Combine rumor: Boldin will finally get dealt

It’s always been a career goal of mine to pass along some nebulous “buzz” or “word on the street” that a respectable journalist would be too responsible to write.

My time has come.

The chatter at the Scouting Combine from a few places is that Anquan Boldin will finally get traded this offseason. 

The notion isn’t much different from what I wrote on the topic Wednesday, but now it’s coming from people who know what they are talking about.

The Cardinals held out for a big trade package for Boldin last offseason and never came close to dealing him.

The feeling now is that they will accept less for him for a variety of reasons.  Boldin has only one year left on his deal, his body takes the punishment of a running back, and Steve Breaston has proven to be a reliable starter.

While Boldin’s health is a question mark, he’s only 29 years old and is known as a great locker room leader.  Baltimore tops the list of teams that will be interested and Miami also makes sense.

The Cardinals wanted a first and a third-round pick last year.  With his trade value down, perhaps a second-round pick and change could seal the deal.

Expect to hear a lot more about Boldin in the build up to April’s draft.  This time, it should pay off in a trade.

58 responses to “Combine rumor: Boldin will finally get dealt

  1. I think the willingness to finally trade him has more to do with Early Doucet than it does with Steve Breaston. Doucet stepped up in the playoffs the way that Fitz did the year before.
    Doucet could easily pass Breaston as the number 2 on that team. Fantasy owners beware!
    And with all that said… the Ravens should aim for Marshall, not Boldin. They need a reciever than goes up in the air, as that height and jump. Boldin is just a freight train with great hands… but he needs an accurate QB with good decision-making skills. With MArshall… Flacco can toss those lobs up that he loves to throw, and let Marshall go up and get them.
    And Marshall obviously has age on his side, and speed as well.
    Boldin will be a great pick-up for somebody… but he’s not the type of receiver the Ravens should be spending a ton of money on.

  2. Seems like a 3rd and 4th would be all it took this year. Especially with the Cards looking to deal him, it would be a buyer’s market.

  3. Boldin is a great player when healthy but probably only plays 2 or 3 more years and will only play 12-14 games per year.

  4. “It’s always been a career goal of mine to pass along some nebulous “buzz” or “word on the street” that a respectable journalist would be too responsible to write.
    My time has come.”
    Well, you finally popped your cherry. Congrats.
    Now go home and get your shinebox.
    Yours truly,
    Mike Florio

  5. After an extensive background check, the Ravens could find no evidence of a connection to a homocide, so they have decided to pass.

  6. Miami makes the most sense, but he is not worth a second given his age, wear and tear, and injuries. Perhaps a 3rd round pick and a backup player currently on Miami’s squad.

  7. I am a huge Boldin fan. I don’t think this is right time to move him esp with Matty L the new starter. I understand Ducet and Breaston are good but without Boldin the DB’s will pay more attention to Fitz. With that being said, I am a Jets fan and I think he would fit in perfect. Offer a third and later see what happens. Jets don’t take many shots deep down field and he is a great possesion receiver who is tough and has good hands. Sanchez with Keller, Stone Hand Edwards, Cotch and Q to throw too and that line, can you say AFC Championship next year ! I may be dreaming but habi is right, he is a great WR for short passes and YAC. Tough as nails and deserves the money in ARI but I guess they don’t agree.

  8. I’ve always been skeptical of his potential as a #1 Wide Out. Being on the east coast, I haven’t been able to watch him that much, but he no doubt benefits from having Larry on the other side of the ball.
    Then I looked at his career stats, and he had a huge rookie year without Larry. And he’s a great red zone guy. So I’m warming up to the idea of a potential trade to the Ravens.
    I wonder how the Ravens would use Mason (assuming he comes back) if they had Boldin too. They seem like they run similar routes.

  9. Please God, let Parcells and Ireland bring him to the Dolphins.
    A WR depth chart of Boldin, Hartline, Bess would make me cry.

  10. Patriots have three 2nd round picks. They need someone who can line up wide opposite Moss, run good routes, and catch the ball. Not a deep threat, just someone who knows how to run a variety of routes and be where he’s supposed to be, and catch the pass when it comes to him.
    They have three 2nd round picks. Just sayin’…

  11. “The notion isn’t much different from what I wrote on the topic Wednesday, but now it’s coming from people who know what they are talking about.”
    Did you ever stop to wonder if maybe these guys are talking about it because they all read this site and saw the story about it here on Wednesday?

  12. boldin wants fitz money ( 10M ) so don’t call the cards cheap…boldin wanted a new deal 4-5 years ago and the started chirpin….hey q thanks for the memories, but your time is up here

  13. He’s not worth a second. Good player but he’s got some wear and tear on him. As Dolphins fan I would offer them a conditional 4th for him.

  14. “The Cardinals wanted a first and a third-round pick last year. With his trade value down, perhaps a second-round pick and change could seal the deal”
    That aint going to happen. I forgot you werent on PFT last year but if you were you would know that last year even though they wanted a 1st and a 3rd for Boldin teams like the Eagles Ravens etc. who everyone said were going to trade for him the past 2 years only offered 2nd round or 3rd round picks for him plus anoth mid to late rounder.
    So there is no way they are going to get that same offer this year especially sense his production and especially his health has declined. Last year they could have gotten a 2 plus change but because they showed everybody they didnt need Boldin that price has dropped. The teams success without Boldin last year will deffently drop his value.
    The only way they get a 2nd for Boldin is if Al Davis trades for him or if its not just Boldin they trade. They would have to move Boldin and one of their picks or a role player to get a second for him. Otherwise they will probably get something close to a 3rd and a 7th or something similiar in value. The problem is they probably wont trade him at all because they still think hes worth a 2nd.
    Mark it down the Cardinals will not get a 2nd for Boldin unless they sweeten the pot.

  15. worst prediction in the history of the nfl…4skins win the sb. talk about not knowing anything about football.

  16. Bring him to New England! We have what you want Baby…We got picks! He would be a great fit in New England. Sign him to a long term deal and pay him and Moss during uncapped year and let Randy go after 2011.

  17. Let’s not forget, the Cards tore up his rookie contract after two years and extended him.
    Two years later he’s bitching about his contract.
    ….and bitching, and bitching, and bitching.
    Now we hear how the Cards have the screwed the pooch on this one?
    Get real!
    They kept him last year because Doucet was an uncertainty and with an air attack like they ran, you need 3 good wr’s.
    So they use him, trade him and get more value.
    That’s good business sense, not stupidity.
    I see a 3rd plus….

  18. Not to sound like a fan with a misguided wish list that will never happen like most of these folks but I think the Panthers are the team that both team and player could immediately benefit from…
    Unfortunately with Panthers not franchising Peppers for trade they don’t really have any bargaining chips for this guy. It is possible they could get him for a 2nd round pick and some other picks in the 4th or 5th. (Most WR’s his age haven’t gone for much more than a 2nd) and Panthers are a team that is among the youngest and most talented in the league. They need older veterans to fill their holes rather than more young talent at this point…
    Just my 2 cents…

  19. Gregg, you’re writing sounds like Florio more and more every damn day. Find your own voice.
    What’s the next step? Pulling youtube clips of Cheers and referencing Ted Danson?

  20. If it’s for picks, it will not be the Jets. They only have 1,2,6,7 this year because they already traded them all away.

  21. As a Phin Fan, if were going to get a WR in free agency I’d much rather bring in Antonio Bryant. Spend the money on Dansby. Get him in Miami Tuna!

  22. Want to see Randy Moss lose his freaking mind? Bring in a receiver that is better than him to take away half of his catches.
    On the bright side, he’d get a chance to see how a complete receiver blocks down field.

  23. i’d rather have arrelius benn or golden tate with one of those second rounders. you know – a guy at the beginning of his career who can stay on the field

  24. Pilot, I would love for Boldin to come to Carolina, but if he wants Delhomme to throw to him, he needs to keep wearing his Cardinals’ uniform.

  25. After an extensive background check on UNCLE LEO…no one could find any signs of intelligence….
    what exactly is a “homocide” ??? Douche-bag says what??

  26. I am begging, please miami, rather than spending another 2nd round pick on a QB, just send it to Zona for Boldin!!!

  27. pilot08 says:
    February 25, 2010 7:16 PM
    He should be a Panther.. He and 89 would be sick.
    He should be a Bengal. He and 85 would be sick. 🙂
    Actually, though, as a couple other people have said, I’d rather draft Tate, Benn, or someone just starting out.

  28. im glad the Seahawks have such a solid receiving corps that we dont need to look elsewhere for more talent. (yes folks this is me being sarcastic)

  29. For a guy with “no trade value” he’ll draw a lot of interest. Step back a moment and take a look at the 3 teams that really needed him last year. Baltimore, Miami and Atlanta. Two of the 3 missed the playoffs (no question Falcons real issues were defense). Baltimore and Miami desperately need WR help and can make the playoffs NOW. Statistical odds of a rookie really stepping up are less then 25% (as WR).
    Add New England with Moss issues and Welker injury. So if your the Jets and Miami is offering a 3 what do you do?…Offer your 2. If your New England and two teams in your division are angling for a #1 receiver who could potentially keep you out of the playoffs and you have issues at the position anyway you offer what it takes to make you better and keep them under you.
    Q to New England for a #2 and whatever little sweetner it takes to seal the deal.

  30. Laxer37 says:
    February 25, 2010 11:45 PM
    Want to see Randy Moss lose his freaking mind? Bring in a receiver that is better than him to take away half of his catches.
    On the bright side, he’d get a chance to see how a complete receiver blocks down field.
    I’m a Pats fan and no I wasn’t big on their getting Moss..and I am not a huge fan of his either but be fair. WW has caught more balls than Moss every year and Moss has said ZERO about it.

  31. AZ Here –
    It’ll take two 2nd round picks….sorry for the ignorance of Florio.
    We know what Q is. The Cards ARE NOT going to drop him for one 3rd round pick and change….not with 3/4 of the league going to make a call on him. Last the Cards are willing to keep him for one more year if the highest offer is a 3rd….remember that Dallas gave a 1st, 3rd and 7th for Roy Williams. Roy couldn’t hold Q’s jock. Q is twice the player, twice the leader and twice the man Roy is.
    He will go to the highest bidder and it’ll involve two #2’s.
    JDOGG has the best trade out there and I believe the Cards would accept. (the only reason they may say No is because of the salary that goes with that pick)
    We don’t want Ted Ginn, but would look at a quality ILB…maybe a team loaded.
    I wouldn’t be shocked to see Chicago come into the mix and toss Urlacher and a 3rd at us…at which the Cards would look.
    Let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR – a #3 and change will not get it done.

  32. Chiefs?
    The guy is 29, he doesn’t have the years left in his career to go to a team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 17 years.

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