Brandon Marshall testifies that he thinks of Williams' murder "every night"

B.Marshall.jpgAs expected, Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall testified Friday in the trial of Willie Clark, the man accused of killing Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams.

Marshall said he thinks of the events of New Year’s Eve 2006 “every night,” according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.  Marshall began to cry when talking about the scene at the hospital where Williams’ body was taken.  Marshall said that former teammate Javon Walker was “fixated” on a large necklace that Williams had asked Walker to hold.

“[Walker] just kept looking at this chain, he
wouldn’t let no one hold the chain,” Marshall said.  “It was scary,
there was blood on the chain.”

Marshall admitted that he was arguing with a man believed to be Clark both inside and outside the night club where several Broncos were celebrating the arrival of 2007.  “We start yapping back and forth,” Marshall
said.  “There was a lot of cursing, a lot of words being exchanged.  The
guy with the black glasses on, it seemed like he didn’t have a gun and
lifted up his shirt like he had a gun.  Then I made the comment, ‘Man
you ain’t got no gun.’  That’s what I said.  I probably escalated the
fight.  I was angry.”

Marshall said that he picked Clark out of a photo lineup during a January 8, 2007 interview with police.

“I think it’s unfair to put the wrong
person behind bars, so if I picked someone out I wanted to be sure it
was the guy I saw,” Marshall said. “It was kind of tough at first
because the guy I saw had on glasses, so a quarter of his face was
gone.  So I wanted to be sure.”

Mike Klis of the Denver Post recently has explained that Marshall’s periodic desire to leave the franchise in part has resulted in part from the “torment” Marshall experiences in the three-plus years since Williams’ murder.  Marshall is expected to receive a restricted free agent tender before March 4; some think he could be thereafter traded.

20 responses to “Brandon Marshall testifies that he thinks of Williams' murder "every night"

  1. I think by now NFL players should have learned nothing good happens when a)you’re very recognizable b)you make a TON of money and c)you show up at a night club.
    oh yeah and d)guns are involved.
    Look, this is not to say these guys aren’t adults and can’t do what they please. But some resemblance of common sense needs to seep in at some point.
    I am sure if any of us saw a friend/family member gunned down and we contributed at all to it, it would haunt us too.

  2. Must be a tough thing to live with. I’ve always understood his desire to get out of Denver. Trying to run away from a bad memory.

  3. Florio,
    Since you were a lawyer (don’t know what type, ya all look alike 🙂 ), so can you touch on whether Marshall exposes himself to a Civil suit from the family by admitting he and his cousin started and escallated the fight that night?

  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself Bob. Not only does Brandon Marshall play football extremely well but in his spare time he also uses his temper to get people killed and beat up women. He must sleep real well at night…

  5. Bob Sacamano,
    What a sh@#y thing to say. You’ve never gotten in an argument with someone @ a bar/club? So what you’re saying is that Marshall is @ fault for D. Will’s death because he was “yapping” with a gang member?? You sir sound like a douche bag!

  6. BroncosMiles77:
    I dunno…seems like Bob has a point. Can you really say, with a straight face, that Marshall didn’t contribute to Williams’ murder?
    If Marshall had not been arguing with whoever outside that club, do you think they still would have shot in Williams’ direction?
    Put your homerism down for a minute and see it for what it’s worth. I just hope Marshall learned a lesson that night, but somehow I doubt it.

  7. # BroncosMiles77 says: February 26, 2010 8:23 PM
    Bob Sacamano,
    What a sh@#y thing to say. You’ve never gotten in an argument with someone @ a bar/club? So what you’re saying is that Marshall is @ fault for D. Will’s death because he was “yapping” with a gang member?? You sir sound like a douche bag!
    Pretty sure he didn’t say that he SHOULD be sued, it seems like he’s just wondering if that’s something that might come up. People have sued for less and won…

  8. BenRapistberger says:
    February 26, 2010 7:23 PM
    You really couldn’t find a better picture? Seriously?
    Seriously? Who gives a crap what picture is used?

  9. I think ‘douche bag’ has out-played it’s coolness. Seems like everyone wants to chuck it into their rants.
    But it’s just lame and unimaginative at this point.
    Let’s usher in the era of ‘tampon shack’ or ‘pouche gag’ instead. Okay?

  10. Misunderstandings escalate very easily while in a setting that is designed for consumption of large quantities of alcohol. You may argue that Marshall is an idiot for starting the fight but I don’t see how you can say it’s Marshall’s fault for getting this young man killed. Obviously, it’s easy to sit here and judge this young man but it’s pretty pointless, IMO. Arguments frequently occur but it is not his fault that this other idiot held 0 moral fabric in his self and decided to pull a gun out to end someone’s life in order to solve a disagreement.
    I feel bad for the guy. He should seek some sort of counseling from some outlet and try to work on his emotional distress.
    However, I do not feel bad for Javon Walker, who continually goes back to Vegas and does the same shenanigans that eventually led to a teammate’s death and also caused him to be laid out like train tracks in a gutter somewhere in Vegas. There is no excuse for a man around the age of 30 to continue to behave in this manner. I will forgive immaturity on Marshall’s part but not Walker’s.

  11. Please Florio….do not EVER show a picture of those throwback uniforms again. You completely take away from the context of the article….I can’t remember what I just read. That being said…what a bitch of a memory to have to live with and recall daily.

  12. Marshall’s actions certainly played at least some role in the events that culminated in DWill’s death. BUT, some loser gangbanger pulled out a gun and decided to commit murder. I would say that this constituted a fairly significant intervening event. Anyone who thinks that Marshall has any BLAME in DWill’s death needs to reconsider. The only person (or people) who is to blame is the person (or people) who pulled guns and fired into the limo.

  13. They should hear the same thing I tell my teenagers- the only things you’re doing after midnite are things you’re not supposed to be doing………go home to bed.

  14. Marshall has serious psychological problems regarding the death of his friend. He clearly believes he contributed to it, and it doesn’t matter whether he is in Denver or anywhere else, this will continue to haunt him for a long time to come.
    @BroncosMiles77, of course people get into fights outside clubs. But when you know you’re an easily recognizable public figure with a lot of money you also know you’re a target. The only thing to do is walk away as fast as you can and not get into with the moron who’s trying to ramp it up with you. To escalate the situation is sheer stupidity. Which given the immaturity Marshall has repeatedly exhibited doesn’t surprise me.

  15. Justin:
    You are either quite dense or an idiot. Marshall started a gunfight but had no gun. Clark did. Williams got dead. That’s Marshall’s fault, PERIOD. What an asshole Marshall is.

  16. As a Raider fan I can appreciate the little jabs at the Donks for saying “of course Marshall wanted out of Denver”; however, this goes far beyond football. Marshall acted like most any of us would given the situation, not realizing he was dealing with a punk that would ultimately use a gun because that is what coward little punks do. You can’ t blame Willams, Marshall, or his cousin, because the blame lies 100% with the punk Willie Clark and his punkass gang-banger friends.

  17. Of course the man has post traumatic stress. That may be why the Broncos haven’t been as hard on him for his wacky behavior the last couple years as they probably could have been.

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