Rumors swirl of Jason Campbell trade

Rumors of trades and free-agent signings abound every year at the NFL scouting combine, but most years the sports writers at the combine don’t share those rumors with their readers until they move out of the “rumor” category and actually become news.

So it was a little surprising (and refreshing) to read Jason Reid of the Washington Post write today about a rumor that he and Jason La Canfora of NFL Network “both were busy checking out” in Indianapolis.

Reid writes that the rumor is that the Redskins would send quarterback Jason Campbell to the Buffalo Bills for safety Donte Whitner and a draft pick.

The rumor isn’t actually likely to come to fruition, and the Redskins are indicating publicly that they plan to bring Campbell back. Still, Reid writes that he wouldn’t be surprised if Campbell isn’t back with the Redskins in 2010.

Campbell becomes a restricted free agent next week, and the Redskins are expected to tender him an offer of $3.268 million, which would entitle them to first- and third-round draft picks as compensation if he signs elsewhere.

48 responses to “Rumors swirl of Jason Campbell trade

  1. I believe the thing that Jason Campbell needs is to go to a franchise that believes in stability, as well as an offensive line that can protect him. Buffalo does not exactly come to mind when naming these stipulations.

  2. The Redskins would be dumb to let him go. Maybe if they could get this guy into a consistent system his play will improve. He has played in a new offense pretty much every year.

  3. Brilliant! Why couln’d they keep Jason around for a year and get rid of that idiot safety LaRon? He’s terrible.

  4. I’d do this in a second. Whitner is good and all but Wilson was able to come right in and play for him when he was hurt. I like Campbell unlike some people and think they he could give the Bills a lot better play at QB over Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Brian Brohm. But like a typical Bills fan, I wont get my hopes up.

  5. Being a Bill’s fan and seeing the Edwards, Losman, Brohm, Fitzpatrick train wreck at QB since Bledsoe left… (and for that matter Collins, Flutie, Johnson, etc since Kelly left)
    I would welcome this in a heart beat. At least this guy can through and is young enough to still be worth something. The bonus would be to get rid of that self-over-hyped Whitner poor excuse for a safety. Maybe he would flourish elsewhere, good for him. Nice guy, good team player but when a rookie (Byrd) and a journeyman (Scott) outplay you… it’s time to go.

  6. Any team trading for him will be deemed DUMB. We all know he will be cut. His likely landing destinations are:
    Cleveland, Buffalo, St. Louis
    If anyone trades for him, it will be no more than a 3rd or 4th round player with MAYBE an insignificant player. That is the max value for him knowing the Redskins don’t want or appreciate him.
    As a Browns fan, send him to Cleveland. His accuracy, QB Rating, Completion % are all solid. He just needs protection to make plays.

  7. so we are praising a journalist for writing about a rumor that even the journalist says is likely not to happen? i wonder where in journalism school that is taught.

  8. Every season Redskins fans make excuses for JC. “if he had receivers to throw too… if he had an o-line… if he had better coaching…”
    He’s just not that good. He’s not bad, but he’ll never be an upper echelon QB. He’s got a slow delivery and poor accuracy. He can be effective once he gets into a rhythm and defenses start worrying about his ability to run with the ball, but those moments are few and far between.
    The Redskins should definitely take a hard look at QB with that #4 pick, because they won’t be able to compete with the rest of the NFC East, let alone the NFC, with what they have now.

  9. If they get Jason Campbell, they need to build an offensive line around him. Jason can do well, but you gotta get him some help.

  10. You got to be crazy to take anything for Campbell!
    One of the most underrated starters out there!
    Humble, cool hand luke style, even keeled quarterback
    My only knock on him, he over thinks his progressions and is too scared to run, because he doesn’t want that “black quaterback = athlete” stigma on him!
    If he goes to the right coach ala “quarterback guru” you got a sure handed starter for the next 7 years!

  11. The Bills probably don’t value whitner as much as the skins’ would and vice versa with Jason on the Skins’, That being said, It better be a low draft pick and not a top three round pick. Every pick in those rounds has some future value. We have enough QB’s and potential QB’s in the draft. Straight up trade, Skin’s don’t value Campbell, Bills value Whitner but have no use for him. Straight up trade. Shanahan’s drafting a QB anyway.

  12. evil phonics monkey, try going out and getting “hooked on phonics” so you can tell the difference between THROW and THROUGH

  13. There are a lot of Buffalo and Campbell haters, but the deal would be good for both parties.
    Certainly an upgrade for Buffalo, and an affordable one to boot.

  14. other than the first half of 2008, he is 13-30 as a starter.
    he didnt take them to the playoffs either.
    he isnt even the best qb on the skins.

  15. The Bills should jump at this trade provided the draft pick is 3rd round or lower. Donte “Whitless” is awful, so I am happy to just cut him. However, if a clueless team like the Foreskins is willing to give up Campbell (a capable, but not great QB) for a slug like Whitless and a so-so draft pick that’s great!

  16. The Bills should jump at this trade provided the draft pick is 3rd round or lower. Donte “Whitless” is awful, so I am happy to just cut him. However, if a clueless team like the Foreskins is willing to give up Campbell (a capable, but not great QB) for a slug like Whitless and a so-so draft pick that’s great!

  17. Campbell has never materialized. He’s the typical “done just enough to keep his job but not enough to be a perennial winner”.
    You can give the excuses about him having different offensive coordinators etc etc, but the truth is you either have it or you don’t. He’s always gonna be a guy who shows flashes of brilliance but can’t put all the pieces together.
    If the Bills take him they’ll be settling for another middle of the road QB. They should instead address their QB needs in the draft. Make a move, do what it takes. If you want to be a championship team you’ve gotta take risks, and not the kind that involve acquiring Campbell.

  18. Buffalo has a solid running tandom and decent wr’s.. I like this trade, b/c they already have good, young safeties.. They need to build up the Oline and not make Campbell try too much..
    I thought a team like Carolina could use Campbell, but it looks like Matt Moore will be the man.

  19. jason campbell is trent dilfer without the awesome running game or awesome defense. he’s a tavaris jackson/david garrard, who can look ok if everything around him is great. the problem is the franchise has no idea how to build a team.

  20. As a Skins fan, I have watched his entire career, and come away with the folowing thoughts
    1. He takes way to long to figure out where he wants to throw
    2. He is careful with the ball, but maybe he overthinks it.See No. 1
    3. He is always a class act and handles himself very well.
    4. If he has the ball with 2 mins left and we need a td, it’s over. We lose. He ain’t never gonna get it done. Better off with Mark Brunell.
    5. On the other hand, with some linemen and the same coaching staff for 3-5 years, he may be better than we think.

  21. As a Redskin fan, i would approve of this deal. Campbell needs a fresh start and the Bills would be a good team to start fresh with, we also need a safety and while Whitner isn’t a stud, he will be ok and then we can get a quarterback in the draft and build around him.

  22. I doubt Campbell will end up with the Browns unless Mike Shanahan has a secret Brady”the Breck Girl” Quinn fetish that no one knows about. If the Redskins could not get a spiced ham for Campbell, I doubt the Browns could get more than a expired can of spam for Anderson/Quinn together. Campbell and Quinn are both too slow in reading their progressions and too gun shy to start in the NFL.
    The word in Cleveland is that the Browns are after Kevin Kolb. I don’t think the Redskins will draft a QB @ #4. I think it will be Okung or the best left tackle in that spot. If the Browns draft a QB it won’t be until after the 2nd round. They will go after Joe Haden , Rolando Mcclain or Jason Paul -Pierre. There is no way Bradford or Clausen end up with them.

  23. Wait…… Jason Campbell has any marketability at all? The ‘Skins would be lucky to get ANY draft pick for him, let alone a pick AND a player. I wouldn’t give up the last pick in the draft for him. He may be a great guy and an ok leader, but he’s not leading a team to any significant number of wins as a starter. There will be many QB’s available late in any draft that will add as much value as Campbell will.

  24. marshawn lynch to san diego, cromartie to washington, campbell to bufallo. all 3 teams continue not to win super bowls ( or in bufallos case, never go above .500)

  25. florioSweatsJETS says: February 25, 2010 3:15 PM
    DoomsDayD75, skins looking at QB at 4th pick? you have been drinking coolaid????!!!!!
    Well they need one. Go watch the the Lions/Redskins game last year if you don’t believe me.

  26. I think the trade would be the best for the Redskins and Campbell. I would think this guy would be a case in point of someone who would benefit from a change in scenery. He has been dumped on by Redskins fans ever since he made his first mistake. I think he gets the most heat of about any QB in the league that is somewhat decent.
    I don’t think Campbell will be great, but I do think he is starter caliber. He just needs to get to a place where the fans are more knowledgeable ( I think anyone who lives in Virginia and is not a Skins fan knows that their fans, for the most part, know only about the Redskins, and nothing else when it comes to football.)

  27. i agree Campbell needs a team with stability. how many offensive C’s has he had? what is it 3 in his first 4 yrs? or something like that.That is ABSURD! for any team. u cant do that to a team much less a young QB.thats the perfect way to ruin someones confidence and career

  28. Let the rumors swirl! Bottomline – if Shanahan and Allen trade Campbell, draft Sam “the One-Armed Man” Bradford or Jimmy “Call Me Rick Mirer” Claussen at #4, do not acquire top-flight, young talent on the OL and go into camp with Overpaid Rookie QB, Colt “Not that Colt” Brennan and Some Guy to Be Named Later at QB -THE HONEYMOON IS OVER!!!! Washington sports fans will know if they should get their money together for Capitals tickets right after the draft.
    And some GM will be rightly praised when Campbell performs above all expectations with a new team.

  29. Why isn’t anyone writing about St. Louis giving up there 1st round pick for Campbell. Thats the real story right there!! j/k….Campbell is an OK QB, however, he needs a fresh start somewhere else. This would be what, his 19th system since his Freshman year of college??

  30. This is a good trade for the Redskins if they are guaranteed to draft Bradford at 4. Otherwise I dont no why they would trade their starting qb when theirs not a decent replacement in free agency or the draft for him. The Redskins think they can be contenders this year and they arent going to get it done with Colt Brennan or whoever else they have at Qb. I just dont see this trade happening if they dont have another servicable qb ready to step in.
    On the other hand If Im the Eagles I would trade Vick for Whitner and a pick in a heartbeat. Assuming that the Bills want Vick. Trading Vick wouldnt cripple the Eagles chances like trading Campbell would. Actually it would probably help him seeing that they would have 5 million more dollars to spend on a guy like Julius Peppers, Dansby, or Kampman. Also it would help the Eagles fill a need at safety in Whitner. I think this would be a great deal for both teams.
    Vick could come in and immediately help the Bills ticket sales and their offense. Also he would surely sign a multi year deal with them if they offer him the starting role. Which would allow them to draft a qb and bring him along slowly on the bench for 3-4 years.
    For the Eagles it would free up money. It also would give them an upgrade at safety. Which would allow them to take the best player available in the draft instead of going after needs. Also it would give them a late 6 or 7th round pick which they could use on a qb. That way they could have a guy learning the system and being prepared to be Kevin Kolbs back up or possibly challenging him for job in a few years down the road.
    I would love this trade to happen for the Eagles if the Redskins decide not to get involved. I dont see why the Bills would have a problem with it if they are willing to do it with Campbell. It probably would happen but if it does that would be great.

  31. I can’t see this even being remotely true. For starters, trading Campbell would mean Shanahan would be willing to go into his first year in DC with a starting rookie QB. He’s never done that before, even Cutler had to sit behind Plummer in Denver. And let’s say decides to go with a stop-gap QB in free agency, who’s better than Campbell? Easy, NOBODY.

  32. Campbell isn’t going anywhere. All this talk about the Redskins trading Campbell or picking a QB with the 4th pick is BS. The people who wanted Campbell gone last year are no longer making football decisions!

  33. I stand in defense of Jason Cambell , you could put Payton manning ,Dam Marino , or Tom Brady behind that terrible Redskin line and get the same passing results !!! That is not my only reason, the other is that whether your sold on Jason or not the Redskins need two Qb’s and the price that you can keep Cambell at as a restricted free agent it makes sense to keep him and let him compete against whatever Qb the Redskins aquire. Time will show that Jason Cambell will produce !!!

  34. @ DB26 says:
    February 25, 2010 2:30 PM
    Any team trading for him will be deemed DUMB. We all know he will be cut. His likely landing destinations are:
    Cleveland, Buffalo, St. Louis
    If anyone trades for him, it will be no more than a 3rd or 4th round player with MAYBE an insignificant player. That is the max value for him knowing the Redskins don’t want or appreciate him.
    As a Browns fan, send him to Cleveland. His accuracy, QB Rating, Completion % are all solid. He just needs protection to make plays.
    db – I am with you, you put his stats in Cleveland last year, we would have had a way better record, if you don’t want’em, send him our way! Then he is only 28 years old! Please, send him to Cleveland!

  35. Some people think that the talk about the number of coordinators that he’s had is foolish but let me tell you, it’s not.
    I can remember having 3 different head coaches, who were also their own OCs and they couldn’t have been more different. Two numbered their holes odd to the right and even to the left and the other did it the opposite. One guy didn’t like to pass so we only had 4 routes and they were named (Receivers Hook, Receivers Out, Receivers In and Receivers fly. I kid you not). Another did X, Y, Z and he also had named routes and the third numbered the receivers and we had a numbered passing tree. Try putting together a consistent attack early in the season when you’re trying to remember whether it was odd to the right or it’s Z Go.
    For the most part, Peyton and Brady have had 1 system, through out their careers. That’s important because they don’t have to stop to think about whether a play means that a receiver is doing one thing in one system and something completely different in another. You could be the smartest person in the world but if you’re going through different offensive systems every couple of years early in your career, it’s gotta keep your head spinning. NFL offenses are far more complex than what you see in high school or college and if you think that you can pick up a new one every couple of years then you’re talking out of your butt. It’s hard enough going from college to the pros but when you’re changing the offense every couple of years, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. It takes time ON BOTH SIDES of the ball to learn a new playbook and it doesn’t become second nature until after a couple of years.
    At this stage in his career, the best thing for Jason is a clean break. There’s going to be a new offensive system to learn and like it or not, he’s NOT going to get a chance to compete for the job long term so he should go somewhere else where he can get the shot and if it’s with a new coach that has time on his side, like Gailey then so be it.

  36. Jason Campbell is a top 15 Qb in the league in just about every catagory. He passed for over 3600 yards last season with horrible play calling/coaching. He also had to do everything without any running game or pass blocking. The Redskins (I am sorry Redskins fans) had the worst offensive line in the NFL (12 different O- lineman changes). Look at Matt Shaub and compare Jason Campbell’s physical tools. I think the trade would be foolish of the redskins to give up Jason Campbell for less than Whitner and a 3rd. That is only if they were to be able to draft Bradford at the #4 spot.

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