PFTV ponders the future of L.T., Westbrook

So with two of the best tailbacks from the past decade on the market, where will their careers continue?

For one of them, we’re not sure that his career even will continue.

For more, here’s a little PFTV.


4 responses to “PFTV ponders the future of L.T., Westbrook

  1. Everyone is making Westbrook out to be a Viking now. I don’t want that dude on our team. He’s too much of a liability durability-wise.
    Either sign LT or Peppers or re-sign Taylor.

  2. As far as prioritizing the things on LT’s wish-list, going to a Winner should rank at the very top. Watching LT struggle on a team struggling even harder would be painful to watch. Sounds to me like LT knows this better than anyone so I predict he’ll take less money to extend his career with a quality team…

  3. The trick is the money. Neither one is worth much more than the vet minimum… around $850,000. But both are used to playing for 5-10 times that. Lots of teams would sign them for what they’re now worth… but I can’t see either playing for that amount. Too much ego…

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