Devaney takes a playful jab at "Dr. Schefter"

One of the hot topics at the Scouting Combine has become the bold proclamation from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the Rams will draft quarterback Sam Bradford with the first overall selection on April 22.

So Rams G.M. Billy Devaney was asked about the situation on Friday, and he had a little fun with the topic.

“That took a lot of pressure off of us right away because Dr. Schefter cleared him medically,” Devaney said, via our own Gregg Rosenthal, who has taken his shine box to Indy for the weekend.  “We feel really good about the health status of Sam Bradford with Dr. Schefter giving him a clean bill of health and guaranteeing our pick.  So we’re on to the second round.”

Though some might think it’s in the Rams’ interests to show interest in Bradford in the hopes of perhaps finagling a trade out of the top spot with one of the other quarterback-needy teams, there’s another important angle to keep in mind here.

If the Rams really want Bradford, they might need to act like they don’t.

The Rams surely would like to get the top pick under contract before calling out his name on April 22.  If Bradford thinks he’s definitely the guy, Bradford’s agent will want even more money.

So the best move is to keep everyone guessing — media, other teams, and most importantly the Bradford camp.

That said, Schefter might be onto something with the Sam-to-St.-Louis theory.  Our pal Lance Zierlein of KGOW in Houston has been touting the pick for at least a month, and Tom Kowalski of has recently made the case for Bradford in blue and gold, too.

Also, a league source says that Schefter and the others “very well could be right.”  Many viewed Bradford as the best player in the 2009 draft, and his shoulder injury isn’t nearly as bad as Drew Brees’ from four years ago. 

Said the source:  “If [Bradford] gets by the doctors [at the Combine] then he very well could be good to go.  The medical
staffs will know the stability of the shoulder [Friday] but I’m sure
some teams will order an MRI and the result of that might not be known
for a few days.  St. Louis does not have a quarterback, so with the value of the position
being what it is, a clean bill of health could very well equal the first pick.”

So stay tuned.  Bradford very well could be the first overall pick.  Unless he isn’t.

12 responses to “Devaney takes a playful jab at "Dr. Schefter"

  1. I feel for Sam. he is in a no win situation. If he goes to a losing team; chances are he will get that shoulder beat to hell behind a faulty offensive line and keep getting injured.
    my advice: take the signing bonus and invest it in some income streams that you can live off of for the rest of your days.

  2. hahaha about time someone called a media person out for acting like they know everything going on behind closed doors

  3. Of course they’ll draft Bradford because it makes sense. They don’t have a Qb. They have the first overall pic and control their destiny. Why the hell would they take a Tackle?? They don’t have a QB!
    It’s the same thing with Detroit last year. Who were all these morons insisting they would take an OT and not QB when they didn’t have a QB???
    What is wrong with people?

  4. Not knowing much about the Rams situation (other than generically “they are bad”), my one question would be this: do they have the O-Line to keep him reasonably healthy?
    If they do, then he’s a great pick. If not, then you are taking a huge risk.

  5. @ Dr. Hannibal Lector
    Look where they ended up. Stafford ended the season on IR and regularly got smashed by opposing Defenses. Detroit clearly needed an OT whether it was at #1 or their second pick, where they opted to draft a tight end instead (who also ended the season on IR). They desperately needed a offensive line and I guess everyone but you realized that

  6. jj jones says:
    February 26, 2010 12:28 PM
    The Rams need a QB. They cannot keep passing on them like they did with Cutler, Ryan and Sanchez.
    Cutler last 2 seasons…… 42 PICKS
    Ryan last 2 seasons……… 25 PICKS
    Sanchez only season …..20 + PICKS
    What mistake exactly did Rams make?

  7. Regardless of how good Suh or McCoy might be, if the Rams spend another pick on a D-linemen, they’ve effectively mattmillenized their team.

  8. What is Schefter ever on to but re-reporting items already being reported by others, or reporting things that never happen.
    I am still waiting on this Raider Fire Sales that has been going on for 3 years running. When is Nnamdi going to the Jets lol. That shows you just how little this clown even knows about what he reports.
    Anyone who knows a thing about Al Davis knows that he would never trade his “middle finger” to the NFL pundits that laughed when he drafted Nnamdi and were calling him a bust his first few years in the NFL.
    You know Mr. Davis and you know he loves his corners, hell the Raiders have drafted or stole from other teams 4 or 5 Hall of Fame Corners or soon to be.
    Schefter, I thought he went into another line of work once he was dumped by NFL Network, did not even know he was still reporting on the NFL.

  9. out of curiosity, where has LZ been pushing Bradford and Rams? I’m a big fan of LZ … one of the most underrated draft guys out there. That said, his first mock had Suh and the Rams.

  10. rolltide: I do smell what your steppin in, but…
    The Lions needed another WR like a hole in the head, but Calvin Johnson was just too good to pass up. They made the right pick. Just like Suh and McCoy are too good to pass up. Sometimes you have to draft on quality, rather than solely on need.
    They can find a cheaper QB via free agency who will be cheaper and just as effective as a Rookie QB No. 1 pick.

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