Vikes won't talk about Westbrook, L.T.

With the Vikings and the other three final four teams unable to acquire unrestricted free agents who didn’t acquire that status by being cut, running backs Brian Westrbook and LaDainian Tomlinson are two of the players that can freely be signed.

But the Vikings aren’t talking about either guy, even as they face the potential departure of running back Chester Taylor.

I will say that we look at everybody,” V.P. of player personnel Rick Spielman said Thursday, per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “We evaluate
and then we move on but we’re early in this process.  We plan on talking
to Chester’s guy and seeing where he’s at and then we’ll just go on
from there.”

Asked if coach Brad Childress, who worked with Westbrook in Philly through 2005, had expressed a “comfort level” in Westbrook, Spielman said, “No.”  He then said, “I’ll just keep all our internal
discussions internal.”

But Spielman did say that the Vikings “definitely” want to try to re-sign Taylor.  It means that the Vikings won’t even be in position to make a decision about Westbrook or Tomlinson until they know Taylor’s status.

One guy whose input should be sought on this point?  A certain aging quarterback whose decision regarding a possible return in 2010 surely will have a lot to do with the overall composition of the roster come August.

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  1. Last time I checked, the Vikings have a RB named AP. Why would they talk about Westbrook or Tomlinson.
    If they decide to let Chester Taylor walk isn’t the draft coming up? I’m sure they can find a backup there.

  2. They need to get the Oline run blocking properly again, and they need to go back to what they did in the 07 season. Use both AP and Chester. It’ll help keep AP fresh, keep Chester making plays and Brett Favre from being hit.

  3. Florio–please give it up on the Favre might want LT or Westbrook over Chester Taylor. LT is about as “done” as they come and even though Westbrook doesn’t look as “done” as LT, he is one hit away from retirement. Ask any Viking player and they’ll tell you that Chet is one of the most valuable guys on the Vikes squad. He is a consumate professional who can (still) do it all, and if Peterson goes down with a serious injury, he could very capably fill the role of a workhorse back on a Super Bowl-level team.

  4. I hope Chester resigns. He is a huge part of the Vikings offense. He will be instrumental on getting to the big game.

  5. Nobody is mentioning Peppers with regards to the Vikings but last summer Spielman stated that no doors are shut when it comes to upgrades and he specifically mentioned defensive end wasn’t out of question before Peppers re-signed with Carolina.

  6. Like I said before. Ian Johnson isn’t chopped liver and they liked Albert Young enough to have him as the third back on the roster ahead of Johnson last year.

  7. “With the Vikings and the other three final four teams unable to acquire unrestricted free agents who didn’t acquire that status by being cut, running backs Brian Westrbook and LaDainian Tomlinson are two of the players that can freely be signed.”
    Spell check Florio!

  8. One year removed from “alleged” stardum..both of these guys will think they are worth more than what they are actually worth. I’m a Vikes fan..resign Chester Taylor who knows the system and is actually good. We don’t don’t need L.t or Westbrook..their prime is done!!

  9. I am an Eagles fan so I don’t really care about Minnesota, but I would love to see Westbrook end up there. The Vikings are one of the best teams in the league and I want to see B-West win a championship. He has done so much for my team and he really deserves it. If only more of the Eagles had the heart and poise he did, maybe he would have won one by now (or three). If the Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl next year (which they won’t) I want Westbrook to enjoy the championship he deserves.

  10. Why would they ask Favre for his “input” on “this point”?
    Why do you write something that nonsensical and then not elaborate?
    They would be morons to care which running back Favre wants them to sign. He doesn’t even know if he’s coming back. He won’t know that until August.

  11. Taylor is better right now than either of those guys. Losing taylor and signing one of those two would be a step backwards

  12. LT can still play albeit at a slower less impactful level… but Westbrook… while it’s hard to forget the playoff game against the Vikings in 2008, he just seems like he is one medium hard hit away from being Rainman.
    – Z

  13. Maybe LT could mentor Peterson on how not to fumble when rushing the ball.
    LT – 19 fumbles in 9 seasons (2880 carries, fumble average 1 per 151 carries)
    Peterson – 19 fumbles in 3 seasons (915 carries, fumble average 1 per 48 carries)

  14. What would they want them for? They have the greatest running back to ever lace them up…you know that kid with butter fingers.
    Besides, the ultimate descision maker Brent is not even mentioned in this blurb so this is just BS.
    LA viqueens 2011!

  15. This is a stupid article on its very premise; Chester Taylor is far superior to either LT or Westbrook so why they want to go backwards at this point? They already did that when they extended the contract of Childress and traded away a draft pick for a third string QB who never plays.
    I don’t believe the possible signing of these two retreads (I said retreads, not retards, aka, Viking fans) will not impact in the least on the decision of Lord Favre. That will be largely influenced by the number of times Viking officials are willing to fly down to Mississippi and worship at the alter of his holiness and whether Childress will ultimately secede all play calling duties to a higher form of intelligence, in other words, anybody else. On a side but related note, there is a rumor that Childress was seen at the local Dick’s sporting goods store buying an industrial strength set of knee pads so he is prepared to do all he can to bring the playoff INT throwing machine back in 2010.

  16. Obsession with the Vikings?
    If the same players were on a team in the AFC or worse, the NFC East……there would be twice the coverage of this team.
    Sorry America……a team in “flyover country” is good.

  17. The Vikings should stick with Taylor. Less hits and still reliable.
    Westbrook won’t make it through a full season and LT is not LT anymore.

  18. i guess this is what PFT does in the offseason. talks about what teams won’t talk about.

  19. In Other Breaking News:
    “AP was seen at Farve’s farm in Kiln, Mississippi yesterday picking apples from the trees. Reportedly, AP dropped every other apple.”

  20. The Vikes are meeting with Taylor’s agent at the combine to gauge what he’s asking for (and what the other teams who aren’t supposed to have been talking to him have told him they’ll be paying), and they’ll try to sign him if he doesn’t want too much dough. Sure he’s their best option, but at least the spectre of LT and Westbrook gives the team options and a bit of negotiating leverage.

  21. Florio just has to have the Favre tag on the end of it. Seriously. With or without Favre the organization will do its best to field the most talented team that it can. The Favre factor doesn’t play into it one way or the other.
    What it comes down it is how much Taylor may be offered elsewhere. If a team comes in wanting to pay starter money to the man we’ll have a tough time keeping him plain and simple. Then we’ll look at West/LT/draft/etc.
    Personally I think LT is one of the greatest ever but the man is done. Plus I don’t think his personality would sit well backing up Peterson. LT already seems annoyed any time someone mentions Peterson’s greatness so maybe not a good idea to put him behind the man.
    Westbrook if he stays healthy probably has a solid year left and would compliment the Vikes as a third down back. But I think the team is better off with either Chess or just getting a solid RB out of the draft who can run the rock. AP is good enough on third down now where you can look at just having a back take every 3rd series rather than just taking a certain down.

  22. Its funny how Viking fans get butthurt because they feel like their team doesnt get enough attention. LOL! They have 1 good year and they want everybody to talk “Vikings” all the time. Ha! Besides, I’m sure there will be plenty of Viking talk once Favre starts dragging his retirement situation on and on and on and on………..

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