Golden Tate expects to run under 4.5

Yes, the forty is overrated.  And yes, it still is a piece to the puzzle that can change draft stock for players, especially cornerbacks and wide receivers.

Notre Dame’s Golden Tate has heard the concerns about his straight-line speed.

“I’m not really sure what scouts are looking for. I’m hoping that my film speaks for itself.  As far as the forty, I expect to run sub-4.5.  Not too good of a time, but not too bad,” Tate said.

Other notes from Tate’s talk:

* While Tate sounded defensive about his timed speed, he said his ball
skills would more than make up for it.  He compared himself to
Carolina’s Steve Smith, with a little Devin Hester thrown in.

* He defended Jimmy Clausen’s leadership skills and said he was “great in the huddle” and consistent as a leader.

* Tate said it would be a dream to play for Charlie Weis at the next level.