Mike Smith: Adding to running back position not a priority

A few media folks have wondered about a possible reunion of LaDainian Tomlinson and Michael Turner in Atlanta, but Falcons coach Mike Smith seemed to downplay the idea Friday.

While he noted the team always wants to improve it’s depth at running back, he spoke glowingly of Michael Turner and especially his backup Jason Snelling.

He also said that he likes the matchup problems that Jerious Norwood provides and said that running back wasn’t one of the team’s top priorities going into the offseason.

So you can basically scratch another team off the Tomlinson wish list.

5 responses to “Mike Smith: Adding to running back position not a priority

  1. According to professional hack JT the Brick Tomlinson would go Indy or NE.
    I listened to the show for the first time a couple nights ago (I usually am alseep when it comes on).
    Is it me or is this guy Jim Rome without the ability to make a logical point on sports.

  2. Speedy Jerious Norwood needs to stay healthy, a big play threat running & catching a short pass. Add that to the return of promising slot guy Harry Douglas (out for ’09) and Matty Ice can show everyone what’s up.
    Keep LT & his agent on speed dial for injuries sake come late summer.

  3. Rome makes logical points?
    I guess he’s improved since I stopped paying any attention to the moron.
    JT the Brick must be pure drivel if him fails to live up to Rome’s quality.

  4. hotchick says:
    February 26, 2010 2:21 PM
    Rome makes logical points?
    No he doesn’t but I just used that to explain how much JT sucks.
    I should ahve said the following:
    JT the Brick makes Jim Rome sound like Mike Fl…..ummm Greg Rosen……. Mike David Sm……
    They both suck, how about that.

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