Devaney: We won't be "poop-canning" Jackson

Adam Schefter’s St. Louis radio appearance heard ’round the Scouting Combine contained another interesting nugget that didn’t include Sam Bradford.

Schefter said teams have offered first-round picks for Steven Jackson in the past and the Rams could get that much if they wanted to deal him.  (Schefter thought St. Louis wasn’t likely to have interest in moving Jackson.)

At the Combine, I asked Rams G.M. Bill Devaney Friday whether he’d be open to trading Jackson.

“We need more players like Steven Jackson.  We can’t be poop-canning him out of the building,” Devaney said.  “We gotta more guys like that in.  No, there is no talk about trading Steven Jackson and there won’t be.”

We suddenly like Billy Devaney a lot more.  All it takes is some vocabulary that matches our maturity level.

[Editor’s note:  Who knew poop-canning had a hyphen?  And trust me on this.  Clicking that link will make your day.]

16 responses to “Devaney: We won't be "poop-canning" Jackson

  1. I’m assuming there was a “get” between gotta and more in his quote…..unless he talks like he has a poop-can in his mouth…..

  2. “We gotta more guys like that in. – Can’t believe the guy really said it this way. This is a Rosenthal-ism! How about at least one read-through before posting? Just one, Gregg?

  3. Methinks Devaney doth protest too much. Can’t really believe what GMs say – ever – but especially leading up to the draft. Everyone has a price. Everyone not named Peyton, Brady, Brees or Peterson that is. There once was a time when Herschel Walker was perceived as “unobtainable.” Just sayin…

  4. Greatest. Headline. Ever.
    There are lots of interesting ways you could go with this. It could become a catch phrase for when someone fails epically or makes a really bad decision:
    “Wow, he really poop canned jackson on that one.”
    Or it could be the name of some fictional character in a sport movie:
    “They knew they could always rely on good-ol Poop-Can Jackson.”
    And, last but not least, the greatest fantasy team name ever:

  5. they should trade him. he could be their ‘herschel walker’.
    and the team that gets him could be the new “vikings”.

  6. Hey it’s not as Mike Milbury’s “Eurotrash” but it’s a close 2nd. Definitely tops Jim Mora’s “diddly-poo”

  7. I like this attitude from a losing franchise GM. Seriously I never got the concept of “we’re rebuilding so lets get rid of the most talented players we have” mentality. I mean, if they’re really old, ya I guess, but if they still have a couple good years in them, keep them around. Anything can happen in the league, look at the Dolphins and Falcons a couple years ago.
    The logic just doesn’t make sense, these teams who have gotten themselves into to a terrible position because they suck at drafting, want to trade away the talent they have so they can stock pile more picks to just blow on bad players?

  8. If I was S-Jax I would hope to be getting poop-canned. He and Chris Johnson are the best backs in the league, and S-Jax deserves far better than the shit St. Louis has to offer him.

  9. That’s the problem as I see it for Steven Jackson. He is stuck in a POOP CAN. Always sad to see great players in horrible positions.

  10. Cut it out!
    I want to turn my nose up at your football gossip pages with all of the half-truths, motivation-guessing and statement-twisting, but you keep bringing me back with clever Seinfeld references and now that hilarious scene from Foul Play.
    Curse you!

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