getting stronger.
    I do agree that Caldwell may not be a good HC as I agree he seemed dumbfounded during the SB from what I have seen, highlights, Soundtrack F/X etc.

  7. The Colts have survived when a multitude of other LB’s walked out the door (Mike Peterson, Marcus Washington, David Thornton, Cato June).
    However, this would not be a smart move to let Brackett leave. His leadership and savvy would be tough to replace. Make it happen, Polian. Bring back, Brackett!!

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