Trindon Holliday aims for 4.23-second 40-yard dash

Not many people knew who Chris Johnson was until the running back from East Carolina turned heads at the 2008 scouting combine by running a 4.24-second 40-yard dash. After that 40, the Tennessee Titans chose Johnson with the 24th pick in the draft, and Johnson is now the league’s reigning offensive player of the year.

LSU running back Trindon Holliday wants to do Johnson one better.

My goal is to run a 4.23,” Holliday said today in Indianapolis.

It’s not out of the question. The 5-foot-5 Holliday is a track star who has run the 100-meter dash in 10 seconds flat, and he says he’s been timed at 4.21 seconds in the 40.

“It’s not really a competition,” Holliday said of trying to beat Johnson’s time. “I just want to come out and run as fast as I can. But I am going to try to.”

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  1. And with all that speed he still wasn’t even his team’s best back a LSU.
    People who actually follow the draft or college football were well aware of Chris Johnson. He did have 2000 yards his senior year.

  2. It doesn’t matter, Holliday will get drafted very late because of his speed, whether he runs 4.19 or 4.40, he’s got great game speed, but poor skills and a tiny frame.

  3. Too bad Chris Johnson is 5’10” and close to 200lbs, whereas this guy is nothing but a pipsqueak who wouldn’t last in the NFL for more than a day.

  4. Yeah, well if you do, buddy, it’ll be all you have to hang your hat on because 5’5″, 160 lb running backs don’t make it in the NFL no matter how god damn fast they are.

  5. 5’5″ ,,,,, 160pds,,,,,,and runs a 4.2 40?…… Sounds like the fastest ball boy in history,maybe Al Davis will sign him to a multi yr deal.

  6. Fire Ted says:February 25, 2010 6:40 PM LSU Blowhard. Typical of that school. All talk. See also J. Russell.
    but i thought Saban can now tell QB recruits to come to Bama over Fla because he produces Heisman trophy winning QB’s and viable NFL QB’s?

  7. Saban can say what he wants, whether it’s true or not, wherever he goes in the NCAA, he wins. That said, none of those schools produces viable NFL QBs…outside of Peyton Manning, none of the SEC does. You want a QB, look first to Big Ten, then Pac Ten.

  8. Uuummm… plenty of people knew who CJ was before the combine.
    A 4.15 probably wouldn’t put a 5’5” guy in the first round.

  9. But Ted, do you know where to find National Champions? Thats right….the SEC! They’ve won 5 of the last championships: LSU x 2, Florida x 2 and Alabama.

  10. He’ll get a chance as KR/PR. That’s it. FYI, 5’5′ and 160 is bigger than Noland Smith who stuck around for a couple of years as a returner.

  11. He’ll get drafted late prolly and after a offseason in a NFL strength and conditioning program he’ll bulk up to like 175/180 and then y’all are gonna say o I knew about that guy before the draft and always said he was gonna be a star. Look at Ray rice when he came out last year now he looks like he eats 80 pound dumbells for lunch

  12. maybe those schools haven’t produced viable starting QB’s in the NFL but Meyer has with Smith in Utah. and Tebow remains to be seen.

  13. How is this timed? If it’s timed by hand than it’s stooopid to even worry about hundredths of seconds since no one could work a stop watch that fast/accurately

  14. lmao at all these people bashing LSU and Holiday. He’s exactly what he is, a track star. he’d be a special teams player at best in the NFL and he knows it. he just wants the 40 yard dash record. he’s going to go pro in track and be damn good.

  15. i said viable, not Franchise. at least he starts, unlike Russell who’s worse than Leaf.

  16. all you people putting down lsu and trindon holliday. i dont see your names or faces out there. so who are y’all to judge.

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