Bears could target Antrel Rolle

Arizona Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle is likely to be released soon because the Cardinals don’t want to pay his $4 million roster bonus, and he says he won’t take a pay cut. But Rolle may already know that he has at least one suitor in the Chicago Bears.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that it’s expected that the Bears will target Rolle when he becomes available.

It would be tampering for the Bears to come right out and say they want Rolle, but it’s easy for teams to get around the tampering rules by leaking word that they’re interested in a player who’s under contract to another team. In the case of the Bears, they’re not saying publicly that they want Rolle, but head coach Lovie Smith did say at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis that he wants to sign a free-agent safety.

“We need to improve our safety position, period,” Smith said. “Haven’t been pleased with the production we’ve gotten. I think we had one interception from the safety position. That was one of the reasons why I feel like our takeaways were down this year. We need to bring in or just get more competition and just improvement in general.”

The 27-year-old Rolle, who started every game but one for the Cardinals the last two years, grew up in Florida and has expressed interest in signing with the Dolphins.

25 responses to “Bears could target Antrel Rolle

  1. can we get a scouting report from a Cards fans on this guy?? i would love if my fins upgrade the FS position but we dont need another overpaid dude on that spot

  2. Safety is the #1 need for the Bears defense (even more than pass rush). Bringing in a vet like Rolle makes all the sense in the world. And without a 1st or 2nd round pick this year, Da Bears aren’t going to improve that position via the draft so might as well go out and sign a FA who can help you.
    Now whether Rolle would want to go to the Bears is another question entirely.

  3. someone in the Bears organization has a big mouth. all these available players that aren’t available yet…Kampman, Peppers, Rolle. All to the Bears.
    Pretty sure sign of a make or break year for front office and head coach.

  4. All these stories about the Bears targeting this and targeting that in free agency.
    Is this the same cheap Bears organization we’ve known for the past 30+ years?

  5. Its nice to see the team express interest in Rolle and Peppers….If they could snag both, or at least Rolle and Peppers, it would be huge for us…It’s not like we have a 1st or 2nd round contract to negotiate!!

  6. They should work out a sign and trade so the Bears can get rid of those pesky draft picks they hate so much.

  7. Awesome. I hope they target every free agent. Peppers, Rolle, Robinson, T Jones, LT. Sign them all and justify the raise in ticket prices.

  8. Rolle quote after playoff game against the Packers, “Forget Drew Brees… I don’t want to play against Rodgers again.”

  9. Bring Back Mike Brown to start @ SS (he is a free agent, just checked), Sign Rolle for FS, get rid of every safety we have except 2 for back ups!

  10. The Bears better be all over this guy even if they have to overpay he is the only free agent safety that could really help us and our draft picks at safety have all failed lately. The only guy in our secondary making decent money is Tillman and Vasher will likely get cut. Add Rolle and Kampman (if healthy) and the Bears might be back in the playoffs.

  11. Add FS to the long list of needs for the Bears- DE, G, RT, backup RB, and possibly CB and WR.

  12. this would be a good player for the Bengals to look at. They have a need at safety and Rolle is a decent player.

  13. “Is this the same cheap Bears organization we’ve known for the past 30+ years?”
    Sixburgh6- You might want to do some research before throwing out numbers, pal. The Bears had the 5th highest payroll in the NFL in ’09. It’s not how much they spend, but how they spend it.

  14. Why not just trade a 7th round pick for him? Then there would be no need to bid for his services on the open market. There would be no cap hit for the Cards, and a seventh round pick is virtually useless.

  15. please stop all this talk about who the bears will target because at the end of the day that is all it will be talk.they can let it be known they are interested but when it comes down to signing the players where they have to actualy spend money on them then forget it! they will say we looked at them but the cost was to high and we believe in the lovie and the players we have. expect another 7-9 season if not worse.

  16. I love these “news” stories. True, the Bears could target Antrelle Rolle (and hopefully they will). They also COULD target Betty White. That’d be as legit a story right now.

  17. “Why not just trade a 7th round pick for him?”
    Because the Bears would be obligated to pay his $4 million roster bonus.

  18. Rolle is a good player not a great one. Either way he will be overpaid . He has big play potential but also gives up the big play. Decent but not great.

  19. So what? They need him, sometime you have to pay a premium price to keep a guy off the market. They are going to have to pay him a heck of a lot to get him to Chicago anyway.
    “Why not just trade a 7th round pick for him?”
    “Because the Bears would be obligated to pay his $4 million roster bonus.”

  20. Rolle may have to face Aaron Rodgers twice, but he will be getting pics in practice all week long! All kidding aside I want Rolle, Kampman, Peppers, Lutui, and whoever else they can get their hands on. Of course, their hands would have to leave their pockets first so…

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