Welker "doing very well" but won't be ready for start of 2010

Three weeks after surgery to repair a torn ACL in his left knee, New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker is on the road to recovery. But that road is too long for him to be at full speed by September.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald reports that a source familiar with Welker’s recovery process says Welker is “doing very well,” at this point in his recovery, but that it’s “an unrealistic proposition” to expect Welker back for the start of the 2010 season.

So far, Welker seems to have avoided the kinds of complications that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had after ACL surgery. Brady had to have follow-up procedures because a staph infection developed after his ACL was repaired.

Welker tore his ACL in the regular-season finale against the Houston Texans on January 3.

11 responses to “Welker "doing very well" but won't be ready for start of 2010

  1. No surprise. It has always been said that Wes would probably begin the season on the PUP and be activated in week #6-9.
    Thats great news for Pats fans and bad news for the rest of the league.

  2. What a tough break this was for him. A true pro through and through. Get well soon Wes!
    With that being said, it seems like a tall order for him to return to his true form by next season. I know people come back from this type of injury but his game depends so much on being able to cut and change direction quickly. I hope he can regain his abilities.

  3. LIE!!!!
    No doctor or anyone associated with Welker said that it was an an “unrealistic proposition” to expect Welker back for the start of the 2010 season!!
    It was the person writing the article giving their OPINION! And she is no doctor! She was just giving a guess and cautioning people to not get too excited.
    You really need to be more responsible with your reporting…

  4. Excellent. Hopefully by mid-season he’ll be ready to contribute and help with the playoff push.
    And the way this guy plays football is probably a great indication of how hard he will rehab and get ready. Great news. He’ll be a big part for the Patriots in the second half of 2010.

  5. Welker probalby has 2 more season left…he seems to get banged up a lot lately
    Moss probably playing his last season for the Pats
    better find a WR fast Patsys
    if the Raiders wouldnt have been so dumb trading a 1st for Seymour (who is a good player) the future wouldnt be bright
    i guess not long before the camera in NE gets rollin again lol

  6. I respect his play, even if he does play for New England. Such a devastating injury for what his skill-set, quickness and cutting. Hopefully, he can return to his previous form, if not in 2010, then in 2011.

  7. Didnt a “source close to the situation” say during last offseason that Tom Brady wouldnt be ready for the beginning of the season, or perhaps wouldnt play at all? These stories are useless.

  8. Wait a minute. Why is it that these dumb reporters get to make up news instead of just reporting it? Since when does it matter what a reporter thinks what will happen to Welker. She may be right, but she may be totally wrong. This article is pure fantasy at this point.
    Didn’t a dumb Boston paper practically have Tom Brady with his leg amputated last year, but he made a miraculous comeback and played the whole season with some pretty amazing state to boot?
    Maybe Welker will be back, and maybe he won’t. That’s his and his doctor’s call, not some pundit in the media who makes up news with no medical credentials.
    And Crowder,
    There is a difference of what you want to happen (Welker playing only playing 2 more years), and reality. One season of a lingering knee injury (3 games) and an off-season surgery does not make him banged up and ready to stop in two years. The majority heal just fine with this injury. It’s not a Bo Jackson issue. If you knew anything about Welker, you would know he is one of the toughest little boogers in the NFL. You are just ticked off your Fish were not smart enough to keep him. As soon as he gets over this surgery, he will be just as durable as he always was. Go back to the stench of your rotting fish in Miami who are going nowhere fast.

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